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Monica Hanaway

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Psychotherapist, Coach, Mediator & Trainer

Contact NameMonica Hanaway
Address79 Fairacres Road
Oxford OX4 1TQ
Phone01865 450027
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About Monica Hanaway

Monica Hanaway offers:
  • psychotherapy and counselling to individuals & couples on all issues including relationships, sexual issues, career issues, lack of meaning in life, depression etc
  • mediation
  • and coaching
to individuals, couples and corporate and community organisations.

She is an Accredited Mediator (SPC: January 2000), and an Accredited UKCP Psychotherapist (1994), supervisor, business coach, stress management consultant and management and leadership trainer. She is Senior Lecturer on a Mediation Course at the School of Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology (SPCP), Regent’s College, London, which has trained and accredited over 1000 mediators through its courses in London, Latvia and the Channel Islands.

She has worked for many years as a coach to senior staff in the public and private sectors and is course leader for a new course she has designed in Existential Coaching which is due to start at The New School of Psychotherapy and Psychology, London, in 2010. She also lectures on many aspects of psychotherapy in London and Oxford and on organizational psychology at King’s College, London.

Monica has over 20 years experience as a Senior Manager, strategist and policy maker, with a team of over 500 working to her and managing a budget of over £10million. Many of these years have been in the public sector during times of modernisation and restructuring during which she has coached individual senior managers and staff enabling them to deal creatively with change.

She is a highly experienced mediator, coach, trainer and lecturer. She has mediated in a wide variety of disputes involving Commercial, Employment and Workplace disputes, Family conflicts, disputes between young people, including gangs, as well as Restorative Justice work with victims and perpetrators of crime. She also works with global corporate companies as a consultant and coach in leadership skills and conflict management.

She has lectured and given presentations on Coaching, Management skills, Conflict, Restorative Justice and Mediation, at conferences in the UK and Latvia, to legal and business institutions, as well as to Government and Educational organisations. She has researched the potential for the teaching of conflict resolution skills in the schools and community in order to enhance the Government’s wellbeing agenda and intends to publish this work in 2010. She is also working on a book on Existential Coaching and one on ‘Why People say No’.

For the past two years Monica has been Director of her own Mediation, Coaching and Training company (The CH Group - comprising of Community Harmony and Corporate Harmony Limited). The company provides mediation to a diverse client group and holds contracts for providing mediation to some global EAP companies.


In date order ( most recent first)
  • MSc Medical & Health Sciences - University of Sheffield (merit)
  • Higher Diploma in Drug and Alcohol Abuse (Distinction)
  • Higher Diploma in Forensic Criminology and Criminal Profiling (Distinction)
  • Higher Diploma In Psychology & Criminology (Distinction)
  • Diploma in Organisational Stress Management (Grade A)
  • Diploma in Stress Management Training (Distinction)
  • Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Legal Mediator - accreditation with Bar Council /Law Society
  • Specialist Certificate in Cross Cultural Psychotherapy, Regents College School of Psychotherapy, London
  • M.A. in Psychotherapy and Counselling, City University, London.
  • Certificate in Women’s Studies (Distinction) Open University
  • Certificate in Counselling, Lincoln Institute for Psychotherapy, London
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (Distinction) University of Manchester
  • B.A. Hons. Fine Art (Distinction in Complementary Studies; Politics and Sociology)

Co-mediation - Using a psychological paired approach to resolving conflict.

Editor: Monica Hanaway.

Contributing authors: Monica Hanaway, Tricia Hayes, Diana Mitchell, Judith McKimm-Vorderwinker, Phil O'Hehir, Mary Lou Kennedy, Paul Randolph, Jamie Reed.

At this time of increased interest in resolving conflict through mediation, this book offers a timely exploration of how using a co-mediation model brings a unique and valuable element to the mediation process. The work draws on the thoughts and experience of a number of experts in the field. They have been brought together by Monica Hanaway, who runs her own mediation company, Corporate Harmony, which offers mediations, training and conflict coaching.

Students on mediation courses often hear of co-mediation but rarely have the opportunity to understand how it works and what the benefits may be. This book aims to address this for them but will also be of interest to all mediators and those with an interest in conflict resolution.

The book will be published early 2012 at the price of £12.99. Pre orders before the 31.12.11 will be at the discounted rate of £10.99, orders after that date will cost £12.99. To order please download the order form via and return with a cheque for the correct amount to:

Corporate Harmony Ltd.
Peppard lane,
RG9 1NG.

The Existential Academy

The Existential Academy is a place for study, training and education in relation to human existence. It is based on existential philosophy and aims to make this resource available in a practical way to enable people to live better lives.

The Existential Academy offers training in existential coaching as well as public lectures on human issues. It also offers short courses and workshops on specific concerns, such as understanding human emotions, relationships and the meaning of life.

The Existential Academy aims to provide a platform for self-reflection and reflection about the way in which we live our lives. It is committed to openness and encourages free, critical and radical thinking, exploring ancient human concerns. Our objective is to help people explore better ways of living and gain greater understanding of themselves in relation to their world.

The Directors of the Existential Academy are Emmy van Deurzen and Digby Tantam, both professors of psychotherapy and international authorities in their fields. They have published several dozen books between them and have a long-standing reputation for excellence in offering training in psychotherapy and counselling.

About the Academy

The existential academy is a part of the septimus group of companies, owned by Professors Emmy van Deurzen and Digby Tantam and set up to provide a range of psychological, psychotherapeutic and counselling services to the professions and to the public.

The existential academy sponsors public lectures as well as providing training in coaching.

About our training in existential coaching

Existential Coaching is a philosophical method of coaching that enables people to get clarity about their lives and make decisions about the practical ways in which they may want to change their actions, beliefs and values.

Underlying approach to the course

The philosophy of this course is existential, which means that the focus of students’ practical work will be on understanding the human predicaments of their clients in a philosophical way. It draws on the work of existential and phenomenological thinkers and, whilst in some ways related to philosophical consultancy, it is a separate and rapidly developing profession in its own right. Coaching is used in many different settings and organisations and is a direct and constructively practical method of enabling people to think clearly about their lives. It is clearly distinct from the professions of counselling and psychotherapy, which usually have a more curative, caring and therapeutic brief.

Quality assurance

Coaching is regulated by its own professional bodies and the Course leader is a founding member of the Coaching
Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society. We aim to prepare students and trainees to become well
rounded professional coaches, capable of working within diverse settings and able to critically evaluate their own work. With so few reputable coaching courses currently available, we hope that our graduates will become leaders in their field.

What our learners can expect

Essays and research for the diploma will include a discursive, philosophical element and the research will usually be based on phenomenological enquiry. In order to encourage the integration of a variety of coaching methods, staff will be drawn from many different settings and backgrounds. The course will include elements of psychoanalytic and psychodynamic training as well as of cognitive-behavioural training, cumulating in the study of integrative aspects of coaching interventions that fit best with an existential approach.

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Counselling, Life Coaching, Psychotherapy

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