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Multidimensional Healing

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Clinics in Tooting Broadway & Balham. Do you have heavy painful periods, PCOS, Endometriosis or Menopause? Do you have an auto-immune condition that is not improving via the Medical Model? Are you on Pharmaceuticals for your condition & suffering bad side effects? Contact Anita now, to get your health back on track

AddressTooting Broadway
South West London SW17 9TD
Phone07757 540 436
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Multidimensional Healing

Anita is available for consultations in clinics in Tooting Broadway & Balham.

People visit Naturopaths for the same reasons that they would see a GP. For conditions such as menopause, arthritis, urinary tract infections, allergies, bronchial issues, eczema, psoriasis, infertility, high blood pressure, ulcerative colitis, heavy periods, depression, anxiety, insomnia etc.

The difference is that Naturopaths prescribe herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, vibrational essences and lifestyle changes as opposed to pharmaceuticals. Natural medicines work with the body, without side effects, and may get to the root cause of an illness. This means you don’t have to take them forever!

Naturopaths also treat the ‘individual’ not the disease. This means that if two people with arthritis of the knee visit the same Naturopath, they will receive two very different treatments. Naturopathy looks at the ‘whole person’ including their mood, emotions, lifestyle as well as their physical symptoms.

For more information on how Anita can help you, and to see a video of her being interviewed about her skills and experience by the National Herbalist Association of Australia, click on her website:

Anita has successfully treated many conditions including:
  • Infertility
  • PCOS, Heavy painful periods, Fibroids, endometriosis
  • Autoimmune Disease
  • Hormonal acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Gastric ulcers, chronic reflux
  • Hashimotos, Thyroid issues
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Hair loss in women
  • Menopausal issues
  • High Blood Pressure & high Cholesterol
  • Periodontal Disease
  • Anaemia
  • Adrenal Exhaustion
  • Recurrent gout
  • Recurrent urinary tract infections
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Recurrent migraines
  • Constipation
  • Mosaic warts

About Anita

With previous Pharmaceutical experience in the 1990's at Astra-Zeneca analysing a prostate cancer and new high blood pressure drug, plus her Master's in Analytical Chemistry, Anita was enticed to the science behind Herbal Medicine and Nutrition. This led to her undertaking her Naturopathy degree in Sydney.

Anita has been practicing for nearly 7 years as a Naturopath, Iridologist, Medieval Astrologer and Shamanic Healer in Sydney. She recently moved back to London to be near her family and friends.
Whilst in Sydney Anita gave two presentations to the National Herbalist Association of Australia on ‘Astrology and Herbs' and ‘Supermarket Herbs for Healing'.
Anita was also invited by Elsevier (the Scientific Publishing Company) to professionally peer review two academic texts prior to them going to print. These were ‘The Handbook of Clinical Naturopathy' and ‘Essentials of Law, Ethics and Professional Issues in Complementary and Alternative Medicine'.
Anita’s articles on health have also appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, Cleo Magazine as well as several on-line magazines.
Bachelor of Naturopathy from Nature Care College, Sydney
Master's Degree in Analytical Chemistry from Salford University
BSc in Applied Chemistry from Sheffield Hallam University
Diploma in Medieval Astrology from the Astrological Guild of Educators

Professional Memberships
Member of the General Council and Register of Naturopaths
Member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council
Member of the National Herbalist Association of Australia
Member of the Astrology Association of Great Britain

What are the Benefits of Iridology

The iris is connected to every organ in the body via hundreds of thousands of nerves. The connections are from the eyes, through the brain, down the spinal column, and through the entire nervous system.
Our eyes are very individual, hence their use by the ‘Wells Fargo Bank' for Corporate Clients in ‘Biometric Identification'. Eye Scanners are considered more secure than even fingerprints.

During an Iridology session, Anita will look at patterns, lines, dark spots, light spots in your iris. The positions of these ‘markers' will give Anita an indication of specific organs, or body systems (i.e. circulatory system, lymphatic system, nervous system etc) where you may be experiencing ‘issues'.

These ‘issues' could be inflammation, tissue degeneration, toxicity, over-stimulation, sluggishness, injury etc. Hence, Iridology can be a good indicator of dis-ease in its early stages, so it can be treated before ‘issues' progress and become acute, or even chronic.

Dr Bernard Jensen is considered the ‘Father of Iridology' and he developed the ‘Iris Chart' after many years of clinical observation and research.

What are the Benefits of Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicines are made from the flowers, leaves, roots, seeds and fruits of medicinal plants. They are natural and work with the body to improve many conditions and symptoms.

Herbal medicines have been used for thousands of years all over the world by different cultures and peoples such as the Celts, Egyptians, Mayans, Greeks, Romans etc.

Hence there is a vast ancient body of oral and written knowledge that has been handed down from generation to generation in the use and application of herbal medicine.

An increasing number of human clinical trials have also been conducted and published in scientific journals. This growing body of evidence proves the effectiveness of certain herbal medicines in treating specific conditions naturally.

What are the Benefits of Nutritional Medicine

The processed foods that we eat can significantly increase the risk of conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, anaemia, osteoporosis etc.

Hence wholefoods can be used as medicine to increase health and longevity and improve many symptoms. A few simple dietary adjustments may be all that is required, as oppose to a fundamental and dramatic change in your eating habits.

Food transportation and storage has led to a reduction in the nutritional benefits of food that we consume nowadays. Hence Nutritional supplements have a role in improving certain symptoms and conditions.

What are the Benefits of Vibrational Medicine

The 38 Bach Flower Essences can help a wide range of moods, emotions and personality traits. They were created by Dr Edward Bach, a British Physician and Bacteriologist.

He said that ‘disease is, in essence, the result of conflict between the soul and the mind’.

Vibrational Essences can alleviate a wide range of feelings including anxiety, depression, guilt, anger, impatience, lack of concentration and lack of confidence.

They can also help shift many different personality traits, including perfectionism, procrastination, ‘smother mother’, inability to say ‘no’ to others or addictive temperaments.

What are the Benefits of Shamanic Healing

Anita trained for over 7 years with Medicine Crow, a Cherokee Chief from the American state of Delaware.

A Shamanic Healing with Anita involves the use of a guided meditation or a ‘Journey’ whilst simultaneously incorporating the use of Crystal/Reiki energies, rhythmic and nature-based sounds.

Whilst in this relaxed ‘trance-like’ state, you have the ability to bypass your ‘logical mid’ and tap into hidden aspects of your Psyche. Aspects of yourself that you know exists, but have been unable to ‘tap into’.

Whilst here you can resolve deep seated issues/sabotaging behaviours that have been blocking you, so that when you ‘awaken’ you will have clarity and make better choices.

In these different dimensions of reality, you are able to resolve a wide variety of deep seated concerns. Physical ones that the Medical Industry may have struggled to resolve such as chronic muscular-skeletal pain, auto-immune conditions or infertility.

Emotional ones such as your struggles with attracting abundance, romantic relationships, addictions or anxiety/depression. Shamanic Healing can help with Spiritual questions, such as your desire to meet your Spirit Guides/Guardian Angels, or your desire to cut etheric chords with people, or heal familial ancestral issues.

Clients have experienced many effects during a Shamanic Healing. Some feel currents of energy, some feel the weight and temperature of the crystals on their body change during a session. One client received a scorch mark from a crystal on her blouse around her ‘heart chakra’, validation that this area of her Psyche was being treated.

Others have felt their hand being held (not by me!) during the session, or the experience of hovering in the air. Some have seen places, relatives, friends or pets from their past during their Shamanic Journey.

Everyone’s experience is unique, and everyone’s experience is exactly what is required by their Soul/Spirit to benefit them at that point in time.

Anita really helped me to improve my skin condition. I suffereed from moderate acne for several years and after trying hormonal and different medications, I decided to go for a more natural approach.
With Anita's herbal remedies & diet recommendations my skin has visibly improved. Anita also restored my general well-being, helped me to reduce tiredness and boosted my confidence.
Francesca, London

I came to Anita as a last resort for post-pill amenorrhea. My hormones were imbalanced and I felt tired & irritable all the time & it was starting to affcet my daily life.

Anita listened to my situation & concerns and mixed different herbs specificaly for my personal symptoms and to balance my hormones naturally.

6 weeks later I had my first period in 10 months and I finally feel like myself again!

Charlotte, London

'You should go and see Anita. She gave my partner this potion and five minutes later she was pregnant!'
David, Brisbane

'Anita has a unique approach to herbal medicine and attended to me in a time of great stress in a very empathic, compassionate and intuitive way. The thing I like about Anita is that although she has exceptional knowledge she doesn't judge your illness or presentation but rather sees it as her detective work - combining all her modalities physical, emotional, astrological and spiritual - Anita cares and wants to get to the bottom of the issue to restore the body back to optimum health. I gladly sing the praises of Anita for she truly is a unique practitioner'
Mellanie, Sydney

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