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JULIE REDMAN STEPPING STONES Offers all their customers a warm welcome. I am a therapist that is very people orientated and my aim is to provide a service to help you to help your self. Some of my modalities include the julie redman way, Spiritual and Reiki healing and teaching, Spiritual Clairvoyant Guidance. Guided Meditation, Hypnotherapy. Reflexology. I will combine treatments if you feel it will enhance and be beneficial to your healing experience.

Contact NameJulie Redman
AddressBramley, Pudsey,
Leeds LS13 1DB
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I see, hear and feel spirit around me. After a visit from a deceased relative which at the age of six I saw with clear vision, I shut this gift down out of fear. However as I was growing up I would sense when something was wrong with those closest to me, in hindsight this was the healer in me developing even at such a young age. I was also told at the age of sixteen that I was a healer and I should go out and use it. I remember thinking a healer? What's a healer? Little did I know back then it would become my life’s work.

Twenty three years of my life was spent caring for the elderly where I learnt how unique and individual we all are.

It was also at this time I joined a development circle to see if I could bring my gifts to the surface which I did.

After twelve months I discovered I had a natural gift of what is now spiritual healing, I followed on to do first degree Reiki then 2nd degree and two years down the line I had developed my healing skills and was initiated to be a master/teacher 3rd degree Reiki. These three modules together seemed to increase my ability to heal. It was at this time I began to lead the development circle in meditation.

At the age of fifty I learned Reflexology followed by Hypnotherapy, although both are interesting modules neither quite light my fire but can contribute to complete a healing session if needed.

Working and caring for others has naturally brought out the empathetic in me. Having worked with many skilled practitioners it became clear to me they all have their own individual way of working. It also became very clear to me that the one thing that made me ‘’buzz’’ was healing. So after many years of research, analysis and practice The Julie Redman way of healing was developed.
What is the Julie Redman Way?

I believe that each individual soul carries their own answers to their own healing. There are various types of healing that may be required, this may include spiritual clairvoyant Guidance, spiritual healing, meditation or a combination of all my skills.
My Clairvoyant guidance works wonderful with healing it’s like having a three way conversation e.g. in a session with me you get to discuss whatever issue you feel you are dealing with, this is watched over by my guides, and in most cases your family, guidance is then passed to me and I relate it back to you, this maybe through clairvoyant vision, words or feelings.
The wonderful thing about this is that as you allow yourself to share things with me then your healing has already started. Often I will with the help of spirit locate where in your body or aura you are holding onto your issues, this can then be helped to be removed, this will only happen if you allow it, and only if its for your highest good.
Through an initial consultation of an open and honest question and answer session an individual healing programme can be developed.

Depending on the depth of healing required this may only take one session requiring just one of my abilities or a number of sessions over a period of time using many of my abilities. your individual healing programme will teach you skills to put into practice in your every day life developing the real you and will bring about positive change, not just in yourself but in those around you.
Julie Redman healing plus consultation and treatment 1hr 30minutes £35
Follow up treatment 1hr £25

Healing the Julie Redman way!
Helping you to find your way!

REIKI HEALING Is healing with universal energy, it is non invasive and can help to bring balance into your being. The energy passes through the practitioner and into the recipient, It may help to remove blockages, that can be caused by physical problems i.e.pain felt anywhere in the body such as migraine, sinus problems,painful joints etc or on a emotional level where blockages can be caused from trauma in childhood, grief, or relationship break up. Sometimes the blocks can be felt coming away which may bring tears as a way of releasing.

It can be a hands on healing or hands off depending on what is felt to be needed
Reiki treatment approxamately 1hr £25

Centre of Light School of Reiki

offers you all the degrees in Reiki plus continued support from our Reiki share groups, these are held monthly in order for those learning Reiki to continue to build on their new found ability by practising on each other.
First Degree £95
Second Degree £130
Third Degree will be offered for those of you who have had 24 months experience at second degree level £350.


Clairvoyance is no longer just about connecting to our friends and relatives in spirit. These days I am often directed to talk to people about changes they need to make in order to improve their lives, this always comes about through friends, relatives, or my own guide.

Clairvoyant guidance is a three way conversation. As we discuss what you want to know about, spirit connect with me to bring you guidance.
Please note this may not always be what you want to hear but will be what you need to hear. It will always be for your highest good, to bring
healing to your heart and mind. Spirit will often bring memories, give guidance and shed light on what is happening in your life at the moment.

Clairvoyant guidance combined with Reiki healing works really well together, this is because as talking about what is needed usually brings it to the surface, then Reiki can step in to help to disperse this. There is a small added cost of £5 to combine both treatments, 30 MINUTES OF EACH please let me know when booking if you want both treatments so extra time can be allowed.

Clairvoyant guidance 45minutes £30

The world as it is needs to focus on the positives but the media often like to promote the negative. We can all bring about change in our lives by not blaming others, being grateful and by taking responsibility for the choices we make. If you feel you need change in your life and would like guidance to help you, contact Julie via phone or email. The law states that this type of communication is for entertainment purposes only

Is healing that is guided by spirit, it is always given with love and empathy for what the patient is dealing with in their life, the results are always for the patients highest good. £20


Meditation is the art of quietening the mind, it can often bring clarity, direction or just a very relaxed state of being. Julie has brought Spiritual Guidance and Guided Meditation together so you get the best of both worlds (so to speak ) If you're feeling confused by the path you find yourself on maybe you would benefit from guidance.

Do you ever feel that your life could be a whole lot better? Do you have the feeling that you are unable to go forward? Come and talk to me in confidence and together we will ask for guidance from spirit to help you move forward in your life. Through meditation guidance may be found this can often be at a very subtle level, this is why your meditation session will be recorded and given to you so you can continue to use it in the privacy of your own home.
These session last approxamately 1hr £30

Healing is often benificial after these sessions if you would like to include this please let me know before hand and add a further 45minutes to the treatment time and an extra £20 to the total cost . Guidance + Meditation + Healing = £50


Reading 30 minutes Reiki 30 minutes £35

If there is a combination that interest you and you would like to know more please feel free to email your questions to [email protected]


Are you interested in understanding why your life is not moving forward? you may like to take a look at understanding why? In our small development groups we look at positive ways to move forward leaving old outdated patterns and behavior behind. We also combine self development with meditation. If you are interested or have further questions please contact stepping stones and speak to Julie.


What is Hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy is when a state of hypnotic trance is reached. There can be more than one stage to this and we will all react differently to this therapy but we will all have a common aim to change behaviors, fears and phobias. It is said that fifteen percent of the population are highly receptive to hypnotherapy. Seventy percent are moderately receptive,and longer induction or repeated sessions are needed to go into deep trance. A remaining fifteen percent of the population will only respond minimally and stay in light trance. A lot of people don’t realise that they may often go into a light trance state on a daily basis. Reading a book and not being aware of your surroundings, how many times have you gone somewhere from A to B and not known how you got there, or just day dreaming,these are all forms of light trance.

The Mind -everything you have ever learned or experienced is stored in you subconscious mind.Anything that is learned can be unlearned. When you are learning to do something new your conscious mind is very alert to this, so you watch and take in all that is happening, when you are doing something you do on a regular basis e.g gardening, cleaning the house your mind becomes relaxed it's done this many times so you allow your mind to think of other things ( day dreaming ) this could be said to be light trance. When in hypnotic trance it is hoped that the patient is in a deep relaxed state to allow the conscious mind to relax out of the way so the therapist can communicate with the subconscious allowing suggestions to be imprinted in the subconscious to allow change to take place.

You can not in a hypnotic trance be forced to do anything against your will if any suggestion that was against your will was made, your conscious mind would step back in and you would simply come out of the trance state.
How will it work for you?

When visiting a hypnotherapist it is important to give as much information as possible about the problem you need help with, how it affects your life, when it first started, what was happening in your life at the time the issue started etc, these are just some of the questions the therapist will ask so the therapist can then put together a script that can be tailored to you and the issue you wish to deal with. As with all things in life we make choices and if you are determined to make changes, with help, that change can take place.

Hypnotherapy consultation, treatment +cd 1hr 30 minuetes £45
continued treatment £30

What You will Get From Hypnotherapy , You will get a warm welcome. Confidentiality. Compassion and Empathy. Ongoing support between sessions if needed.

I accept cash or cheques




JULIE REDMAN, Y.H.A., Spiritual healer SNHS Dip Reflexology,Cert TRA Reiki master healer/ teacher, clairvoyant healer, clairvoyant guidance. Clinical Hypnotherapy.

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