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Body-Balance Nutrition

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'Welcome to Body-Balance Nutrition. I look forward to helping you achieve your personal goals, towards restoring nutritional balance and health. My aim is to find the root cause of your symptoms. I use functional medicine and laboratory testing to assess imbalances in vitamins, minerals, digestive and hormonal function. My aim is to support your health and empower you to make changes using nutritional medicine and naturopathy.'

Contact NameElizabeth Bray
Taunton TA3 6DA
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Book an appointment for a Zoom, WhatsApp or telephone consultation, with registered nutritional therapist and naturopath Elizabeth de Bray. Find the root cause of your symptoms. I will assess your diet and symptoms, with the use of possible lab tests and give you the support and advice you need to reach optimum health.

  • Nutritional Therapy Consultation including supplement prescription and full dietary analysis, 1 hour £95 
  • Food Intolerance Test (IgG antibody blood test) 40 foods + 1 hr Consultation £245
  • Digestive analysis lab test for IBS and other digestive imbalances from Dr Hauss laboratories and full consultation to rebalance your gut health £245
A 1 hour Zoom or WhatsApp consultation is included to interpret, discuss and make complete dietary and supplement recommendations.
Follow up appointments (40 minutes) are usually recommended to provide continued support 

BSc Health Sciences and herbal medicine - University East London & Open University 2005 DNN Diploma Natural Nutrition - Bristol 2006 MBANT CNHC NNA

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Allergy Testing / Treatments, Dietitian, Naturopaths, Nutrition

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