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Real-ease Massage Therapy & Treatments

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Banish aches, pains and strains for good!

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Contact NameKerryanne Clancy
Address Essential Bodywork
107 Hassell Street
Stoke-On-Trent ST5 1AX
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Welcome to Real-ease Massage Therapy & Treatments


Reflexology is an incredibly relaxing non invasive ancient Egyptian treatment for the feet.

Our feet have tiny reflex points which are mirror images of our entire body's internal organs and structures. These are linked via the nervous system and when these reflex points are stimulated using specific finger and thumb massage techniques, any blockages and imbalances are released encouraging the body to heal and restore the free flow of energy.

Reflexology has many benefiits including helping combat insomnia and fatigue, stress and hormonal imbalances, and being an holistic treatment, it aims to treat the whole person, body, mind and spirit, to induce a state of balance, stimulating the body's own potential to heal both physically and emotionally.

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is an ancient Eastern massage which works on areas affected by mental and emotional stress.

Working with a firm and gentle rhythm it helps to relieve muscular discomfort and tension as well as
calming the spirit and aiding relaxation, it also improves circulation in the head, enhances the senses and promotes clear thinking. Indian head massage is ideal for relieving tension in the neck, shoulders, scalp and face, and can help combat stress, sinusitis, migraine, insomnia and muscular strain.

Sports Massage

Despite the name, this treatment can be beneficial to anyone with muscular aches and strains, from the avid gardener to the office computer worker - anyone who wants to target a specific area or areas with a stronger massage which works deep into the muscles, ligaments and tendons.

This remedial massage is ideal for deep tension, injury recovery or after intensive exercise, helping to improve circulation, eliminate toxins, remodel scar tissue and restore range of movement. Often it is used to treat everything from pulled hamstrings, frozen shoulders, whiplash injuries, sore backs and Achilles tendonitis.

For athletes, regular sports massages are essential, as they can help enhance athletic performance by speeding up recovery from an injury or a heavy training session, and by preventing injury by tackling twinges and aches early before they become more serious which can mean weeks off from exercising.

Rossiter Workout

If constant pain keeps you from doing the things you love then this is the workout for you. Whether it's lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, elbow tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, hip pain, wrist, neck or shoulder pain - get ready to try something new. Rossiter is a revolutionary American workout system which takes you through a system of stretches which target the body's connective tissue. This tissue shortens and tightens when it becomes injured or overused.

A Rossiter session involves you (the PIC - person in charge) lying on a mat fully clothed while the coach uses their foot to anchor your tissue in place while you perform powerful movements to chase away pain. The weight and warmth of the coach’s foot, combined with powerful stretching by the PIC, allows the tissue to unravel its grip and accommodate free movement again.

When connective tissue is freed pain eases and the body’s structures are no longer squeezed, bulged or trapped.

The harder you work, the better the results - get rid of your pain for good.


Having had a bad 6 months with various running related injuries I was recommended to visit Kerryanne.After a couple of sports massages my strains, especially my troublesome piriformis were gone! Kerryanne has given me great advice with regards to stretching and so impressed have I been that I have passed on her details to my clubmates. Kerryanne offers a professional service at a bargain price!!

Bill Stevenson, Hartshill, Staffordshire
Runner, Michellin AC

I went for a Sports Massage with Kerryanne. Wow!! I didn’t realise how much I needed it. I am a regular runner and had never had a sports massage before. I was expecting it to be just an easy massage but Kerryanne worked those knotted muscles for a long time. I was also given lots of advice too on stretching etc. Kerryanne took a full history from me before she began the massage and I felt really confident that she knew exactly where my troublesome areas were. After the massage, I felt good the next time I ran and by body felt refreshed. Think I need to go back to have another massage soon!!!

Belinda Riley
University Hospital of North Staffordshire Hospital NHS Trust

I was having continual problems with my back so I went to see Kerry. It had been causing me a lot of pain and I was having problems sleeping. I couldn’t really attribute the pain to anything in particular, but she went through list of possible causes and ways I could make adjustments to my desk at work and exercises I could do to help keep it loosened up.
I had a deep tissue muscle massage and have never felt so liberated. She went straight to the problem and even found areas I hadn’t realised were locked up. I would definitely recommend her!

Charlotte Littlejones

Have started having Reflexology sessions with Kerryanne I have found them to be so relaxing,a great de-stress hour after a busy day and a good detox. A lovely treat at a very reasonable price, would definitely recommend her to someone else.

Lilian Arnold, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent

I have suffered with back pain, neck pain and headaches on and off for years but just ‘put up with it’…now I’m a fitness instructor and exercising a lot, my back was beginning to seize up and the tightness in my neck and shoulders was becoming unbearable! I booked a massage with Kerryanne and found it to be AMAZING!! She managed to totally ‘loosen’ the knots and the relief was fantastic. Previously I’d only experienced beauty salon massages and would end up feeling frustrated at the lack of any positive after effects, now I can relax and feel confident that Kerryanne will improve any pain or tightness…plus its unbelievable value!! I have made many recommendations to my fitness bootcamp and class attendees and will continue to do so….miss this,MISS OUT!

Sue Foulkes, fitness instructor, Weston Coyney

I suffered a bad calf tear while running a half marathon over a year ago. A colleague at my running club, Mow Cop Runners, recommended Kerryanne to me. I’d never had a sports massage before so really didn’t know what to expect. At my first appointment, Kerry clearly explained what I should expect and went through, in great detail, any problems I’d previously had including my medical history. Kerry made me feel at ease straight away, the treatment was initially painful but this was explained beforehand. Following my first session, Kerry gave me plenty of advice on RICE (Rest Ice Compression and Elevation) and how to treat the injury in the interim. Kerry also noticed that I had an anomaly in that I suffer from under-pronation with my right foot. I’ve since seen a physio who has also been of help to me. After a number of follow up sessions my calf injury was resolved. I’ve since used Kerry to help maintain my muscles and keep me running. Sports massage isn’t just about treating injuries, it’s really down to maintenance. Since working with Kerry, I’ve learnt a great deal about my body and how to keep myself injury free so I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Kerry as she continues to be a great help to me.

Peter Stroynowski, runner with Mow Cop Running Club, Harriseahead


VTCT Level 3 in Reflexology & Sports Massage
Essential Bodyworks certificate in Indian head massage & Rossiter

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