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Philip Hartnoll Osteopath

Philip Hartnoll DO FSCCO
A56 Grenville Drive
Devon PL19 8DP
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I am an Osteopath, who qualified in 1987. I practice cranial osteopathy, a gentle application of the same principles, working with rhythmic fluid movements through your body, to support the process of alleviating pain and building optimum health.


Allowing health to re-emerge The primary principle of Osteopathy is that our bodies are naturally self-healing, and self-correcting, given the right environment. The aim of osteopathic care is to support this process.

Cranial Osteopathy engages subtle, rhythmic shape changes that occur throughout the body, described as the 'cranial rhythm' or 'breath of life'. These fluid movements are used to facilitate the release of stresses and strains, held in your body's tissues, from recent and past physical, emotional and metabolic causes.


What do I treat?

I treat people, and address the issues you bring to my attention. Current advertising regulations prohibit me from mentioning specific conditions, other than musculo-skeletal, for which osteopaths are well known. However, many of my patients have reported improvements in overall health and in unexpected ways, as a result of treatment. People come to see me for many different reasons. If you want to find out more regarding your health, or your children's health, please contact me.

My treatment approach

I work gently, using a variety of traditional osteopathic approaches. These include joint articulation and mobilisation, deep tissue release, and application of an original osteopathic principle of balanced tension (in which the body starts to self-correct). I also incorporate more recently evolving cranial and biodynamic approaches. Occasionally I use firm tissue release techniques, but do not use any forceful high velocity manipulation.


Flexible appointment times throughout the week, occasional Saturdays available. A free chat is available, if you wish to discuss a problem before committing.

At your initial consultation/treatment session I take a full case history, followed by examination. If I feel further medical tests or scans are indicated, or a different treatment approach is preferable, I will refer. After initial examination, there is usually no need to undress.


Adult: £45.00 per session (45 minutes) Initial consultation may take longer.
Child: Age 1 – 15 years £25.00
Infant: 0 to 3 years – First visit free then £20.00
(up to one year) – 30 minutes.

Home visits are available, at an increased cost, due to extra time, transport etc.

Philip Hartnoll D.O.MSCC

At age 21, I was pondering my life direction, and the word Osteopathy came into my head. I knew nothing about Osteopathy, except a vague idea that it was to do with bones and bodies! I trained with the College of Osteopaths, and worked in a full-time apprenticeship for 2 years, qualifying in 1987.

My interest in cranial osteopathy arose shortly after the birth of my eldest son in 1984. He was born with significant trauma, and subsequent health and developmental problems. I took him to Stuart Korth DO (founder of the Osteopathic Children's Centre U.K) for several years, and observed remarkable improvement in his health and development.

In 1987 I moved to Tavistock and have been in practice here ever since. I currently run a large Natural Health Centre – I have continued postgraduate training in many areas of Osteopathic medicine including paediatric and am a faculty member of the Sutherland Cranial College, which teaches Cranial Osteopathy to graduate Osteopaths.

Diploma in Osteopathy- College of Osteopaths Fellow of Sutherland Cranial College of Osteopathy

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Craniosacral Therapy, Osteopathy, Sports Injury Therapy

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