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Reflexology and Indian Head Massage from an experienced therapist in Truro

Contact NameGill Middleton
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Tailored to your personal needs, Reflexology offers relaxation and balancing of the body systems, helping your body to heal itself. Reflexology has stood the test of time with ancient cave paintings being found depicting the earliest foot treatments.The first treatment will start with a detailed medical and lifestyle history being taken in order to ensure that the treatment is right for your personal needs. A treatment lasts about one hour in which time massage and pressure will be applied to both feet. A course of treatments may be recommended in some situations for maximum benefit to the client. Treatments can be carried out at your convenience in your home or at my premises in Truro. This is not a ticklish treatment! All you have to do after making the appointment to receive a treatment, is lie back and let me do the rest so that you can discover and savour the benefits!


For those who prefer the 'direct approach' to muscle and body relaxation. Indian Head Massage is easy to enjoy at your home, my premises or even in your lunch hour at work. The hair oil treatment is optional but very beneficial to hair and scalp, therefore recommended for scalp and hair disorders including treated, dry hair or psoriasis.


Gill Middleton
    A.O.R Association of Reflexologists
    C.N.H.C Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council.
I have been practising Reflexology and Indian Head Massage for nine years. Having overcome ticklish feet I found having treatments very relaxing and after a course of treatments realised that I was no longer suffering from migraines. Needing to know more and understand the workings of Reflexology I enrolled in training and became fascinated. I continue to be enthusiastic about the benefits Reflexology offers. Indian Head Massage has been a good balancing therapy to the Reflexology offering a more hands-on approach to relaxation and relief from tension often contained in the muscles in the head, neck and shoulders.


Gill and her reflexology treatments have made such a difference to my life. Its just wonderful not be have such intense pain in my knees constantly. Keep up the good work!
J. (Lanner)

Before meeting Gill and receiving a course of reflexology treatments, I was in constant pain from sciatica. I was unable to walk far and thought I was going to have to use a mobility scooter. After just a few treatments I was in less pain and I can now walk up and down the stairs with little difficulty. I am very glad to have met Gill as I feel her treatments have helped me enormously.
M (St Austell)

I find reflexology very relaxing and after my treatment my back and shoulders feel almost brand new!
N (Nanpean)

Reflexology really works for me but I also enjoy an Indian Head Massage. Sometimes I can't choose between them and have them both! Thanks Gill!
L (St Dennis)

I feel that reflexology is 'me time,' relaxes me wonderfully, pinpoints problem areas and makes me more in tune with my body. I often feel a little 'spaced out' after my treatment but feel totally revitalised the following day. Thanks Gill
S (Truro)

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