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~ Providing bespoke Holistic Treatments in Wellbeing Clinical settings in Wrexham and on the tip of the Llyn Peninsula .~

Wrexham LL13 9JY
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My aim is to restore the harmony of your mind, body and spirit using relaxing and uplifting pure organic fragrances to make sure you are relaxed and feeling your very best for whatever challenges that life may throw your way. The demands of a hustle and bustle everyday life can be hectic leaving you feeling stressed and emotional with seemingly no time for you; the simple action of stopping, breathing in pure natural fragrances and allowing yourself to "just be" can allow those stresses and strains of modern day life to fade away, for a short time at least.

My specialism is supporting and working with Clients through their whole life journey. I have undertaken advanced training in massage in aromatherapy massage during pregnancy and further training to be able to provide massage for Clients and with a cancer diagnosis. I can also provide gentle non-invasive arm, hand, leg and upper body Holistic Treatments in the Care Home Sector. Smell and touch can bring comfort to those who may have forgotten the simple things in life. I have listed my range of treatments below. I look forward to hearing from you

All of my treatments will begin with a consultation which enables me as your therapist to make sure that the treatment is right for you. In some instances your Doctor's or Consultant's permission may be required before treatments can commence. I reserve the right to cease the planned treatment if this is the case until you have obtained such permission.


Lemon Rose Therapies offers consultations and bespoke back, shoulder and other aromatherapy treatments using individual blends of therapeutic grade pure essential oils in a range of vegetable oils that are chosen to enhance the therapeutic benefits of the blend.

Using my skill and competency in Aromatherapy enables support or help alongside conventional medical care. Clients that live with the conditions included below may benefit from such treatment:

  • Assisting in the relief of pain/inflammation of Arthritis, Frozen Shoulder, sciatica;
  • Pre & post Sports muscular blends;
  • Stress and anxiety relief

Pregnancy Massage

Throughout pregnancy a woman’s body changes both physically and emotionally faster than at any other time; massage can be very helpful and soothing for the mum-to-be after the first trimester. Each woman is truly an individual and every pregnancy is different; this is taken into account during an extended consultation and in considering the treatment plan. The mum-to-be is fully involved in choosing the blend of therapeutic essential oils for her Aromatherapy Pregnancy Massage; it is even more important when the heightened sense of smell that occurs during pregnancy is taken into consideration. Aromatherapy Pregnancy Massage can help alleviate many of the symptoms and conditions associated with pregnancy such as:

• Insomnia and fatigue
• Morning sickness
• Constipation
• Oedema – swelling of the hands and feet
• Mood swings – hormonal changes that produce an ever fluctuating emotional state
• Stretch marks
• Varicose veins
• Lower back ache and pain

During an Aromatherapy Pregnancy massage the mum-to-be lies on each side in turn and gentle massage is applied using the bespoke therapeutic oil blend; in the second and third trimester if the mum-to-be is comfortable and chooses, the abdomen is very gently massaged too.

Massage for Cancer

I have completed post graduate training so that I can provide very gentle non-obtrusive massage to Clients undergoing treatment for Cancer and for their Carers at what is a very stressful and uncertain time. This further training has equipped me to understand the Cancer Patient’s journey through initial diagnosis, classification, localised treatments, side effects and the benefits of massage therapy in cancer care.

As always before undertaking any of my treatments I recommend that you talk to your doctor or clinical nurse specialist before using any type of massage therapy. I will always work to the direction of your specialist team and provide an adapted treatment that is appropriate for you.

Research into massage in people with cancer: Cancer Research UK has indicated:
“ there is no scientific evidence that massage can treat cancer. But, massage is commonly used to help people feel better and to reduce some of the symptoms of cancer or the side effects of treatment.”

The MacMillan Cancer organisation has stated that: “Massage is a form of structured or therapeutic touch. It can be used to relax your mind and body; relieve tension; improve the flow of fluid (lymph) in the lymphatic system; and enhance your mood.
Some studies of people with cancer suggested that massage therapy reduced symptoms such as pain, nausea, anxiety, depression and fatigue.”

Hopi Ear Candling (Thermal Auricular Therapy)

A gentle unobtrusive treatment to the ears for assisting Clients that live with the symptoms associated with hay fever; sinusitis; rhinitis, vertigo; Meniere’s disease; pre and post deep sea diving; snoring; colds, glue ear and the effects of cabin pressure during air travel.

Following a consultation, you are asked to lie on each side in turn. I only use genuine Biosun Ear Candles as they conform to European safety standards. They have a safety filter at the base to prevent any debris from falling into your ear during the treatment. A soft crackling sound as the candle gently burns can occasionally be heard during the treatment and many Clients find it quite relaxing. The treatment is finished with a gentle holistic face and neck massage to encourage lymph and sinus drainage and enhance the action of the ear candles.

Ear candling is generally a very safe procedure but they should not be used if you have ear grommets fitted, if you have inflammation or infection present in the ears, if you have perforated ear drums, if you have had recent ear or dental surgery, or if you have ever had an allergic reaction at all to any of the candles ingredients. If you have any doubts about whether ear candling is suitable for you, please check with me or alternatively with your GP.

Indian Head Massage / Seated Upper Body Massage

Using acupressure points, the therapist stimulates circulation to the head, neck, shoulders, spine and lower back. The aim is to balance and strengthen the body’s muscular, circulatory and nervous systems. These therapies are given to you whilst sitting fully clothed and a face cradle is used to support your head. The seated treatments are also suitable for wheelchair bound clients. These complementary therapies, alongside conventional medical care, can help to improve quality of life and bring comfort to clients living with certain chronic conditions,help localized blood and lymphatic circulation, boost the immune system; assist joint movement and reduce the effects of stress and anxiety.

Stone Therapy Massage

Stone therapy is a thermotherapy. The stones come in many shapes and sizes and have been specifically chosen by me. I incorporate both hot and cold stones into my massage technique and they generally bring about a feeling of deep relaxation and wellbeing. The Hot stones are basalt volcanic rocks and the Cold stones I use are marble. The combination of alternating temperatures can be very beneficial.

Certain warmed stones are placed on your body at various key points known as chakra and acupressure sites with the aim of working with the body’s natural energy to create balance; then other Hot stones are used as part of the massage treatment to provide for a much deeper muscle massage not possible normally as the heat relaxes the muscles.

The cold marble stones are then used to alleviate inflammation, remove blood from a swollen area, and to re-balance the male and female energies in the body in order to restore the body to a state of harmony. Cold stones can also be used for detoxification purposes.

Using hot and cold stones together may improve the functioning of the circulatory system and assist the body with its self-healing processes. When receiving a stone therapy massage, it is not unusual for a Client’s body temperature, heart rate and breathing rate to rise and fall during the treatment. This is not harmful and is merely the result of the rapid exchange of oxygen and blood in the body.

This therapy's goal is to bring about deep relaxation in the client so that negativity is removed and the client feels an overall sense of well being.

Stone therapy massage may be suitable for:

  • improving the lymphatic and immune systems
  • normalising body functions
  • increasing cellular activity
  • improving the flow of blood
  • inflammation and muscle injury
  • alleviating stress and inducing a feeling of well-being

Call Carole on 07976 978 315 to discuss which therapy would benefit you most, or to book your first appointment today!


Qualifications - Carole Roberts

Carole Roberts has been a fully qualified Aromatherapist and Holistic Therapist since 2002. She is a Registered member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and one of its Ambassadors. This is the professional organisation for Holistic Therapists that has been setting professional standards since 1962. Carole Roberts is included on a Register that is accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists; her accreditation demonstrates commitment to high professional standards, enhancing safety and delivering a better service.
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