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Peter Crowe Counselling & Psychotherapy

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I offer client-focused Counselling, Coaching and Psychotherapy to individuals or couples across a range of issues. Central Exeter

Contact NamePeter Crowe Counselling, Coaching & Psychotherapy
Address15-16 Castle Street
Exeter EX43PT
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A personal crisis can signal one is “standing at the threshold” between a habitual way of being and a new way forward. No life is free of challenge and seeking help often means transforming a painful issue into a source of hope.

Such life challenges can include: relationship issues, intimacy and sexuality, issues of gender and sexual identity, fatherhood, parenting in difficult circumstances, emotional confusion, shame, anxiety and depression, grief, anger, emotional numbness or lack of empathy, life transitions, dislocation and belonging.

Conversely, clients also choose to work with me in order to explore personal development, leadership and self-assertiveness, creativity, decision-making and purpose. They come with the aim of discovering more joy and meaning in their lives.

Counselling & psychotherapy

We go to counselling because we feel stuck and that something is holding us back. The gift is when we discover how the very same issues are also drawing us forwards to whatever it is that is seeking to emerge. My work engages with a full range of issues from those that constellate around crisis to those that represent an awakening. Often these are inextricably linked as a personal crisis may signal that someone is on the threshold between habitual patterns and a new way of being.

At whatever level, counselling involves exploring the different ways in which people makes sense of things. There are no easy answers of course. Each of us finds significance in whatever we hold dear, however, we might say that opting to live from a sense of purpose is to answer a call to create meaning for ourselves.

Psychosynthesis, the psychological modality at the heart of my work, is an integrative counselling and coaching philosophy with a psychospiritual orientation. Simply put, psychospiritual practitioners do not shy away from difficult questions like “is this all there is?” Such a question cannot be approached with the expectation of a definitive answer, yet for me such an inquiry provides a point of engagement with the richness and mystery of life.

About me

I am Peter Crowe, an experienced psychosynthesis counsellor and psychotherapist working in private practice in Exeter.

My training is in psychosynthesis both at the Institute of Psychosynthesis NZ in Auckland and at the Institute of Psychosynthesis in London. I hold a diploma in Psychosynthesis counselling and am currently studying towards an MA in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy awarded by the Institute of Psychosynthesis in London and accredited by Middlesex University.

I am a full member of PaNZA (Psychosynthesis Aotearoa New Zealand Australia) and a provisional member of the NZAC (New Zealand Association of Counsellors). I am a member of the APP (Association for Psychospiritual Practitioners) and am en route to registration with the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy). I am consequently bound by the ethical frameworks of each of these professional bodies.

In addition to my counselling and psychotherapy work, I provide business coaching and organisational facilitation. My coaching tends to focus on more middle-ground issues, and is frequently project-based, placing a greater emphasis on short-term outcomes.

I am also an artist, musician, writer and publisher. Between 2004–2012, I worked as a senior lecturer at Auckland Universtity of Technology (AUT) where I gained an MPhil in Management and a Postgraduate Diploma in Art & Design. I have studied art, design, systems theory, innovation and management and, wherever relevant, these subjects inform my teaching and therapeutic work.

I am currently based in Devon and operate my city centre practice from The Practice Rooms at 15-16 Castle Street, Exeter EX4 3PT.

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give Peter a call!

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Counselling, Life Coaching, Psychotherapy

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