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Soul Temple Academy

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Here at the Soul Temple we are dedicated to bringing you products, gifts, holistic therapies, workshops & training that are organic and earth friendly

Contact NameDiane Dee
Stockport SK3 8SB
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About the Soul Temple Academy

Diane Dee and Daniel Speciaize in Holistic Colour & Sound Therapies and Workshops.

Diane has been working as a Reiki Master, Holistic Therapist, Workshop Facilitator and Trainer for over 10 years. As a gifted self-taught clairvoyant, Diane started to develop her own ability over 20 years ago and is now able to pass on her skills and intuition. In her workshops and training she helps others develop their own abilities and intuition to work with Angels, Guides and the Electromagnetic Field (aura and energy around us) Working with compassion and understanding to empower others to enjoy living organic harmonious lives...

Diane and Daniel are available for therapies on the 8th, 17th and 26th of each month at Haigh Lea therapy rooms in Sale (please book early to avoid disappointment)

Meditation Classes once a month. Workshops, Development Days and Training are also available. Look on -

Alternatively text, email or call for a leaflet or details and find out more - 07881 644 557

Reiki (USUI, MER, ANGEL, KARUNA) Unicorn Soul Path Healing, Colour Therapy, Sound Therapy, Pyramid Healing, Angel Reiki, Angel & Aura Readings, Hopi Ear Candling, Training (Reiki and Facilitator Work Training & Angel Card Training) Workshops (Aura, Sound & Angel Workshops - Meditation Classes) and Retreats...

  • Findhorn Organic Flower Essences and Aura Sprays
  • Tibetan Bowls - Hand made in Nepal
  • Natural Incenses / Organic Candles
  • Crystals, Wands
  • Hand made silk chakra squares
  • Organic Skincare

We also help with…
  • Inspirational messages
  • Affirmations
  • Abundance
  • Manifestation
  • Health and well being
  • Courage
  • Self-worth
  • Life path
  • Feeling safe
  • Feeling connected
  • Knowledge and wisdom
  • Space clearing

The above are covered our workshops or can be requested on a 121 basis

New Moon Meditation Dates

Sat 9th Feb 9am - 10 am - Mon 11th March 7pm - 8pm - Wed 10th April 7pm 8pm - Thur 9th May 7pm - 8pm - Sat 8th June 9am - 10am - Mon 8th July 7pm - 8pm - Tue 6th August 7pm - 8pm Thurs 5th Sept 7pm - 8pm - Fri 4th October 7pm - 8pm - Sun 3rd Now 11am - 12 Noon - Tue 3rd Dec 7pm - 8pm

Details of Soul Temple Therapy Days & Therapies

Wed 8th, Fri 17th, Sun 26th May

No Dates in June due to training

Mon 8th, Fir 26th July

2013 Gorton Monastery
13th & 14th April
2 Hr Aura Workshop Sat 13th
1 Hr Talk Sun 14th

(Please book about with BSSK)

5th & 6th Oct 2013

Soul Temple Workshops & Training Weekends 2013

Aura Grooming - May
Chakra Health - July
Meditation - August
Angle Card Reading - Sept
Reiki - June to Oct
Findhorn Essence - Nov

Dates & Locations for above workshops to be confirmed please enquire
(usual locations used for workshops are Ashton, Manchester, Cheadle Hulme., Sale & Gorton)


Findhorn essence consultation - consultation includes one bottle of flower essence 20mins £15

Findhorn Rainbow Therapy - 1hour includes colour therapy, Reiki and one bottle of flower essence £45

Reiki - Usui/Karuna/Mer/Angel/Seichem – Reiki is Japanese for universal energy. An attuned therapist channels this energy through their hands. And the receivers body takes what is needed bring balance. Different types of Reiki focus on different areas of healing. Karuna – is a powerful healer on lots of levels getting to the root of problems. Mer – known as the healers healer, works with the energies of the ocean and focuses on emotional issues, good for connecting to your divine feminine aspect(whether male or female) Angel – is a gentle but powerful energy, it connects you with the angelic realms bringing a sense of peace, purpose and clarity while gently healing mind body and emotions. Crystals and aura sprays are used during this nurturing treatment. All 1 hr treatments £33

Unicorn Healing - channeled energies from the unicorn vibration, bringing a deep healing at the soul level to enable clarity with your life path and personal healing in the areas of your life and body that is needed. 1 hr £33

Colour Therapy - the therapist balances your chakras and aura using colour, solarized water aura sprays and essence. Bringing you back to your center and balance and giving you strength to deal with life’s issues in a calm manner. 1 hr £38

Massage / Therapy

Organic Reiki Facial - using your choice of reiki and beautiful organic products, your face is cleansed and massaged, clearing the meridians and de-stressing the face to bring a beautiful youthful glow. 75 mins £66

Counselling Wellbeing

Theta Healing1 hr £77 30 mins £44

Hopi Ear Candling - this ancient tradition uses a lit tube to gently remove wax from the ear. The tube sits comfortably in the ear stimulating the meridian lines and bringing balance as well as a detoxing effect. 30 mins £22


Aura Readings with Wax Art - Your aura is looked at colours noted and wax art is created using your aura colours. A reading is then done from the complete art and cards picked. 1 hr £35

Angel Reading - angel cards are picked to bring you an uplifting reading channel through from the angelic realms. The angels bring you encouragement and your highest potential in your life situations. Free will is always your own, so you can then decide your direction. Connect with the angels by taking life lightly…! 1 hr £33 30 mins £24

Rainbow Unicorn Soul Therapy - this combination of reading and healing , channels through the rainbow unicorns and brings you clarity and direction on your divine life path £44 (healing alignment + soul path reading)

Angelic Rainbow Therapy - a mix of angel reading, angelic healing and colour therapy to bring clarity balance to your chakras and energy system. Your aura is cleansed a reading given and then angel reiki and colour therapy completes the session bringing in the peace wisdom and healing of the angelic realms.1 hr £44 (colour therapy/Angel Reiki & Reading)

Sound Healing Therapy - Using spiritual healing, Tibetan or crystal singing bowls and high quality tuning forks attuned to the chakras and vibrational healing and harmonizing frequencies. Your energy and aura is cleared and brought into alignment. This balances your chakras which in turn helps your body tune into its own unique healing frequency. 40mins £30

Sound & Colour - This session uses the sound as above with the benefit of gentle colour therapy this brings about deep healing and knowledge that you can take with you to enrich and also help you to bring wisdom and light to perceived problems in yourself and your life. 1 hr £44

Regular Workshops, Talks, Meditations, Development Classes and Training

Development Days Sundays Once a Month 1030 - 430 £44 - bookings essential

Angel or Oneness Meditation Classes Sundays once a month 2pm - 3pm £8 - bookings essential

Service Categories
Colour Therapy, Energy Healing, Meditation, Reiki, Spiritual Healing

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