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When you find a good masseur you stick to them, that's why I've been seeing Mike for almost eight years. Having regular treatment has kept me running injury free and ready for my next workout with fresh legs. He always takes time on the problem areas and never rushes through the treatment - I would recommend him to anyone - give him a go, to help you achieve the best you can.
Hayley Yelling, European cross country champion 2005 and 2009

Contact NameMike Ker
AddressSunrise Cottage
High Street
Charlton on Otmoor
Kidlington OX5 2UQ
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Welcome to Mike Ker at Chiltern Bodymatters

A desire to help others has lead me to practice Massage and to teach Pilates. Many hours spent talking to those who were treating the many injuries I sustained whilst playing rugby and distance running fired me with an enthusiasm to learn how to help others to avoid injury or to recover as quickly and effectively as possible.

Pilates worked for me, which is why I now teach it.

I first qualified as a Massage therapist in 1995. In 2000 and again in 2001, I received Diplomas from the prestigious London School of Sports Massage in sports massage and then in remedial massage. In 2004 I qualified as a Pilates instructor with the Body Control Pilates Academy. I am continually updating my knowledge through courses, workshops, conferences etc.

I am a full member of The Sports Massage Association and of The Body Control Pilates Association. Both of these Bodies are at the forefront in seeking National registration for their members. Pilates achieved National registration in February 2006, with Body Control Pilates the first school not only to meet the registration requirements in full, but even at basic level, to exceed them .

I work throughout South Bucks and surrounding areas with clinics and classes in Marlow, Bourne End and High Wycombe.

If you are injured or have an ache, why not book a treatment or come and join a class and enjoy the benefits of Pilates, or arrange for a "Personal Trainer" appointment. I look forward to helping you.

Best Regards,



Sports massage is a deep form of massage that seeks out the tight or fibrous areas of soft tissues such as muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia; and by releasing tension and reducing adhesions can help those tissues to perform better.

Sports massage is not just for those involved in sport. The name covers a type of massage that evolved because of the need for a deeper, more focussed treatment to aid the rapid recovery from injury that is demanded by sports people. It is just as applicable to the treatment of aches and pains acquired through long hours in front of a computer, or through gardening.

It can be more uncomfortable as a treatment than the gentler Therapeutic or Swedish massage, but should never cause distress. The patient will be asked for feedback so that the treatment can be modified, either through depth or technique, to provide the most effective treatment for that patient at that time.

Remedial massage is Sports massage with more knowledge of why a particular treatment is needed and with more techniques available to achieve the desired result.


  • Better posture.
  • Better co-ordination.
  • Better balance.
  • Better body shape, with a flatter stomach.
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation.
  • Improved sporting performance.
  • Relief from stress.
  • A sense of calm and well-being.


    Pilates is a method of exercise developed by the late Joseph Pilates. He explored many forms of exercise, initially for his own benefit, using what he found to work for him to develop a system of exercise for others.

    Essentially this system aims to retrain the body to use its muscles for their proper functions, and to move with correct movement patterns and in correct alignment.

    “If at 30 you are stiff and out of shape, then you are old. If at 60 you are supple and strong, then you are young.” – Joseph Pilates.

    Joseph Pilates was born in Germany in 1880 and became a fitness trainer with the Metropolitan Police and the German Police. He emigrated to America in the 1930s, where he set up his first fitness studio in New York, initially training mainly dancers, but soon attracting sports people and then actors, actresses and other famous people. They were all attracted to a system of training that complemented their other forms of exercise, and which built strength and flexibility without building bulk. He adapted his programme of exercises to the individual needs of his students. And from a core of exercises this process is still carried on with the various forms of Pilates that are being taught today.

    Body Control Pilates has been developed by Lynne Robinson, Gordon Thomson and others over the last 20 years with the aim of making Pilates more accessible to the general public by building up the exercises through their component parts; from simple basic moves that can be safely attempted by those who have injury or posture problems. Muscle control and patterns of movement are developed first, and the gain in strength follows as the exercises become more challenging.


    “Pilates worked for me, which is why I want to teach it to others”

    Mike is Body Control Pilates trained and as a member of the Body Control Pilates Association (MBCPA) he is bound by their rules and is fully insured. Mike only teaches on a one to one basis or to small groups of usually 5 t0 8 students at a time.

    Classes are held in Marlow and High Wycombe. One to one sessions are usually at clients home or place of business

    Wednesday 6.30pm at Downley Old School Community Centre - beginners

    7.45pm at Downley Old School Community Centre - intermediate

    Saturday 8.30am at Marlow Sports Club - intermediate

    9.45am at Marlow Sports Club - beginners

    because of the small class sizes clients can be accommodated in any class on an occasional basis, provided there is room. This means that if a client can't make a class then they may be able to swap to another for that week.

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    Pilates, Remedial Massage, Sports Injury Therapy, Sports Massage

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