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Practitioner of Homeopathic Medicine, Registered Homeopath. I have used Homeopathy for over 35 years.
Member of the Board of Directors of the North West College of Homeopathy (Manchester).

Contact NameRanjana Devi Maisuria RsHom NWCH
Address264 Manchester Road
Manchester M34 5GJ
Phone0777 972 8557
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Homeopathy can be helpful across a wide range of conditions, but has proved particularly useful for:
    - Surgery Support to Speedy Recovery
    - Cancer Support
    - IBS and other digestive disorders
    - Menopause and Hormonal imbalances
    - Respiratory conditions including Asthma
    - Skin Conditions
    - Recurrent infections/Sinusitis, Cystitis
    - Stress-related problems
    - Anxiety, grief, depression
    - Children’s ailments; Teething, Fever, Tonsillitis
    - Pregnancy and child birth including morning sickness and breast feeding
Homeopathy works alongside medical treatment and is an exceptionally safe form of medicine, which is adapted to suit your personal requirements. Homeopathy recognises that all symptoms of ill-health are the result of disorder or imbalance within the whole person, either recent or in the past.

An idea of what the treatment involves...

A comprehensive and confidential first consultation of up to 1½ hours. During this, you are encouraged to talk about:
    - Your symptoms
    - Your medical and family history
    - Your likes and dislikes
    - Responses to environmental stresses
    - Other relevant aspects of your life and health
You also have the opportunity to ask questions about your health and homeopathy.


Registered Homeopath with Society of Homeopaths.

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Children’s Health, Homeopaths, Mens Health, Womens Health

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