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Serendipity Therapies

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Serendipity Therapies offers Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Reiki at reasonable prices. I use a mixture of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapy to achieve your goals.

Contact NameChris McDonald
Bury BL0 9WG
Phone01706 827223
Mobile07843 489810
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Welcome to Serendipity Therapies

Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Reiki can help to bring about change and improve quality of life.

Issues that can be helped are
  • Confidence building
  • Phobias
  • IBS
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Weight loss
  • Depression
  • Motivation
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Relationship Issues


Would losing weight make you happier and enable you to do the things in life that you used to do?

Having the energy to play with your children longer, maybe, or simply enjoy going shopping with friends and not feeling embarrassed and upset when you cant fit into anything?

Or maybe its just the sheer freedom to know that food no longer controls your life and you can enjoy it without feeling the guilt and shame associated with eating foods you love!

I can help you to achieve these goals!

By using a combination of psychotherapy to help you understand your relationship with food,CBT to give you practical tools to manage your day to day emotions and Hypnotherapy to help you to unlearn all those old habits and conditioned responses (eg when I sit down to watch the TV I always eat chocolate) you WILL learn to regard food as simply a fuel for your body and not an emotional crutch.


Experience a virtual gastric band under hypnosis and have all of the benefits of the actual operation without the surgery or cost!!


Do you constantly feel shy, embarrassed and tongue tied?

Would you like to improve your social life or your promotion prospects at work by being more asserrtive and confident?

I can help you to evolve from a shy, unconfident person with low self esteem into the person you have always longed to be,..confident, self -assured and happy!

So, how am I going to do that?

Well, I have found that a combination of Psychotherapy to discover why you are so lacking in self esteem, CBT to give you techniques to deal with everyday life events and Hypnotherapy to help re-programme your mind you will become that confident, happy person you deserve to be, enjoying life to the full at last!


Do you have a fear or a phobia that is having a massive impact on the quality of your life?

Are you restricted as to where you can go, the things you can do or the places you can visit?

Do you have a compulsion to complete certain rituals for fear that if you dont something catastrophic will happen to you or your family?

Phobias and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder has huge implications on peoples lives, restricting and CONTROLLING virtually everything in their lives.

If this is you, I can definately help!

I can help you discover what has caused your phobia or OCD (if you want to, ..some people prefer not to know).

Psychotherapy will help you to understand where it has come from, CBT will teach you techniques so you can gradually live without the rituals or be able to face your phobia, and Hypnotherapy will pull it all together and build your confidence so that you can start to live life to the full, doing things you thought you would only ever dream about!

I am truly fascinated by phobias and have worked with many people helping them to live healthy and happy lives again!


Imagine you could wake up tomorrow as a non smoker and never have or crave a cigarrette ever again!

How much healthier, happier (and richer) would you be knowing that smoking was all a thing of the past?

If you have decided the time is right to give up then I can help you to do that quickly, easily and without putting on weight!

My techniques will not only enable you to give up smoking without any cravings but it will help you to eat sensibly and healthily (you might even lose some weight!)

Hypnotherapy will help you to unlearn all those conditioned responses ( 'I always light up after a meal...') and it will help you beat the 'habit' of smoking.

The actual nicotine addiction will be gone after 2 days as this is how fast nicotine leaves your body, it is the other stuff that people find hard to change as smoking has become an un conscious act...and so this is where Hypnotherapy can help!

Using CBT I can teach you healthier ways to gain those benefits that you thought smoking gave calming you down and de stressing you.

So, is to-morrow going to be the first day of the rest of your non smoking healthier life?


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