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Lynn Rawlinson BSc, Mnimh, IIHHT, IHBC

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Lynn is a Consulting Medical Herbal Medicine, BSc, Mnimh. She is also also a qualified therapist in Aromatherapy, Indian Head, Massage, Reflexology, and Reiki 2nd Degree.

Contact NameLynn Rawlinson BSc, Mnimh, IIHHT,IHBC
Southport PR9 9AA
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Lynn has been a consulting medical herbalist since 2002 and a practicing holistic therapist since 1997, she also takes students for clinical training. She works from the pleasant surroundings of her home in Southport and due to changes in practice she is offering Skype/video call consultations , with all medicines being posted out. 

Lynn has undertken a 3 yr batchelor of Science (BSc) with honours in herbal medicine at the University of Central Lancashire UCLAN, and she is also a Member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (Mnimh), which is the oldest body of medical herbalists in the world founded in 1864.
Lynn is also a qualified alternative therapist and is qualified under the Institute of Holistic Therapists (IIHHT) and the International Health and Beauty Council (IHBC).

Herbs have healing vertues and as a Western Consulting Medical Herbalist Lynn can treat most conditions which you would visit your GP with. These include digestive and circulation problems, skin complaints, sleep, stress and emotional issues, hormonal imbalances, musculo-skeletal aches and pains, respiratory conditions and many more

Lynn uses remedies made from whole plant extracts, and looks beyond and beneath the obvious, to find the root cause of a problem, helping the body to correct imbalances and heal itself.
Lynn do's not treat symptoms she treats people.

People of all ages can benefit from herbal medicine. those already receiving treatment from their doctor may also be helpwed, and are prescribed only herbs which do not adversley interact with other medication.

A first consultation lasts for about 1 hour, Lynn takes a detailed case history, covering not only your present problems, but also wider medical history, present medication, lifestyle, diet and social circumstances. A blood pressure check and other examinations are carried out where relevant.

A management plan is discussed and a prescription made up as necessary.

A prescription may be a tincture (a blend of herbal extracts in an alcohol/water base) or a tea. Capsules and tablets are also sometimes used. For external use, creams, lotions or oils may be prescribed.
No two people are alike, even if they appear to be suffering similar symptoms, so no two prescriptions are exactly the same.
Follow-up consultations are of shorter duration, and usually every two to three weeks. Adjustments may be made to the medication during this time to ensure it is at its most effective.

For further information contact Lynn and she will gladly answer any questions and if required will post you her practice leaflet.

prices for consultations and consessionary consultations including student lead can all be found on website


Lynn has starting expanding her usually provided workshops and has started to do zoom workshops with herbal workshops, including some herbal cook along sessions and vertual herbal walk talks. if interested more information on these will start to be available at

and on her ROOTSOFHTYME facebook page

Founded in 1865 the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (nimh) was formed to promote the art and science of herbal medicine. Admission to the institute follows graduation from an accredited university or equivalent course, where students are trained in both medical and plant sciences.
Members are required and commit to a career-long learning programme organised by a post graduate training board. All members are governed by a strict code of ethics and practice, and a complaints and disciplinary procedure.
The letters MNIMH or FNIMH after the name of a herbalist is your assurance of a professional practitioner that you can depend on.


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Aromatherapy, Herbalists, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Swedish Relaxation Massage

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