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Life Changes - Nina Madden

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Life Changes - Practical help to change your life fast!

Contact NameNina Madden
Address2 Drayson Mews
Central London W8 4LY
Phone07906 255 529
Mobile07906 255 529
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Welcome to Life Changes

My name is Nina Madden. I work with smart and passionate people who want change fast.

I use a unique blend of NLP, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy, IEMT and Guided Journeys that get to the core of the issues holding you back very quickly.

In just a few sessions you will feel happier, more relaxed, freer and more confident about your direction in life.

One to One Support:

I work with anxiety, frustration, trauma, not knowing what you want, lack of direction, making decisions, lack of self esteem, confidence, relationship issues, resentment, jealousy, regret, flashbacks, difficult childhood memories, rejection and much more.

Through these sessions you will get practical help and tools to let go of negative thoughts and painful feelings. You will resolve issues you have carried around for years.

In the sessions we will identify your goals and dreams, and give you the support and guidance needed to make them come true.

"Hi Nina. Thank you so much for the session. In our last session felt I laid a thousand ghosts to rest."
Paloma Campbell-Rafaiola

Specialized Sessions, Qualification Courses and Workshops:

• University Recognized NLP Practitioner Certifications - ANLP (7 days)

• University Recognized NLP Master Practitioner Certification Courses - ANLP (13 Days)

• NLP Foundation Courses - ANLP (2 Days)

• Life Coaching Certification (5 Days plus 10 hours coaching)

• BE WHO YOU WANT TO BE - Experience a quantum shift in your identity and sense of self by changing the emotional imprints of the past with IEMT, NLP and Hypnosis (1 Day)

• Create a Compelling Future - Radically rethink your path and where you are going, creating a new future - using IEMT, NLP and Time Lines.

email [email protected] for more information.

Training takes place in South Kensington, and Wimbledon.

Our practice is based in 2 Drayson Mews, W8 London. Sessions are also available in Wimbledon.

Sessions are also available nationally and internationally thanks to Skype.


"Hi Nina, thank you so much for the session today – the hypnotherapy was a kind of breakthrough experience for me, and if you are open to it, I would love to have another hypnotherapy session with you this week. I am experiencing a glow from the inside out, which is very cheerful!… I feel that what happened in our session today is that there was a key, powerful alignment with my sub-conscious mind – that big and satisfying jolt… Thank you!"

Beth Pedersen South Africa

"Since my seeing Nina my attitude to life has changed in so many ways that I notice the results of this every day. Through valuing myself again I have started living life, facing my fears and challenging myself, not everything is easy but the main difference is that through Nina's help I have cleared things up from my past and can now understand what was holding back before. I feel like a whole person for the first time and I can withstand anything life throws at me. Knowing what I know now, I cannot believe I waited this long before deciding to get her help."

Marianne Bengtson London

"The most obvious and immediate impact of the NLP session was a feeling of being playful and much more relaxed about everything. I feel more confident, more loveable, more loving. The environment in my flat has gone from tension between different flatmates to harmony among everyone. This was not predictable before... I also did a performance on October 10 and noticed that my comfort level with the audience was completely great: I have noticed my singing has improved, particularly my innate understanding of how to interpret a lyric. Overall impact of the session was an improvement in my relationship to myself, my confidence and my enjoyment of life."

David Nathan London

“I met with Nina over coffee and we talked about my plans and dreams and she asked me questions that got me thinking. Words cannot describe the journey that Nina has taken me on, I went to her a confused, unfocused person … My achievements in these last 9 months could not be done without her help. I do not hesitate to recommend her and her work to anyone who decides to use her services. She delivers every promise that she sets out”

Pru Renders London

Qualifications & Experience

• Qualified Trainer of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching - INLPTA Master Trainer Terri Ann Laws.

• Practitioner of IEMT, Andy Austen, UK

• Master Practitioner of NLP - Performance Partnership.

• Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy® - The Performance Partnership.

• Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy - The Performance Partnership.

• Diploma in Real Skills Hypnosis - Terri Ann Laws at Mental Combat, in South Africa.

• Diploma in Personal Life Coaching - The Coaching Academy, the original training body for Life Coaches in the UK. Qualified with Distinction.

• Member of the prestigious ANLP, the only independent voice for NLP in the UK. Member of the Association of Time Line Therapists®, the Society of NLP (SNLP) and the ABNLP, the American Board of NLP.

• Masters of Art - Sotheby’s Institute of Art

• Masters of Art in Arts Criticism - City University. Thesis explored fragmentation of language when articulating trauma in the poetry of Paul Celan and sculptures of Columbian artist Doris Salcedo.

Life Changes - Specializing in Freedom, Happiness & Change

Service Categories
Hypnotherapist, Life Coaching, NLP, Time Line Therapy

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