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Rasayana Ayurvedic Therapies and Wellness

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Rasayana: That which makes new again, restoring ones youthful state of physical and mental health as well as expanding our state of happiness.

Contact NameJamie Chalmers
AddressPrimrose Hill
North West London NW1 8XE
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About Ayurveda

Ayush Veda: Science of Life, the connection between nature and man.
Ayurveda is believed to be the oldest form of medical system dating back over 5000 years. Over these thousands of years the basic principles of Ayurveda have remained unchanged as it follows the laws of nature which are always constant. This makes it a very different medical system from the west’s which is continuously changing and developing.
It uses a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment that has been passed down from generation to generation in traditional ayurvedic (Varrier) families within India. It is a science which evaluates the individual’s constitution and offers specific recommendations including exercise/yoga, herbal remedies and of course physical therapies to restore and maintain balance in mind, body and soul. Ayurveda can also boast that it is the only medical system that treats, prevents and diagnoses.

The two main principal objectives of ayurveda are:
  • ‘Swasthyas swasthya rakshanam’ (To prolong life and promote perfect health).
  • ‘Aturasya vikar prashamanamcha’ (To completely eradicate the disease and dysfunction of the body).

This can be achieved by controlling the ama (toxins) in an individual’s body. By analysing each person individually we can ascertain their pakriti or dosha (their genetic makeup) and even out areas of imbalance (vikruti). This will include the incorporation of, treatments and specific diet regimes into their daily and seasonal routines. There are many ‘Purvakarma’ (pre-action) treatments which prepare the body for the flushing of toxins. These loosen and gather the toxins into the digestive tract ready for extraction.
There are 3 doshas present within a person and these are called Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Vata: (Movement) is a force made up of elements ether and air.
The proportions of ether and air determine how active Vata is. The amount of ether (space) affects the ability of the air to gain momentum. If unrestricted, air can gain momentum and become forceful such as a hurricane.

Vata means "wind, to move and flow." Vata enables the other two doshas to be expressive. The actions of Vata are drying, cooling, light, agitating, and moving.
Vata governs breathing, blinking of the eyelids, movements in the muscles and tissues, the pulse and all expansion and contractions. Vata also rules such feelings and emotions as freshness, nervousness, fear, anxiety, pain, tremors, and spasms. The primary location of the Vata in the body is the colon. It also resides in the hips, thighs, ears, bones, large intestine, pelvic cavity, and skin. It is also related to the touch sensation. When the body develops an excess of vata, it will accumulate in these areas.

Pitta: (Transformation) is a force created by the dynamic interplay of water and fire.
These forces represent transformation. They cannot change into each other, but they modulate or control each other and are vitally required for life processes to occur. For example, too much fire and too little water will result in the boiling away of the water. Too much water will result in the fire being put out.

Pitta governs digestion, absorption, assimilation, nutrition, metabolism, body temperature, skin coloration, the lustre of the eyes, intelligence, and understanding. Psychologically, Pitta arouses anger, hate, and jealousy. The small intestine, stomach, sweat glands, blood, fat, eyes, and skin are the main locations of Pitta.

Kapha: (Binding) is the combination of water and earth.
Kapha is also structure and lubrication. One can visualize the Kapha force as the stirring force to keep the water and earth from separating. Kapha cements the elements in the body, providing the material for physical structure. This dosha maintains body resistance. Water is the main constituent of kapha, and this bodily water is responsible for strength in the body. Kapha lubricates the joints; provides moisture to the skin; helps to heal wounds; fills the spaces in the body; gives biological strength, vigour and stability; supports memory; gives energy to the heart and lungs and maintains immunity.

Kapha is present in the chest, throat, head, sinuses, nose, mouth, stomach, joints, cytoplasm (cellular material), plasma, and in the liquid secretions of the body such as mucus. Psychologically, kapha is responsible for the emotions of attachment, greed, and long-standing envy. It is also expressed in tendencies toward calmness, forgiveness, and love. The chest is the seat of kapha.

Each individual has one dosha more prominent than the rest within them. When this prominent dosha becomes out of balance then dosha specific diseases and dysfunctions can manifest themselves within the individual. This is where ayurvedic treatments come in to play. With the use of these specific treatments using dosha pacifying herbs and oils, the person will be brought back into balance. The treatments can also be used to prevent the imbalances happening in the first place through the science of rejuvenation: ‘Bringing one’s body back to its natural state by eradicating all toxins, disease and dysfunction from the body’.

At Rasayana, Ayurvedic Therapies and Wellness Jamie allows his clients to combine the harmonising of their doshas with the science of rejuvenation. The cleansing and alignment of their bodies and minds can be achieved with the use of Rasayana’s authentic and ancient ayurvedic ‘Beauty, Spa, Body and Health’ treatments. Jamie will also give comprehensive advice on lifestyle regimes, diet, weight management, daily and seasonal routines to empower his clients to take charge of their health and wellbeing with the use of ayurveda in the home environment.

About Jamie

Director and founder of Rasayana, Jamie Chalmers, has been a therapist for over a decade and in this time has amassed a vast knowledge of alternative therapies. A 15 month journey through India and Nepal inspired him to explore the world of holistic therapies. In his time there, he experienced many different types of treatments ranging from invigorating head massages on Mumbai’s Chowpatty Beach, Tibetan Reflexology whilst trekking through the Himalayan Annapurna mountain range and ayurvedic body massages in the state of Kerala. On his return to his home city, Edinburgh in Scotland, he felt inspired to enrol on a course in Swedish massage. Finding natural skills in this field encouraged him to continue and graduate in Reflexology and Indian Head Massage.

In 2002 Jamie joined the team of therapists at the award winning 5 star spa, ONE Spa at the Edinburgh Sheraton Grand Hotel and Spa. There he gained knowledge and skills in more traditional spa treatments such as body wraps, scrubs, facials, hot stone therapy and pre- clinical ayurvedic rituals which gave him his first taste of the ancient science of ayurveda. With innate skills and enthusiasm coming to the fore, he became head therapist in 2006 where he was responsible for his team of highly skilled therapists. During his time at ONE Spa he was shortlisted four times for the title of Body Therapist of the Year at the prestigious British Beauty and Spa Awards, winning twice in 2006 and 2007. In celebration, he designed his own signature treatment which was exclusive to ONE Spa. The treatment was ayurvedic influenced and experiencing fantastic results with his clients fuelled his passion for the ancient science even further.

Always with a thirst for new knowledge, in August 2008 Jamie noticed an advertisement for a new spa institute in an industry magazine. Ananda Spa Institute in Hyderabad, India is part of the world famous spa brand Ananda. Ananda, most known for their flagship 5 star spa in the Himalayas, are responsible for bringing the ancient ayurvedic therapies into the limelight and the spa environment. Impressed and inspired by the company’s philosophies, Jamie, at that time the first westerner to do so, enrolled in the ayurvedic therapies diploma course in May 2009.

Jamie received one-to-one tuition from Dr Milind Salunke, the institute’s resident ayurvedic doctor and lecturer. The course consisted of learning and mastering sixteen authentic ayurvedic therapies straight from the Ananda treatment list. Benefiting from constant mentoring from Praveen and Ranjith, two experienced ayurvedic therapists from the state of Kerala, Jamie got a true and honest insight of working as an ayurvedic therapist. Alongside the therapies, Jamie learned how to be an ayurvedic lifestyle consultant, not least of all through adopting an ayurvedic life style himself, changing his diet, life regimes and incorporating other Indian health systems to his daily routines. This allowed him to fully experience the benefits of ayurveda which he can now share with his clients. Using his new in-depth consultation skills, he can now assess his clients more thoroughly and offer advice on diet and lifestyle regimes tailor made to the individual.

Jamie’s determination, skill and enthusiasm for his subject meant he graduated from the institute with honours. Knowing that he wanted to use his new skills and knowledge to their full capacity, Rasayana, Ayurvedic Therapies and Wellness was very soon born. Rasayana simply means: ‘That which makes new again, restoring one’s youthful state of physical and mental health as well as expanding our state of happiness’. Jamie’s aim with the company is to introduce and share the benefits of ayurveda with as many people as possible, helping them to improve their health and well-being not only through treatment but empowering self-care.

  • Diploma in Ayurvedic Therapies: Ananda Spa Institute, Hyderabad, India
  • Diploma in Reflexology: Lothian School of Massage
  • Diploma in Swedish Massge: Lothian School of Massage

Treatment List.

Rasayana Consultation
This in depth ayurvedic consultation is to assess and determine your physical and mental characteristics so that a personalised life plan can be established. This life plan will consist of a treatment plan, lifestyle changes, daily life routines, seasonal life routines and homecare information.

During this consultation your body structure and appearance is assessed in great detail as well as your personal characteristics, mental nature and stressors. Other factors taken in to consideration include diet, exercise, activities, rest and relaxation.

After this in depth consultation you will be sent the proposed information which will help you to create a better lifestyle specific to the needs of your mind and body.
60mins. £50

FREE Initial, Dosha (Ayurvedic Mind & Body Type) Consultation.
30mins. FREE

Mukhelepa :(Ayurvedic Facial)
Mukhelepa is a deep cleansing and skin refining Ayurvedic facial suitable for all skin types. This facial uses the healing and cleansing benefits of natural herbs and spices to balance and rejuvenate the skin. This facial includes a skin cleanse, exfoliation, deep cleanse with steam followed by a stimulating facial massage incorporating all the marma (energy) points of the face and head. The Lepa (mask) is the applied to cleanse and revitalise the skin as you relax with a pressure point massage to the feet.
1hr 10mins. £70

Abhyanga: (Body Massage)
This deeply therapeutic full body massage is beneficial for those with arthritis, sciatica and body aches as it warms and hydrates the muscles to balance the general energies of the body. The treatment begins with warm oil poured on to the head with a luxurious head and scalp massage this is then followed by a free flowing massage to the body and face. This massage helps to alleviate tired muscles, preserve youthfulness, tone the body and promote sound sleep.
60mins. £60 / 90mins. £90

Shirodhara (warm oil poured to the 3rd eye)
Shirodhara is a luxurious, purifying and rejuvenating therapy designed to eliminate toxins and mental exhaustion. It is a unique ancient therapy of pouring warmed oil on the forehead continuously and rhythmically. As the oil flows through the hair and scalp a gentle head massage is carried out to help soothe and calm the mind and body. This treatment works on the entire nervous system, helping to reduce stress, fatigue and insomnia as well as providing hydration and nourishment to the hair
60mins. £100

Churnasweda: (Herbal Compress Massage)
This indulgent massage is fantastic for speeding up the detoxification process as it increases body heat and brings toxins to the surface quicker. Herbal leaves and powders are placed in cotton bags to create massage pads. These pads are then dipped in to hot medicated oil and used to massage the entire body. The warmth of these pads releases the benefits of the herbs in to the body to loosen stiff joints and leave you feeling in a state of complete relaxation.
60mins. £60 / 90mins. £90

Basti: (Localised Treatment).
This localised treatment helps to alleviate symptoms of sciatica, disc prolepses/slips, spondylosis and lower back pain; typical areas that are treated are lumbar and cervical regions and problematic knee joints. The specific area of concern is surrounded by a ring of wheat dough followed by warm medicated oil poured in to the middle; this then stimulates and nourishes the nerves to relieve numbness and pain. Steam is then applied to the area to draw toxins to the surface leaving the area feeling light and refreshed.
60mins. £60

Indian Marma(energy point) Head Massage
This opulent Indian head massage is excellent to release the stress that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders. It is especially good for relieving tension, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, migraines and sinusitis. The marma (energy) points of the neck, shoulders, scalp and face are gently stimulated and drained leaving you feeling calm and relaxed as well as energised, revitalised and better able to concentrate.
60mins. £60

Nasya: (Nasal Treatment)
This nasal treatment helps to remove mucous blockages, cleans and clears the head channels and stimulates the brain cells. This treatment is especially good for people with sinusitis. The treatment commences with massage to the head and face followed by localised herbal infused steam which helps to unblock the nasal passage. The head is slightly raised and tilted back as warm drops of medicated oil is poured into each nostril. The client is then asked to inhale deeply while the other nostril is closed by the thumb. The release from the area leaves the head feeling clear and refreshed.
30mins. £30

Karnapurnana: (Ear treatment).
This treatment is very effective in reducing jaw and neck tension, ringing in the ears, tension headaches and itching and dryness in the ears. Each ear, in turn, is filled with warm oil followed by a neck ear and jaw massage as well as marma (energy) point massage on the face. This helps to eliminate impurities creating a feeling of deep restfulness.
30mins. £30

Rasayana Time
This treatment starts with an in depth consultation to establish the specific needs of your mind and body at that specific moment. Enjoy either 2 or 3 hours of treatment Time where particular treatments will be chosen to treat specific problems, ailments or stressors. This will help to bring the body back to its natural state and leave you feeling peaceful and re-energised.
(Excludes Shirodhara)
2 or 3Hrs. £120 / £180

Other Treatments.

Reflexology: 60mins, £50
Applying pressure to specific areas of the feet stimulates the health and function of corresponding organs and regions in the body. The aim is to remove all blockages to the body’s energy flow. Applying pressure and manipulating nerve endings can actually move the flow of energy, blood, nutrients and nerve impulses to restore health and balance. Reflexology can provide relief from a wide range of ailments from migraines, PMS, digestive issues as well as improving circulation, promoting detoxification, reducing stress and tension and relief from insomnia.

Swedish Massage: 60mins, £60 / 90mins £90
The perfect remedy for tension and tightness, this traditional massage incorporates regulated pressure and long, strong movement to effectively ease aching backs and tired limbs.

Available Tuesdays 2-10pm

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