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Newton Abbot Chiropractic Centre Ltd

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We take your health very seriously

Address25-26 Devon Square
Newton Abbot
Newton Abbot TQ12 2HH
Phone01626 202026
Mobile07941 808533
Fax01626 202029
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Welcome to Newton Abbot Chiropractic Centre Ltd

The Newton Abbot Chiropractic Centre is a family run clinic that has been established since 1988 in Devon Square in Newton Abbot. We have a wealth of experience from helping over twenty thousand patients by providing a first class chiropractic service.

Our team of professional chiropractors and welcoming staff and their dedication to helping our patients is very much the reason, we believe, for our success as the preferred choice for chiropractic healthcare in the area. We also have first class modern and bright facilities with plenty of parking, easy access, disabled parking, extended opening hours and we are the only clinic in the area with in-house X-ray facilities.

Back Pain & Disc Problems

Back pain affects almost everyone at some time, causing restricted movement and untold misery, stress and discomfort. It also causes millions of people to take valuable time off work, costing companies enormous sums in sick pay and lost production.

What causes back pain?
  • traumalifting or carrying heavy weights
  • poor posture
  • unsuitable seats or beds
  • sports or other injuries
  • stress
  • pregnancy
  • general 'wear and tear'

Headache & Migraine

Headaches are very common, and there are many different types and causes; people often suffer from more than one type.

Even more debilitating are migraines - severe headaches which can last for several days, and may also be accompanied by dizziness, nausea, irritability, and vision disturbances. Some forms of migraine appear to stem from nerve stress in the vertebrae of the neck or may, again, be triggered by muscle tension.

Your chiropractor is trained to diagnose the cause of your headache, and treat you accordingly, or refer you elsewhere if appropriate. Treatment involves specific adjustments, particularly to the neck and upper back, and soft tissue massage. This may also reduce the frequency or severity of some forms of migraine and allows the body to return to normal function and bring lasting relief. You may also be given an appropriate rehabilitation and maintenance plan to prevent a recurrence of the problem.

Neck Pain

Neck pain can result from muscle tension caused by stress and fatigue, and this tension often leads to headaches, migraines or other pain. In addition, muscle tension can put extra pressure on the joints of the neck which can irritate the spinal nerves. This can give rise to 'referred' pain (the irritation of the nerve in one area can sometimes lead to pain, known as 'referred' pain, in other parts of the body) or numbness or 'pins and needles' in your shoulders, arms and hands. If pain has not improved progressively after several days' rest, a visit to your chiropractor is advisable. Specific chiropractic adjustments can restore mobility to your spine and relieve the pressure on the nerves of your neck. Massage and other techniques can also help to relax the neck muscles, so further reducing the pain.

As it supports the weight of your head with the aid of a highly mobile system of muscles and ligaments, the neck is very vulnerable. Nowadays, we spend a great deal of time sitting, or working at computers, or performing repetitive tasks. This often causes postural problems and muscle tension in the neck, which may give rise to abnormal nerve function and pain.

Chiropractic manipulation and active rehabilitation of the muscles and other soft tissues will help restore normal movement to your neck. Your chiropractor may also prescribe exercises to help you regain strength and flexibility and help relieve any long-term pain and discomfort.

Joint & Muscle Pain

Chiropractors have a full understanding of the working of every joint in the body. Your practitioner will carry out a full examination to find out whether the pain you experience in, for example, your elbow, knee or ankle, may in fact be 'referred' from your spine, another joint or group of muscles. This is because the irritation of the nerve in one area can sometimes lead to pain, known as 'referred' pain, in other parts of the body.

While there is often a spinal component to a problem, your chiropractor may also manipulate your joints or massage and stretch your muscles to help reduce pain and muscle spasm caused by injury, inflammation, poor posture, wear and tear, or other factors which have led to conditions such as the following:

Tennis Elbow is an over-use injury, often suffered by players of racquet sports, causing inflammation of the tendon around the elbow joint, but mainly affected by movement of the wrist.

Golfer's Elbow is similar to tennis elbow, but on the opposite side of the elbow joint.
Frozen Shoulder - is inflammation of the shoulder joint which eventually results in severe loss of movement.

Arthritis occurs in several forms and chiropractic treatment is appropriate in most cases to help reduce pain and stiffness. Hip pain may be due to arthritis, but also may be due to a soft-tissue injury, referred from the spine or confused with sacro-iliac pain. Knee pain has many causes. Chiropractors commonly see problems with the knee cap due to an imbalance of muscles around the knee.

The joints of the hands, ankles and feet are also susceptible to problems, and in all cases, your chiropractor will make a full examination and diagnosis before treating you in the most appropriate way. You may also be advised to do specific exercises to help you regain strength and flexibility, even if you have arthritis. Until quite recently, patients with pain due to osteoarthritis were advised to rest. However, now it is recognised that movement helps to reduce the pain by relieving pressure on the joints, and by improving flexibility in the surrounding muscles.

Arthritic Problems

Arthritis literally means inflammation of a joint. There are many types of arthritis. Osteoarthritis is largely due to the natural ageing process, and most people are likely to get some degeneration, or 'wear and tear', later in their lives. Others, such as rheumatoid arthritis, are less common but can affect children as well as adults.

Osteoarthritis is caused when the cartilage covering the bones in a joint becomes eroded and roughened. Tendons and ligaments holding the joint together get weaker and the joint itself may become deformed, painful and stiff. Joints which have been injured or subject to unusual stress, perhaps as the result of a sporting career or heavy manual job, are likely to wear faster.

Chiropractic may help reduce arthritic pain. After taking a full case history and conducting an examination which may include X-rays, your chiropractor will make a diagnosis and propose a treatment programme. While chiropractic treatment can often help ease some of the painful symptoms of most forms of arthritis, for some you may be referred to your GP for further treatment.

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are very often no more than everyday problems that have been exposed when an 'occasional athlete' over-stresses his or her body when taking up a new activity. They may include:
  • poor gait or posture
  • lack of fitness
  • inadequate equipment

However, participating regularly in any sporting activity may also leave you open to the possibility of overtraining, over -use or repetitive strain injuries. These can have harmful, long-lasting effects whatever your age, so it is important that you learn to recognise the signs if you intend working hard towards your sporting goal.

Our Team

Melaine Carpenter, DC, MCC

Graduated from the AECC in 1988, Clinic Director, Member of the BCA, Member of the College of Chiropractic, Registered with the GCC, no: 00053.

Melanie lives in Newton Abbot and has a special interest in the general practice of chiropractic, enjoying treating all musculo-skeletal conditions of the body, in the very young to the elderly patient. Her outside interests include reading and travelling.

Nicholas Grimshaw

Graduated from the WIOC in 2010, Member of the BCA, Member of the College of Chiropractic, Registered with the GCC, no: 03344.

Nicholas lives in Barnstaple where he also works part time and has also worked at the clinic since 2011, specialising in the general practice of chiropractic (treatment of all musculo-skeletal conditions of the body). His outside interests include spending time with his family and outdoor sports.

Chantelle Edmonds, BSc, DC, MCC

Graduated from the AECC in 1996, Member of the BCA, Member of the College of Chiropractic, Registered with the GCC, no: 00799.

Chantelle lives in Newton Abbot and has worked at the clinic since 1997, specialising in SOT(Sacro Occipital Technique) in addition to the general practice of chiropractic (treatment of all musculo-skeletal conditions of the body). Her outside interests include her family and travelling.

Service Categories
Chiropractic, Sports Injury Therapy

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