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Life Changes Hypnotherapy, Harley Street West London

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How can I help?
  • Are you feeling stressed or anxious but don’t know how to change?
  • Do you have difficulty sleeping?
  • Are you lacking in confidence and self-esteem?
  • Do you suffer from panic attacks?
  • Are you hampered by fears or phobias?
  • Do you want to stop smoking without weeks of willpower and discomfort?
  • Would you like to learn how to lose weight without dieting?
That feeling of discord is your first step towards change. Your mind and body are telling you that something is wrong and needs attention.

Contact NameLiz Kotarska
AddressLife Changes Now Ltd
1 Harley Street
Harley Street
West London W1G 9QD
Phone01206 299724
Mobile07854 055 926
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The majority of clients who come to see me in Harley Street Central London, are suffering from some kind of inner discord. Their desires and their actions are at odds. Maybe they want to travel but are scared of flying. Perhaps they would like to be slimmer but seem to be unable to eat less. Often they would just like to be happy but something is getting in the way.

That feeling of discord is your first step towards change. Your mind and body are telling you that something is wrong and needs attention. And much more often than not you know what needs to be done to make things better. You may not think you know, but with the help of a therapist who is only interested in how you tick and what in particular will help you feel better, your mind will nearly always provide the answers you need.

This work can be amazingly effective in helping you with a wide range of issues including:

Hypnotherapy can also help with:

My methods are usually intended for short term use and I see results in very few sessions. However some clients return month after month to enjoy the benefits of regular deep relaxation and to turn over to the subconscious mind anything in particular which may be troubling them at that time.

Courses are also available on:

  • Self-hypnosis
  • Slimming without dieting
  • Relaxation and Stress relief

To discover more about hypnotherapy and how it can help you, visit my website where you will find a wealth of useful information.

Bringing the benefits of Hypnosis to a wider audience…

There are many misconceptions about hypnosis, not helped by the entertainment industry. But it’s really very simple; hypnosis is just a normal form of brain activity that we use every day without even realising. Daydreaming is a type of hypnosis, being on automatic pilot is a type of hypnosis, even watching a TV programme can be a type of hypnosis…

But when this particular state of mind is properly harnessed it can be hugely beneficial, not just for those with problems, but also for the vast majority of us who want to get a bit more out of life, who would like to think more positively, and who want to respond better to their world and the people in it.

About Liz...

I have been an Advanced Hypnotherapist for over 12 years. I chose this training because I had been on the receiving end of Advanced Hypnotherapy and was well aware of its profound benefits.

I have a background in business and a very professional attitude towards my work providing clients with a comfortable environment where they can access the confidential and caring help they require.

Qualification Details

  • I am a member of The Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy.
  • I am a qualified Thought Field Therapist, trained to diagnostic level.



client with anxiety issues and wedding nerves

Our wedding day and honeymoon went very well. It was a perfect day and I had no worries at all…I would like to thank you for all your help in making this possible and getting me through my anxiety issues. I now feel like my life ahead of me is how it should have always been.

client suffering from panic attacks and social anxiety

I have had a really good 2 weeks and I am feeling quite different. Which is brilliant!! I went to 2 social occasions which were absolutely fine...I even had a row with my partner and I could deal with it in the way I needed...I felt more in control and no overwhelming panic. I am so grateful for your help. It has been an extremely positive experience – this has quite honestly changed my life!

client with stress and anxiety

I would recommend Liz without a moment's hesitation to anyone who wants to learn to relax, deal with annoying and unhelpful self-talk, overcome long-term habits and generally make the most of their life.

client with panic attacks

I wish I had found this ‘last resort’ ages ago…I am sailing through challenges that before would have been impossible to contemplate...

client who sought help for social anxiety.

I decided that hypnotherapy probably offered me the best chance of resolving the situation, and fortunately I chose to contact Liz Kotarska. I found her easy to talk to and very understanding, and after only a few sessions I found myself feeling for more confident and relaxed in social situations. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Confidence and Self Esteem

client with confidence and self-esteem issues

The treatment... has had a very positive impact on my life and general wellbeing and I now have the confidence to tackle professional life head on. I’ve become more assertive and decisive and trust my first instinct which makes working in a large team much less stressful. I would strongly recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who is taking proactive steps to improve their life!

client with blushing problem

Things seem to be going really well. I hardly ever think about it anymore and have been to lots of interviews...and it has not seemed to be a problem...If I do feel or think about it then I just use the tools...and it seems to be working well.

client with confidence issues

I’m coping well...and generally feeling happy in myself. I use the CDs from time to time and I find them brilliant. Thank you for your help.

client with confidence problems

Just thought I would send you a quick email in regards to my progress at University and in general. So far I have given 2 group presentations which went really well and I didn’t get the usual symptoms that I used to get which is fantastic. I have also received 2 essay results back, both brilliant results and was very pleased. I don’t get as nervous and worked up as I used to and still find the CD and tapping very useful. I don’t know if I could have done it without your help!

Fears and Phobias

client with spider phobia

I must admit I was a bit sceptical but after planting out my troughs and baskets the other week and having a great big spider scuttle out from underneath and right by my knees, I didn’t even flinch!! Now how did that happen to someone who would normally have felt physically sick and be running down the path in a hot sweat screaming her head off?

client with fear of tube

Just thought you would like to know that I used the tube today – a bit scary but I did it!

client who had treatment for flying phobia

I wanted to call and let you know that the trip went very well. I was much, much calmer on the flights and we are convinced that it was down to the tools that you provided me with…looking back I really enjoyed it! Something that I never thought I would do!

client with fear of hospital treatment

Just wanted to say thank you for helping me through it and I won’t hesitate in recommending you.

Fear of Public Speaking

client with fear of public speaking

Just a quick note to say…I DID IT!!!! I did a presentation to 30+ a week or so ago, albeit with someone sharing my presentation and kicking things off. Then I did a presentation to a group of 11 ‘non-converts’ yesterday; it was sitting down this time but I was completely on my own using my own material. Thank you so much, you’re brilliant.

client with fear of public speaking.

I’m pleased to tell you that I have presented to a small group of ten…Following the presentation I have had some positive feedback. Equally, I have found myself in several situations where I have had to speak in a group and again felt less stressed than before our work together.

client with fear of public speaking

I have to say it is miles better. Last week my [boss] asked me to stand in for him at a meeting…High powered affair, long conference table, a scene reminiscent of the cabinet office. However I wasn’t anywhere near as concerned as I would have been previously. I felt pretty relaxed, a few nerves as my turn approached...but I [used your techniques] and read out a couple of lengthy statements perfectly. So many thanks Liz, you really helped me.

Dental Phobias

client with dental phobia

...actually got to the dentists early. I sat in the waiting room and was amazed at how relaxed I was all over so quickly...I had almost a feeling of euphoria that it had all gone so well. Even the dentist noticed the change.

client needing help for anxiety and fear of the dentist

…I have even conquered my fear of the dentist thanks to Liz!

client with needle and dental phobia

…compared to last time she was so much more in control…I have given your details to the dentist as he is interested…Thank you so much. You have made a big difference to [my daughter] and given her some very valuable tools that I am sure she will be able to use in the future in so many different ways.

client with lifelong fear of dental treatment

I calmly walked into the dentists for the first time in my life and sat in his chair totally chilled, all thanks to you…There is no way I would have been able to sit there and let him take the root out (which was a very difficult procedure) if I hadn’t been in my calm zone…Thank you for everything.

Fear and Anxiety about Horses and Riding

client with horse riding anxiety

Things are progressing well. I still have moments of nervousness with [my horse] but I am now able to get through these and deal with them. I am riding without any assistance now and confidence grows each time…I definitely feel the situation has progressed for the better.

client with anxiety

Liz, I cannot thank you enough for the therapy you gave me. There is no way in the world that I would be doing even a fraction of what I’m doing now…I’d be delighted if you used anything I’ve said. Hope it enables more people to free themselves from their self-imposed limitations and start living life to the full.


client with sleep problems

I am feeling and sleeping much better now. Thanks for your help.

client who suffered from sleep problems and fear of the supernaturall

The hypnotherapy was a miracle worker! It helped me in so many ways! Completely cured me of my fear of/trouble with going to sleep and amazingly helped decrease my fear of the ‘supernatural.’ I felt really reassured by Liz that my fear wasn’t unusual, which made me feel a lot better. I feel so much more relaxed now, even in the daytime. The relaxation techniques I was taught really help me if I feel stressed...I’ve only had one session and already it’s worked wonders! It has definitely changed my life!

client with stress and sleep problems

I can’t thank you enough. I manage to get off to sleep most nights. I still use the CD from time to time but have pretty much learned how to calm and relax myself, all of this from your help, so once again thank you so much.

client who had suffered from churning thoughts and lack of sleep.

I am really doing quite well. Most nights I get 7/8 hours sleep. My mind is not so busy and I can blank out things that don’t matter. Thank you so much.

client with difficulty sleeping

I have played your CD for 3 consecutive evenings and am sleeping much better.

client with insomnia

My sleep has greatly improved and I still use your CD.


client wanting to lose weight

Liz’s approach is supportive and reassuring. She explained each stage of the therapy in a way that reassured me about the experience, and ensured that I was relaxed at each key step. I would recommend Liz as a hypnotherapist without question.

client with binge-eating problems

I have been meaning to drop you an email to say thanks. I’m pleased to tell you everything is still going well and there has been no more binge eating. It’s still a bit odd that something that plagues me for so long has just disappeared! Thank you so much for the work you did with me – it has really changed everything for the better.

client wanting to lose weight

Just a quick message to say thank you so much for all your efforts and expertise in helping me to control my eating habits Things seem to be going really well now. I’ve lost a stone and feel so much better.

client with weight and binge eating issues

“I have noticed a difference. My binges have reduced hugely. I have joined a slimming club and have found that our work is helping me follow the plan and keep me on track.

client with drinking habit and weight issues

I feel in control of eating and drinking alcohol and listening to my body…I feel much better physically and mentally from not drinking. I also feel proud of my achievement…

client wanting to lose weight

I have already begun using the slimming CD received from you and have, remarkably perceived a shift in my mental awareness. Within 24 hours of the first use I found myself picking up food and thinking ‘now that won’t help me lose weight – do I really want it?’

client who attended slimming course

I now feel much more positive about losing weight. I have never managed to lose a stone before so I am very motivated to continue.

client who attended slimming course

It's made me feel back in control of my weight, that I can choose to lose and succeed at it. Before, I always had a panicky feeling of not being in control of my desire to eat.


business woman

Not one cigarette!

client who wanted to stop smoking

Thank you so much for a very productive session…I have sailed through the weekend without smoking…Although I do occasionally have a flash-thought at times when I usually enjoy a cigarette, it is not accompanied by any feeling of craving.

client who had help to quit smoking

I have my moments when I think about it but I think about it properly now and just remind myself that I don’t smoke anymore.

client who had help to stop smoking

(It) must be 9/10 weeks now and with 10 days on holiday doing good.


client with study stress and confidence and self-esteem issues.

Things have gone very well. My dissertation got handed in...then drove back and got ready for my interview. The interview went incredibly well and I knew they would offer me a job. Thank you for all your help.

client with stress and sleep problems

Definitely feeling the benefit, thank you...I’m sleeping well and coping with things I know I wouldn’t have coped with so easily before.

client who had problems with stress and depression.

I would like to thank you for everything you did for me. Our sessions proved massively useful in allowing myself to understand how to deal with these emotions when they come up, and hopefully now I will be able to deal with any similar situations should they arise in the future.

client who had treatment for stress

The self-hypnosis is amazing – I have tried it 2 – 3 times already and the effect is always quite striking – I feel relaxed and refreshed afterwards…I don’t feel the stress and resentment that used to be there or if I do it quickly goes away.

client with stress and anxiety

The calm presence that Liz exudes whenever you meet her is the first clue to how effective she is as a hypnotherapist. She is one of those rare professionals who really "walks her talk". I have had both 1-1 sessions with Liz and also attended her Self-Hypnosis course. Both of these have been excellent. A real life example of how Liz can help: I found myself stuck in traffic on the M11 very recently, on the way to attend a training course. As the sat nav ticked away telling me I was going to be later and later I wondered why I didn't have the usual churning anxiety in my stomach (I HATE being late!).

I realised that I was unconsciously using techniques that I had been taught us on the Self Hypnosis course. How wonderful! I arrived an hour later than I had hoped, but I was not flustered, I was able to remain cool, calm and collected throughout. This is just one example of how I can apply what Liz has helped me to learn. If you are looking for someone who is really practical, grounded in reality and who takes a very pragmatic approach to an often misunderstood discipline, Liz is your woman.

I am a member of The Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapy. I am a qualified Thought Field Therapist, trained to diagnostic level.


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