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Shiatsu, Acupressure and Massage

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Philip has nearly 20 years experience in Shiatsu. He is also the Principal and Main Teacher at Shiatsu College Manchester.

Contact NamePhilip Cheshire-Neal
Address33 West End

Hebden Bridge HX7 8UQ
Mobile07767 666467
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Philip is extremely passionate about Shiatsu being the therapy of the Future. He feels that shiatsu has a profoundly deep supportive role in modern day life, relieving stress, anxiety, improving sleep, clarity. Shiatsu can help us find our sparkle and live life fully. It is also fantastic for improving mobility, relieving pain and supporting all functions of the body.

Philip practices shiatsu in Hebden Bridge.
Philip also teaches shiatsu and runs the Manchester Branch of Shiatsu College

Shiatsu is a clothed acupressure massage working with Ki, life force energy, in the body. Shiatsu relieves stress and anxiety, grounds our emotions, eases pain and discomfort and gives clarity to our thoughts. It clears blockages and rebalances us, it can put you in touch with yourself. Shiatsu will help support you in your everyday life. It can aid managing long term health problems and contentment; or acute pain and illness. Shiatsu is also wonderful as a complete relaxation treat. You don’t need to be ill to choose shiatsu!
Shiatsu is fantastic & safe to receive throughout pregnancy, when trying to conceive or during the menopause when so many physical and emotional changes are happening.

Shiatsu : healing bodywork

Shiatsu comes from Oriental medicine; it seeks to balance the body’s energy using mostly fingers, palms and elbows to contact acupressure points and meridians. It is based on the same theory as acupuncture but using hands, not needles, on the clothed body. Shiatsu is gentle to receive and may make you feel invigorated yet deeply relaxed. Treatments are tailored to your individual needs. Shiatsu works on emotional and mental difficulties as well as the physical body. If you have been feeling down, stressed, anxious or have soreness anywhere shiatsu can help you.

We all hold on to stress and anxiety in different ways. With some it is held in the neck and shoulders, when tired it can move down into the lower back. You may hold tension more in one shoulder which raises one hip causing imbalance throughout the whole body. Stiffness, aches and pains affect our mobility, our sleep, our vitality. With some people anxiety goes straight to the stomach affecting our digestion or causing IBS, with others it rises to the head causing headaches and migraines.

Emotional difficulties such as grief and loss; or the ending of a relationship or heady emotions of starting a new relationship; also affect us in different ways. This may affect our breathing making us feel short of breath, or increase our blood pressure or make us feel our heart is racing. Our thoughts may churn round and round making us feel restless and causing insomnia. When we feel vulnerable not only do we feel unable to emotionally protect ourselves, our physical protection, our immune system, can be weakened making us more susceptible to illness.

Shiatsu supports us in letting go in the mind and in the heart and in the body. It helps us process our emotions and feel supported. This may allow our shoulders to relax; our back feel supported lengthening our spine, our breath to deepen and our digestive system to feel settle. As all the tension is released from our bodies and minds over time all physical symptoms associated with these held tensions will heal. Shiatsu can also reduce discomfort from joint pain, arthritis or spondylitis. Our body vitality will be increased, our immune system strengthened. Regular shiatsu can then help support us manage the inevitable stress of our everyday lives preventing the re-occurrence of the physical symptoms, the aches and pains, which had become a part of our everyday lives.

The Oriental theory behind both Shiatsu and Acupuncture is that we have vital energy within our bodies. This energy flows in channels called meridians. Along these meridians is where the acupuncture points are located. The energy (or Qi) within these channels flows very much like a river. Anything that happens to us, whether it be a physical ailment or an emotional or mental difficulty affects the flow of our Qi. This may cause areas of stagnation held back by dams or blockages, others parts may be more like white water, some areas may feel over flowing, while others empty. Shiatsu identifies and releases the blockages and imbalances in our Qi thus releasing the physical, emotional and mental blockages in our lives.

Quantum Physics and Shiatsu
We are at an exciting time with regards to Energy Medicine, one where quantum physics and micro biology are beginning to understand and explain what natural healers around the world have felt for centuries.
Within quantum physics machines have been developed that are sensitive enough to recognise biomagnetic fields generated within the human body. They have shown that every organ, every muscle, every action within the body generates a biomagnetic field, The strongest being the heart, then the brain. Yet the field they have recorded projected from a shiatsu practitioners fingers through mind intention and focus is many times stronger than that generated by the heart. It is also within the frequency that has been recognised within Western Medicine to promote healing (within the range used in modern hospitals of passing an electrical current across a wound as it accelerates healing and new cell growth).
Micro biology has made many discoveries about the qualities of fascia within the body. That fascia is one interconnective web that not only surrounds every organ, every bone, every muscle, at a micro level it surrounds and enters every cell in the body. Fascia links every single cell in our bodies with each other from the tips of our toes to the top of our heads. Fascia also has the properties for conducting energy, from nerve impulses to Ki. Fascia also displays piezoelectric properties. Fascia is thus understood to be the conduit through which Ki (life force energy) travels n the body. There is also a liquid crystalline structure within the fascia which is the ideal substance for holding holograms, such as memories, experiences, trauma. Through working with Ki, releasing the fascia, a shiatsu practitioner can support release of these traumas and emotions held within the body to create space and free movement. To energetic promote healing of the obstacles people have encountered in their lives.
With modern science hot on the heels of energy medicine this is a time to Watch this Space....

Shiatsu gives clarity to our thoughts and helps with motivation and decision making. It is fantastic at particularly stressful times like GCSE or A-level exams, or job interviews and presentations.

Shiatsu is also fantastic to receive during pregnancy or during the menopause when so many physical and emotional changes are happening. Shiatsu is safe during all three trimesters and as well as grounding our emotions it can really help with physical discomfort and can reduce morning sickness. The whole body can be worked with a receiver lying on their sides during the later stages of pregnancy.


“I started seeing Phil for Shiatsu due to illness several years ago and found the techniques used to be very relaxing and therapeutic. The combination of gentle pressure massage and manipulation of joints helps with my aches and pains and reduces the tension in my body. I would highly recommend Phil as a Shiatsu practitioner and his calm nature compliments the treatment.”

"I recently had a series of shiatsu sessions to build up my resilience to radiotherapy and chemotherapy cancer treatment. I surprised the medical team by how well I did, with no need for morphine or other strong pain relief." Dongrier Kondh, Treesponsibility Leader

"I first went to Phil for Shiatsu because of chronic back pain & stiffness 2½ years ago.  I immediately found the results of just one session to be immensely relaxing.  At first, I had a course of  two-weekly sessions, and then reduced this gradually.  I now go every eight weeks, which I feel keeps me 'topped up'. My back pain and stiffness has massively reduced and it is many many months since I took any medication for pain.  I also benefited from Shiatsu following shoulder surgery.  My work is quite stressful and Shiatsu really helps me to re-balance and take a fresh perspective.”


Shiatsu College Manchester

Should you wish to learn shiatsu you can do so at Shiatsu College Manchester. Whether you wish to come for a weekend, a short course or the full practitioner training, we can accommodate you at Shiatsu College Manchester.

The full professional training is a three year course. The initial year of training in shiatsu also a stand alone year, at the end of which you may gain qualification as an Holistic Acupressure Practitioner.

During this first year of training you will learn:
• How to develop your own energy
• The practical basics of energy work: breathing, postural alignment
• Awareness of Hara, centering and the relaxed use of body weight
• How to apply effective Shiatsu with the minimum of effort
• An introduction to Qigong and meditation
• New developments in energy medicine
• Basics of Chinese Medicine: Yin & Yang, Vital Substances, 5 Elements, Organ functions
• How to locate and use principal Acupressure Points
• Meridian stretch exercises for your own health
• Western Anatomy: understanding the skeletal and muscular systems

The Second Year of study focuses much more on Zen Shiatsu theory, comparing it with Traditional Chinese Medicine models and incorporating Western Pathology and Physiology. It is a year of quite intensive learning, however we revisit it all during the Clinical Programme, the final year of your studies.
During the Third Year of training the focus is on applying all of your knowledge, all of the theoretical models and energy awareness, in the clinic setting. How to make most effective use of all the skills, techniques and knowledge you have acquired during the course to best help receivers whatever their needs.

Please contact me with any inquiries or for booking on one of the courses.

I undertook the three years of professional training with Shiatsu College. Upon graduation I retired from my previous career as a Consultant Archaeologist and set up my Shiatsu Practice. I became a teaching assistant at Shiatsu College Manchester, which both supported my practice and gave me a thirst for teaching shiatsu. I completed my Shiatsu Teacher Training. This has led to my now being not only a teacher but also the Principal of the Shiatsu College Manchester. ​ I have two children and am thus very practiced at giving shiatsu throughout pregnancy. I love gardens, growing veg and flowers to my hearts content. I am one of the directors of our local community allotments and I love walking in the Pennines. (*Member (Teacher) of the (professional) Register of the Shiatsu Society; )

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