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Caroline Henden Mobile Reflexology Dunstable Bedfordshire

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For 60 minutes of relaxing therapeutic reflexology call or text Caroline on 07977 003 756

Relax tension and improve health with Caroline's experienced reflexology. Leighton Buzzard, Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted, Tring, Aylesbury, Dunstable, Luton, Harpenden, Toddington, Flitwick, Ampthill etc...

Contact NameCaroline Henden, MAR
AddressEaton Bray
Dunstable LU6 2DQ
Mobile07977 003 756
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What happens in a Reflexology session?

I use a specialised massage technique on the feet and lower legs using appropriate pressure on reflex points connecting to the whole body via the nerve connections. Most people will lie on my reclining chair or I can improvise for disabled or larger people if necessary. Your comfort and relaxation is paramount and I will do my best to give you the most beneficial experience. On the first appointment I will have a chat with you to find out details about your health and any medication you may be taking. This gives you a chance to feel more comfortable with me when I start the treatment.
Reflexology is helpful in most conditions such as asthma, acne, anxiety, blood pressure, constipation, depression, grief, indigestion, joint pain, migraine, period pain, rheumatism, sinusitis, thyroid problems, cystitis, diarrhoea, grief, low self esteem, heartburn, sleep problems, tinnitus, hormone imbalanced, infertility, ME, SAD, tiredness, nervousness, hay fever, ear ache, catarrh, boosting immune system, panic attacks, Parkinson's disease, womens health including fertility, throughout pregnancy, menopause, stroke recovery, neck back and shoulder pain etc. There are very few clients that cannot have reflexology - if in doubt please text me or email me at [email protected] or phone.

Reflexology relaxes the nervous system and you feel the tension leave your body as the treatment progresses. You may lose track of time during the 60 minutes as your feet are worked on, deepening your relaxation. Soothing music played in the background helps to focus your mind and adds to the overall ambiance. After the treatment you may use words like wow, amazing, fantastic, totally chilled, lush or wonderful! See further down for testimonials.

Booking in your mobile Reflexology time

I offer appointments at your home during the day or evening if you prefer. I bring all necessary equipment for the session including music to help you relax, or treatment can be performed in silence or while you talk if that feels comfortable for you. You will be treated holistically, not as a set of symptoms.


60 minutes of reflexology for £55

Reflexology Gift Vouchers

If you would like a special gift for someone you love, a reflexology treatment GIFT VOUCHER can be purchased at the session price - payment can be made by bank transfer if preferred and the voucher posted.

About Caroline Henden

I am a positive reflexologist with a caring nature and a good listener. I love to meet and help as many people as I can with my amazingly relaxing therapeutic reflexology. My belief is that reflexology works by sending impulses to the brain via the nerve reflexes which act on the endocrine system to affect hormones thus promoting balance within the body. If you are interested I make you aware of the treatment process and to think about your whole self, but I will never preach, only make helpful suggestions. I find clients feel more relaxed in their own home enhancing the whole experience. Not having to snap out of your relaxed state promptly to drive home is beneficial. As a complementary therapy you can have reflexology as well as conventional medicine.

Testimonials from satisfied clients

Wow !! how amazing I have had problems with my neck for 27 years, I've been to all sorts of therapists, you name it I went, it didn't matter how much it cost, I just wanted to get out of the pain. I also took so many painkillers daily plus used hot and cold compresses which helped for a short time.
One day I was talking to some one who I know suffered with pain in her shoulder and she said she didn't suffer any more, she told me about Caroline who does reflexology. I thought someone playing with my feet? I cannot see how it works however I would give it a go. I had 3 sessions 10 days apart when I noticed the difference. My neck wasn't hurting, it felt stiff. After the 4th session I wasn't reaching for the painkillers!
For me this is excellent. If you are in pain this might be for you too. I cannot stress how I feel with not having the constant pain. Thank you Caroline."

Mandy Carter - Dunstable- April 2014

I found Caroline through google search engine. My mum was diagnosed with a brain tumour weeks before my wedding. She subsequently died very quickly and never made it to my wedding. I was so upset and stressed I decided to have reflexology as I don't particularly like taking medicines.
I wanted a mobile reflexology as I didn't feel like going out. Caroline was very friendly and we arranged an appointment. I've had reflexology in the past by 4 different reflexologists - Caroline is by far the best!
That original appointment was 2 years ago and I have continued to have Caroline every month since. She has helped enormously with my bereavement/stress and an added bonus is that 4 years ago I had back surgery after years of pain... It wasn't particularly successful and I was still in a lot of pain and told I would need further surgery.
Caroline has worked on my back through reflexology and my back is the best it has been in many years. I would thoroughly recommend Caroline.
Very good, friendly and professional service.

Andrea Holmes - Dunstable - June 2014

My partner and I have been having regular reflexology sessions with Caroline to help help us de-stress from the pressures of full time careers.
We have been seeing her for nearly three years now and her positive attitude and excellent Reflexology treaments alway leave us feeling relaxed and de-stressed after each session.
Not only that but she also comes to you for the appointment.
I would highly recommend her Reflexology sessions to anyone!

Matt Lawrence - Berkhamsted - March 2014

"I was an overdue expectant mother. Caroline came with intent to help me have a natural birth and avoid being induced. Baby arrived the very next day and within 5 hours. Caroline is and was great, I will definately be having more treatments and am recommending her to friends."
P Rutland - Stoke Hammond - 25 Feb 2010
Note from Caroline: This lady previously had a caesarian with her first child before she discovered reflexology.

"I have had a few treatments with Caroline and was stress free after. I would recommend her to anyone. First class service. I have tried others but this is best by far thank you."
David Keenan - Luton - March 2012

"I came for relaxation as I have 3 part-time jobs. I had never thought much about having asthma from a young age. Since Caroline has been giving me reflexology I now realise there are things I can do to help myself apart from using my inhalers."
Mrs. T. G. of Dunstable aged 40 - 2010

"I have been receiving reflexology from Caroline for over a year. I have to say it makes a big difference. I always feel invigorated after a session and feel that I walk and feel taller. The monthly treatment is worth every penny."
Maggie K - Eaton Bray - Nov 2010


  • In 2007/8 ABC Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology - Aquarian School Europe - Tutor: Lena Chandler
  • In 2009 Post-grad Certificate in Advanced Spinal Reflexology - London School of Reflexology - Tutor: Louise Keet
  • I also completed a course in Reflexology and Visualisation for Fertility, Pregnancy and Menstruation in January 2010 with Aquarian School Europe
  • In 2012 Advanced Hand Reflexology - London School of Reflexology
  • As a full Member of Association of Reflexologists I have to be appropriately insured and undertake continuous professional development (CPD).

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    Children’s Health, Mens Health, Reflexology, Womens Health

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