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Mirrorstone Crystals

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Crystals and fossils of the natural world

Contact NameAdrian Edwards
Address4B Heathfield Road
Kings Heath
Birmingham B14 7DB
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Mirrorstone Crystals

The Midlands' leading provider of high quality crystals and fossils from around the world.
An impressive range of crystals, fossils and fossil jewellery, the widest range in the whole of the Midlands. We also have a selection of unique and original gifts including fair trade products.

Shamanic life path and situational readings .... find out what the earth is telling you ....
Through his readings and healings, Adrian can show you how to work with your own spiritual geography, bringing together your past, present and future to help you take the right steps forward on your life journey.

Using channelled guidance from ancient civilisations both from Earth and elsewhere. Adrian seeks to take a practical approach, drawing at times from his own life experiences, to empower his clients in every aspect of their lives. This is achieved through raising conciousness of the context of their life circumstances, both in regard to the inner and outer cosmos and multi-dimensional worlds in which we exist.

Adrian also works shamanically using singing bowls and other forms of sound healing to reach chakras and give life path guidance. Born in 1975, fully sighted Adrian went blind through medical neglegence and spend the next decade and a half travelling a difficult road to find an effective way to approach life. "In doing so, I learnt to find the extraordinary and ordinary and to draw guidance from the many unchartered parts of human conciousness. I took practical and spiritual steps to find balance, perspective and personal growth in a world full of opportunities and risks".

Adrian is the only blind crystal and fossil dealer in the world. "I love new challenges, and in seeking to solve my own problems this helps me to communicate with others to help them to solve theirs".

Adrian offers the following readings and healing: Shamanic Life Path readings, Aura readings, Psychic readings, Crystal healings & readings, Energy harmonisation, House & space blessings, Past life healing

Adrian knows that with the right tools you can create abundance and prosperity in all aspects of your life. All readings and healing sessions are uniquely personalised to you, and Adrian tailors each session according to your needs.

To book your appointment with Adrian or to find out more either call into Mirrorstone Crystals, 4b Heathfield Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham B14 7DB or call 0121 444 3003 Click on the banner to be directed to the Mirrorstone Crystals website

Many books and articles have been written on how crystals can be used to help heal people. This article is a summary of my own experience which I hope may be useful, not a manifesto for how others should believe or think. The stones don’t mind. They were there long before us and they will be here long afterwards. Nor are the approaches discussed here mutually exclusive. It would be more accurate to see them as complimentary aspects of a re-intergrative whole. Each aspect defined by the expression of circumstance , where circumstance equals the perceptive tools particular parts of the self have acquired, or innately possess through which to interpret our instinctive knowledge of a need for change and transformation. The aim here is that they can and should be understood as enriching and complimentary aspects of that greater whole which forms the totality of our experience.

Read the full article: The stones don't mind!


"When recently searching for some special gem carvings, I happened to contact Mirrorstone Crystals, recommended to me by a friend. Not only did they have the gems I wanted, they were very pleasant and helpful in assisting with my order. The items were forwarded to me within 7 days of having received my cheque. I was very pleased to receive the items, all of which were very good quality, well wrapped and great value.

I will be looking to Mirrorstone Crystals for some more gem bargains in the future."- Anne W

“I first met Adrian at a holistic show in Northampton where we were exhibiting on adjacent stands. Adrian call ed me a few weeks later saying he had a message from Spirit for me. He said my inner child of around eight years needed to release a trauma. This trauma was still affecting me as an adult, causing me to suffer unnecessarily from authority figures in my life.

"Adrian talked me through a regression back to the eight year old. In that moment I experienced the emotion of my inner child and was able to release this. Adrian congratulated me and said my guardian angel was with me. I felt the incredible love of my angel guiding and protecting me as I completed my healing. Ever since, I have had a different attitude to authority and no longer fear that it will hurt me in any way. I feel much better as a result, and thank Adrian for his compassion when I was in genuine need." - Jerald D

"I have known Adrian Edwards in his capacity as a street market trader in Kidderminster for two years. His stall is well-presented, with numerous and varied crystals, fossils and crystal jewellery and attracts a large number of potential customers"

He has a vast knowledge of crystals and fossils. Adrian is always willing to explain the different qualities of the crystals and their beneficial uses and is able to suggest their suitability for each individual"

Adrian is able to interact with all age groups in an easy and friendly manner, being kind to young and old alike. He is always personable and approachable to those who stop to look at and buy from his stall. I have found him to be friendly and polite, always willing to help and be accommodating to his customers’ needs." - Julie H

"I met Adrian 2 years ago during Christmas period. We have been friend since. In this two years Adrian helped me through a few difficult journeys. We have work together a number of times. I have worked with people like Adrian in the past. I would describe Adrian as very Black and White, he does not mess around with words. His messages are sometime like riddles. Would I recommend Adrian to my friends? 100% YES" - Patrick Wong

"I first met Adrian at the Annual German Fair in Birmingham City Centre. He ran a stall full of interesting rocks, minerals and crystals, the ethically sourced policy attracted me. After talking for an hour I went away feeling I had met someone who has clarity of thought and a certain skill in spiritual matters, as showed by certain personal revelations.Later I had telephone readings that were something I had not experienced before. Adrian cut to the chase and highlighted key areas I needed to address to move forward! Uncanny but revealing, even those things I did not want to face. As a consequence I now have positive goals after years of wandering.I can highly recommend Adrian to help you as he helped me. For someone who is blind, he has great vision and insight! Adrian also has great presence, is enthusiastic and very knowledgeable, one of lifes more interesting people!" - John D

"I visited Adrian last year for a healing session and I felt that he was spot on with many things thatwere happening in my life at the time. It was a good healing session and I look forward to anotherone soon. I felt very relaxed and safe during the session. I would recommend Adrian for healingsessions to everyone." - Preeti Singh

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Crystal Therapy, Energy Healing, Spiritual Healing

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