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Massage Therapy Winchester

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Massage Therapy Winchester uses Advanced Clinical Massage, Oriental Body re-alignment techniques, Inversion therapy, Reflexology and Aromatherapy to target pain patterns. I have been working as a therapist since 2009 and my aim is to reduce your pain, reboost your energy levels and create a sense of health and well-being.

Contact NameJemma Giles
AddressMansard House
Easton Lane
Winchester SO21 1DQ
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Welcome to Massage Therapy Winchester

Advance Clinical Massage(Jing), Oriental Body Re-alignment(K.O.R.E), Clinical Acupuncture, Inversion therapy, Reflexology, Aromatherapy

I have been working as a therapist since 2009. I use a unique combination of Advanced Clinical massage, Oriental Body Re-alignment, Clinical Acupuncture, Inversion therapy, Reflexology and Aromatherapy to find and target your body's pain patterns.
Many of my clients come to me suffering from: Back, neck and shoulder pain, carpel tunnel, stiff shoulders, digestion issues, painful feet/heels, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and tight hamstrings/IT band.
We all live in a very busy world where we are forever rushing around juggling, life, work, home and play.

I am lucky to live on a small holding just outside of Winchester, on the edge of Easton village. I work from my cosy and private Therapy cabin situated in the courtyard beside my house. In between clients if i have the time i can be found working ( with the help of my chickens) in my organic vegetable garden just up from the cabin.
During a session I used to be accommpanied by my small therapy dog Molly but sadly after 17 wonderful years she is no longer with me ( except in spirit). x
I now have a new Therapy dog in training.Young Freddie who is a rescue cross breed is learning how to be chilled and give out healing vibes in the cabin with me and my clients. If you have any issues with dogs just let me know and Freddie can stay outside.

Prices : £45 for 1 hour
Gift Vouchers are also available

Clinical Massage

Advanced Clinical Massage is often successful in treating conditions that don't respond to standard Swedish massage techniques ; these can include - migraines and headaches, neck and back pain, colds, sinus problems, digestive complaints, chronic fatigue and sleep disturbances.

What is Advanced Clinical Massage? How can it help me?

Advanced Clinical massage uses a combination of advanced massage techniques taught by Jing (Jing Massage-Brighton) which include stretching, soft tissue work, meridian work, trigger point release and myofascial release. These specific techniques can help to release pain pathologies, stretch out tight muscles, release trigger points and trace referred pain patterns.

I deal with clients with pain conditions such as:-

    Tennis / golfer’s elbow Frozen shoulder
    Carpal tunnel Migraines and headaches
    Back pain- upper and lower Tight neck and shoulders
    Chronic fatigue Sleep disturbances

What is Deep Abdominal Massage?

I use Deep Abdominal Massage-Anmo Fu an ancient healing system based on the Chinese theory that our internal organs control and enhance our physiology. We balance the internal organs to clear blockages and stimulate the flow of energy, thereby promoting good health and organs which can function to their best ability given today’s lifestyle.

Many things can effect the functioning of our internal organs and digestive system- stress being the major factor, but accidents and operations can impact hugely on function with scar tissue creating tension and twisting of bowel or soft tissue. By manipulating the bowels, the trapped water and wind is removed, which can lead to a dramatic recovery of all the body systems.

Issues can stay in the body for years causing many conditions that affect the human race (IBS, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative colitis, ME etc. Stagnation can also create temperature differences which can cause lower back pain, infertility(in men and women), sexual problems, fibroids and other painful conditions. Food stagnation is a big cause of fatigue type issues, such as M.E, IBS, and Crohn’s.


Aromatherapy uses pure essential oils to treat both mind and body. Working mainly on the nervous system it is able to both relax and stimulate.

Working on common ailments, promoting good health and helping to restore harmony to both body and mind.

Modern life styles, stress, pollution, unhealthy diets, hectic but sedentary lifestyles- all these factors have adverse effects on our bodies and spirits.

How can Aromatherapy help me?

The relaxing techniques and strokes of an Aromatherapy massage can help to:-
    Ease pain or tension from stiff aching muscles.
    Boost a sluggish circulation
    Calm digestive problems
    Eliminate toxins
    Soothe the body
    Ease mental stress
    Create a more balanced body and mind
    Stimulate the immune system –to avoid colds and general weariness


Reflexology is not simply a ‘foot rub’. It is a safe, non-intrusive and very effective natural healing art based on the principal that there are reflexes in the head, hands, ears and feet that relate to all organs and systems of the body. It is also a wonderful treatment for individuals who may not be comfortable with a body massage.

These reflexes are like ‘pressure points’, and stimulating them using various pressure and massage techniques increase the flow of energy to corresponding areas of the body.

Reflexology can reach the very root of physical and emotional problems, treating the client holistically.

Reflexologists do not diagnose, prescribe or treat specific conditions; a reflexology session treats the whole body and in doing so helps to restore the body’s natural balance and improve your health.

Occasionally little hard beads or ‘crystals’ can be felt on the soles of the feet during a treatment. These are believed to be toxic deposits which have settled in our feet. Working these areas helps to break up the deposits, further promotes the body’s detoxification and cleansing process.

Many conditions may benefit from Reflexology and these include:-

    Migranes Stress Anxiety Depression Back pain Arthritis
    Hormonal imbalances- PMS and menopause symptoms Infertility
    Digestive disorders Sleep disturbances Respiratory problems

Advanced Clinical Massage, Oriental Body Re-Alignment, Inversion therapy, Clinical Acupuncture, Reflexologist and Aromatherapist

Mansard House, Easton, Winchester, Hampshire,SO21 1DQ
01962 854184 07752623234

Diploma in Reflexology- VTCT
Diploma in Aromatherapy- VTCT
Diploma in Additional Aromatherapy Techniques-VTCT
Diploma in Swedish massage- VTCT
Certificate in Clinical Medical Massage- Jing Institute
KORE Consultant
Certificate in Clinical Acupuncture

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Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Holistic Massage, Reflexology, Swedish Relaxation Massage, Trigger Point Therapy

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