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Faerie~Biz Healing

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"Late Winter Warmers" ~ £35 a Hot Stone or an Indian Head Massage & £5 off a Clairvoyant Reading or Hands on Healing.
Nikki is a Traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher and a Psychic Clairvoyant, Registered with The Reiki Guild. A natural sensitive with a powerful healing gift enabling her to add a sprinkle of extra magic with her top to toe and beyond treatments and friendly down to earth approach.

Contact NameNikki Tucker
Stroud GL5 1ES
Mobile0777 953 4221
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Website, facebook @faeriebizhealing Page ID 100595403349291

Welcome to Faerie~Biz Healing

I am here to help you discover that happy peaceful place within, where you can leave your stresses and worries behind so promoting your good health and well~being by bringing in positivity, clarity and zest for life.
Helping you get the balance back amongst all life is offering you right now and feel good! : )

I travel to variety of venues throughout the UK to give healing, guidance & hopefully inspiration to those who seek it.... Working at and organizing Mind, Body, Spirit Fayres over the winter months, while giving regular healing sessions, readings and teaching Reiki from home. In the summertime I mostly work from my tent on the Healing Fields at Festivals or you will find me co facilitating Equine Assisted Soul Recognition Retreats & Spirit Horse Events

Thankfully I found Reiki or it found me, when I went to consult a brilliant Medium and Reiki Teacher ~ I needed help and guidance, diagnosed with CFS, Fibromyalgia and a whole list of accompanying ailments.. That was many years ago now & the results, well they speak for themselves....
I got my life back on track and it's been full steam ahead since. I also re~discovered that I am naturally gifted with a powerful Healing ability, Psychic Awareness and Clairvoyance & found an energetic rapport with our trusted allies The Horse.
I am now very well, happy and healthy and have gone on to learn how to work with these amazing energies that helped & guided me through the trickier times, so that I may help guide you through yours.

So if you need to get the balance, calmness and joy back in your life so you too can feel connected and alive once more, full of life, love and all it's blessings help is just a phone call away.

Nikki x*x

What I Offer

Combining Crystals with Reiki is something I have been drawn to do, both offering different elements/aspects of healing with very beneficial results. They are both ancient and very powerful forms of energy healing bringing harmony, health and happiness all over ~ calming your mind, soothing, balancing and re~energizing your body while uplifting your spirit giving you a clearer, more peaceful and happier path ahead.
So whether it's sleep problems, back pain, stress, mood/energy problems or something else call now or send a mail to make an appointment 0777 953 4221

CHAKRA BALANCINGWe have seven major chakra (energy centres) each one linked with certain functionings of the body. We receive our vital life force energy through the chakra and they help to keep the balance in our system, when there is a restriction in the flow of energy it can cause an inbalance & problems in that associated area. The chakra all work in harmony with each other so if you've had a problem for a while it's likely that the chakra in that area is depleted & possibly others too. So I include Chakra Balancing in all 11/4 hour Crystal Reiki treatments or you can receive it in a half hour session with just a few crystals : )

With a Psychic Clairvoyant Reading you will receive messages from what I "see & sense" as well as messages from the Spirit World helping to give you clarity, focus and direction.
Receiving guidance in this way can be very useful and with help from Spirit its a powerful tool for healing in itself, enabling you to embrace the present and move forward with more ease & grace.
If you would like to book a reading please call or send a mail. 0777 953 4221

Wonderful for deep muscle tension & relaxation, aswell as warming you thro to your bones & being an effective detox! Enjoy the afterglow & float slowly back.

Is especially good for brain fatigue, mental clarity & tension headaches. Clients report it to be deeply calming & relaxing, leaving them feeling energised , revitalized & better able to concentrate.

You will receive Attunements to the Reiki energy while learning how to use this amazing healing energy on yourself aswell as others.
Once attuned to Reiki you will have it for the rest of your life, it's like seeing the world through new eyes as you become lifted up into a higher vibration.
All Reiki Degrees taught ~ 1, 2, Masters, Teachers with comprehensive manuals provided.
Each level requiring attendance on a 2 day course, with a minimum number of hours of Reiki practise & journaled in order to reach the next level. I also hold Reiki Practise Days and have a monthly Reiki Share Group to help you along the way.

Small regular courses are held at my home, please phone or email for more details of course dates & availability.

2019 COURSE DATES so far ~

1st Degree Reiki
Sat/Sun 9th & 10th Feb
Sat/Sun 16th & 17th March
Sat/Sun 6th & 7th April

2nd Degree Reiki
Thurs/Fri 28th Feb & 1st March
Fri/Sat 22nd & 23rd March
Sun/Mon 14th &15th April

Masters Degree
Tues/Weds 5th & 6th March
Sat/Sun 4th & 5th May

Teachers Degree tbc

More dates coming soon...

It's powerful and effective at relieving most symptoms, receive it from the comfort of your own home without needing to go anywhere and feel the difference!.
Please phone or send a mail with your name, DOB, location and any symptoms you are experiencing, then please make the agreed DONATION for my time given to help you by using the Paypal button below. Thankyou.

Having problems in your home? Feeling uneasy in certain areas, disturbed sleep, feeling unwell when there or perhaps it's more noticable and you are aware of an area which doesn't feel right or just feels odd & not quite right?... it's quite a common problem & can just be stuck energy that's been lingering too long so it's accumulated and needs a helping hand to be cleared. But it'll probably be draining your energy and who ever lives with you from being able to live happily and peacefully and move forward in your lives. Having your house cleared can make an enormous difference bringing in sparkly, light, fresh energy so you can relax & be happy there once more.
Please phone or send brief information on the problems you are experiencing along with your address. Once we have made contact please make your payment using the DONATION button below. I will usually start work within 24hours.

Not feeling yourself..feeling very down..having strange thoughts...losing your temper..being irrational...behaving out of character..this could be due to negative energy that has linked itself to you which will be using your energy as fuel for itself, therefore draining you of yours. Again its quite a common issue and I can help by using a variety of tools I've learnt along the way : )
Please phone or email with name, DOB & approx living area, giving a brief outline of the symptoms being experienced. Once we have made contact please make the agreed donation using the Paypal button below & I will start work from a distance usually within 24hours.

This is a very powerful healing technique for the helpful removal of negative blocks/problem areas within the body usually performed prior to a Crystal Reiki session so a longer appointment of 1 1/2 hours will be needed.

This sacred & wonderful process attunes the client to the Healing Energy of Reiki, it speeds up Healing on all levels and is given prior to a Crystal Reiki session. You receive the energy while sitting on a chair with your eyes closed, its a very gentle and lovely experience helping to move you on while lifting you out from that stuck place.

Every two weeks usually on a Wednesday held at my home.

All animals love receiving healing. Often I will come to you so that your beloved pet is in its own environment so will be more relaxed & at ease. It doesnt matter how big or small or whether its hands on or from accross the room, the difference is quite remarkable & you will notice the difference in their well being & comfort..Often they will fall asleep during the process, the proof really is in the pudding so to speak as they will have no judgements or beliefs in what I am doing, unlike us humans!


Home visits and Pamper Parties are available upon request call 0777 953 4221

Qualifications PLEASE SEE MY FACEBOOK PAGE FOR MY PRIVACY POLICY, THANKU @faeriebizhealing Page ID 100595403349291
Traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher. Registered Teacher with The Reiki Guild. Spiritual & Psychic Clairvoyant. Hot Stone Massage. Indian Head Massage Co~facilitator for Spirit Horse Camps & co~ facilitator in Soul Recognition. Spiritual Guidance. Single Mum of Four Beautiful Almost All Grown Up Children. Certificate in Introduction to Counselling.

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Animal Therapy, Colour Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Energy Healing, Indian Head Massage, Meditation, Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Stone Therapy Massage

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