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Kokoro Naturopathy & School of Reiki Healing

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Naturopathy; Reflexology; Reiki Practice & Teaching; Bowen Technique; Iridology; Bach Flower; Indian head Massage; EFT; Nutrition Advice; Phytotherapy; Celloid Minerals.

We aim to make available to people, an alternative range of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques which are complementary with allopathic medicine and have a proven track record of success. You are our focus. We will take an holistic approach to your problem(s) and provide you with holistic solutions that you can cope with. We won't say 'your time's up' after an hour! you'll be here for as long as you need to be for a given session. We are regularly having success with people who have got nowhere with standard medicine, or with a range of other therapists. On the teaching front, I am retraining people every month who have been dissatisfied with Reiki training they have received elsewhere in NI and the UK-they are now happy and working powerfully, with my lifelong committment to their development

Contact NameDavid Kelly
Address1 Bracken Valley
Dromore BT25 1TA
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Welcome to Kokoro Naturopathy

My wife, Dorothy and I started Kokoro Naturopathy several years ago after qualifying as Naturopathic Consultants. We knew we could provide real help to people who were not improving under standard treatment regimes, or were dissatisfied with their experiences with allopathic medicine.

We aim to make available to people, an alternative range of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques which are complementary with allopathic medicine and have a proven track record of success. Many of these techniques fall under the banner of Naturopathy, or healing using natural methods. Full descriptions of these techniques are presented in the pages on our website.

We have had a great deal of success with a wide variety of conditions, from ideopathic pain, aches and tiredness to sports injuries, headaches, acute and chronic stress, digestive problems. Mostly, these have been problems which have been going on unresolved for years, with the symptoms only being addressed, not the core problems.

KOKORO SCHOOL OF REIKI HEALING is quickly becoming recognised as the pinacle of Reiki training in Northern Ireland and Ireland as a whole. My training and practice is closer to the original Japanese methods than the watered down Western method commonly taught. Students have my lifelong committment to their continued development as channels for healing. I am available to them at all times day or night, 365 days a year and no one who phones me will ever have the impression they have phoned at 'the wrong time'. The KOKORO-KAI REIKI SHARE GROUP meets regularly to provide a forum for like minds to exchange ideas, to treat each other, to advance each other's spiritual development. This training changes lives. It gives you purpose, direction and fulfillment. Most students are 'drawn' here- this would not be the case if I were not on the right Path, passing on the Energy the way it should be.

Here is a brief list of some of the areas where we can help:
    SKIN: Eczema; Psoriasis; ulcer/ wound healing; acne.

    RESPIRATORY SYSTEM: Asthma; Sinusitis; Hay fever.

    MUSCULO-SKELETAL SYSTEM: Arthritis; joint pain; sciatica; back and shoulder pain; inflammation; gout; headaches/migraine; fibromyalgia; sports injuries; repetitive strain injuries.

    CIRCULATORY SYSTEM: Atheromatous plaque (hardening of the arteries); stimulation &/or vascular strengthening; hypertension; high cholesterol; high homocysteine.

    REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM: Hormonal balancing; fertility improvement; endometriosis.

    DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: IBS; Crohn’s; constipation; bloating; Leaky Gut Syndrome; Heartburn; Detoxification; colon cleansing.

    IMMUNE SYSTEM: Enhancement/ strengthening.

    EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING: Depression; stress; PTSD.
We are available at the times that suit YOU - in the evening!

David is an accredited Bowen Technique Practitioner, trained by Paula Esson and assessed at final examinations by Julian Baker, Principal of the European College of Bowen Studies.

The Bowen Technique is primarily a remedial therapeutic tool, offering the body an opportunity to restore structural and functional integrity. The technique consists of a series of moves across muscle, tendon and other soft tissues, using fingers or thumbs, applying gentle pressure to effect a movement of the tissue. The majority of moves can be performed through thin layers of ˜non slippy” clothing. In tests, I have been able to effectively put moves in through 18 layers of towel ( although some focused chi may have also been involved there).

The technique cannot be compared to any other form of therapy currently in use. There is no hard tissue manipulation; no adjustments or high velocity movements; no massaging or use of oils; no deep or prolonged pressure and no equipment required. There are no contraindications with Bowen- it can be used on newborn babies to geriatrics, with any presenting condition.

The buzz word in Bowen is ˜Fascia”, the connective tissue intimately related with all soft tissue in the body. There is much active research being conducted of the highest standard, into the nature and modus operandi of this tissue. It has been shown that fascia runs in ˜anatomical trains up, down and through the body to the cellular level in continuous communication. It appears to have the ability to adjust itself in terms of tension, independent of the nervous system and conduct electrical signals at a higher rate.
These anatomy trains running through the body give rise to another buzz word in Bowen- ˜Tensegrity” a contraction of ˜Tensional Integrity “ tensegrity is the goal of Bowen therapy, whereby a situation is reached where there is no bias in terms of tension in a body, pulling along the fascial pathways disrupting structure and function elsewhere in that body.

Fascial connections are so complex that pain in a given area of the body could have as its primary cause, an imbalance arising in an apparently totally unrelated part of the body. Shoulder, back and neck pain frequently starts with an injury in the legs, ankle or foot. The secondary problems propagate when the body starts to compensate for, or favour the injury, giving rise to differential tension on one side of the body. The body is effectively pulled out of balance by the soft tissue tightening up on one side. Adhesions between bands of fascia which should slip over each other, further complicate the situation by forming a connection with other anatomy trains they shouldn’t be connected to. These tensional problems go right to the cellular level- incorrect tension in the fascia going through a cell will distort the shape of that cell and compromise its structure and function.

Have you ever had your finger in a Chinese finger trap? Easy to push on, but try pulling your finger out- the trap constricts and grips your finger. That is how fascia can behave around tissues, organs and muscles. If it tightens due to some trauma or condition, it constricts that tissue and restricts or cuts off nervous and vascular feeds, compromising structure and function, causing pain.
Bowen appears to work by sending signals to the brain through the fascia, for which the brain has no ˜file”. The moves create signals the brain doesn’t recognise and can’t interpret. Its attempts to do so fires signals through the fascia causing it to adjust its tension back to normal levels. This can happen virtually immediately; Bowen moves are done in groups of four leaving 2-3 minute gaps in between, to allow these signals to ˜cook.”

Bowen’s modus operandi means that it has great potential outside remedial therapy- performance enhancement. Imagine you are a top athlete and have reached a plateau where no matter what you do doesn’t seem to have much effect on your performance. Imagine what would happen if your diaphragm was opened up fascially, increasing your lung capacity and freedom of chest movement; hamstrings were loosened; all that fascia throughout the body distorted by hard training, optimised for tension…
Nomatter what sport you could think of, Bowen could help your performance.

It is now medically recognised that Bowen therapy is the best treatment for frozen shoulder (at least twice as fast as physio) with no painful manipulation. It has effective techniques for carpal tunnel; pelvic misalignment; hay fever; tennis elbow; hypermobility; restricted movement of limbs; irritable bowel; lower back (sacral) pain….the list is endless. I will never cease to be amazed by what this can do.

Reiki, pronounced Ray-Key is a Japanese word meaning universal life energy. It is a system of natural healing using the hands, which evolved in Japan latterly, though it has been accessed by many cultures since ancient times by various routes. Mikao Usui (Ido not use the term ‘doctor’ as Usui sensei never used it himself) was inspired to develop this healing system from ancient teachings, after many years of study and research. He spent the rest of his life practising and teaching Reiki.

Today Reiki continues to be taught in the tradition passed down from Master to student. Receiving a Reiki treatment is very simple and lasts normally 1hour 15 minutes, during which time the client relaxes on a couch, remaining fully dressed, having removed shoes and metal objects only. If the client is unable to lie down, a treatment can be given from a sitting position. The main concern is that the client is as comfortable as possible. The practitioner gently rests his/her hands over a sequence of positions on the whole body, starting at the head and finishing with the feet.

Most of the session will be focused around the head in the Usui tradition. Byosen Scanning will also be carried out to detect areas of the body needing specific focus.

I also employ Seichim, Sekhem and Raku Kei when I feel it is required. These are different ‘flavours’ of channeled energy, resulting in a wider ranging treatment than Reiki on its own. Clients often describe feeling heat or other sensations around the area where the practitioner has placed his/her hands during the treatment. They also frequently describe a ‘clearing of the head’ of all the ‘mental chatter’ and stress which for most of us, is the norm! Extreme relaxation is also usually reported. The benefits of treatment can be felt for up to a week or so, depending on what is being treated, and the individual. Treatments also seem to be cumulative in their effects and can be as intensive, in terms of frequency, as the client wishes, in agreement with the practitioner.

Reiki can be used for many ailments. Acute injuries can be helped to heal quickly, including sports injuries where physiotherapy is not ‘cutting the mustard,’ whilst chronic conditions may require several treatments.

It can be used to help modify undesirable behaviour and work on deep subconsciously rooted memories or events which have unwanted influences in daily life,ie. ‘issues.’

Reiki can help support those clients with terminal illness by helping to give a sense of calm and peace, whilst also working on the physical level.

The treatment works on the four levels of naturopathic healing which are the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Reiki flows to the areas of need, soothing pain and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself. It restores balance in one’s life and can be used alongside all forms of treatment both orthodox and complementary. The flow of energy is essentially a passive process, in that only the required amount and frequency of energy is transmitted. The practitioner will be aware when this state is reached, and can influence the strength and type of transfer.

You can only reliably receive Reiki from someone who has had all attunements passed on to them in person from a Master/Teacher.

A professional practitioner should also hold at least the 2nd degree (Level 2), and carry professional insurance.

Reflexology is a harmless, non-invasive ‘hands on’ therapy applied to the feet or hands, which enables the body to heal itself. Illness, stress, trauma or disease, coupled with the effects of environmental or ‘lifestyle pollutants’, cause the body to be in a state of imbalance. Vital energy pathways are blocked, with a detrimental effect on body function, as well as opening the door to secondary medical conditions.

The practitioner applies gentle pressure to specific areas, to unblock these energy pathways and restore balance, encouraging the body to heal itself.
It is possible to alleviate a wide range of conditions- each reflex point shows indications of the state or condition of the corresponding body part/organ/gland, and thereby alerts the therapist to areas requiring particular attention.

Reflexology can detect potentially vulnerable areas before they begin to manifest problems, thus helping to maintain health, with regular treatments.


What is a treatment like?

A treatment session will last approximately one hour. Your first appointment, however, will be longer as it will include a confidential discussion about your health and lifestyle.

Only your shoes and socks will need to be removed. The treatment will be given by massaging both feet and applying pressure to specific areas using the fingers and thumbs. You may feel brief discomfort in some places. This is just an indication of areas that may be unbalanced or congested and should ease during the treatment.

How will I feel?

Different people react in different ways to treatment. You may notice a sense of well being and feel deeply relaxed. You may feel more tired than usual, tearful or nauseous, or have other mild, temporary symptoms as the body rids itself of toxins and begins the healing process.This is nothing to worry about and is a positive sign that the treatment is working. It is advisable to drink plenty of water after a treatment and, if possible, to rest.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments will vary from person to person depending on your state of health and your response to treatment. I will suggest an appropriate number of treatments to you during your first session. It is important that you tell me how you feel after each treatment to help me to monitor your progress and tailor a treatment plan to your needs.

To express how David has transformed my life is no mean feat. I arrived at David’s not fully intending to have a Reiki session. I had heard great reports from a woman I knew who had done a course with me. The reports were so great, my interest was piqued. I arrived to meet David and that is where my story begins.

Briefly, in the past I have struggled with panic attacks and feelings of crippling fear. At one point in my life I was contemplating if there was any reason why I was on this planet. It was a daily grind and looking back I was merely existing, not living a full life. I was oblivious to the talents which lay buried within. I was dealing with my issues through various methods- nutrition, complementary therapies and trying to change the inner tape of my subconscious mind. I was seeing tangible results but however much I tried, I seemed to reach a point where I couldn’t go beyond. I felt I was nearly at my destination but not quite, its elusive vision in the distance.

David escorted me to this destination and now I perceive a view which could take your breath away.
My first Reiki session was so peaceful, the mental chatter soothed and nurtured into a state of calm and tranquility. After, when I got back to my house and the days that followed, I could visibly notice the change in myself. The next day I was asked to speak in front of a class, previously this would have paralysed me with fear. The transformation was so extreme that I even found myself enjoying, yes enjoying, being the centre of attention. It was undeniably a transformation. I could now be the orchestrator of my own life.
The second treatment was profound also. I will fully admit that I have never in my life reached such an oasis of calm.

David is a skilled, humble man. He is compassionate and it is transparent that his empathy channels run deep and are fed from only a want to help others. In the time I have met David, I have discovered the joie de vivre again, I have the untainted enthusiasm and energy of a child. The glazed view of the world, the fears, the worries have all been shown to be incompatible with the new life I lead. I feel such love, so much joy in life now. I am rediscovering passions I had forgotten. I am living.
David and the Reiki have shifted energy blocks which I never thought would shift. I am proof that Reiki works, the energy that surrounds us all can be such a nurturing source. Thank you, David.
G McH, Belfast.

thank you so much for the wonderful experience called ‘Reiki’. They say that what’s meant for you won’t pass you by.

Unfortunately some people don’t recognise the signs and miss out on some of life’s wonderful gifts.
I’m glad I followed my strong intuition leading me to you. It was a truly enlightening experience.
Many, many thanks.

L L (Newtownards)
PS. Look forward to second degree!

Dear David & Dorothy,
Words cannot fully express the journey I have been taken on since David taught me Reiki. I must say, as I walked through the doors on the first day, I had no idea what Reiki was…..However, I knew from that first day something special had happened! I left feeling calm and assured that this was what I had been searching for….for me and my future clients.
I thank you David, from the bottom of my heart for giving me this ‘incredible gift’ & I trust & pray that everyone who I have the pleasure to treat/ heal will benefit from Reiki.
Now, none of this would have evolved if I had not met Dorothy through work. Dorothy, an enormous thanks for all the beautiful food and hospitality during the course and for guiding me to study Reiki with David.

I would like to leave you with a special prayer/thought from an Angel book I have. As I venture out into the big, bad world to treat clients, I believe this will bring on work: ‘Dear God, Holy Spirit, Ascended Masters and the Angels I ask that everyone who would receive blessings from my therapies be guided to contact me today.

I welcome new people and opportunities into my life with open arms. I am willing to release any negative thoughts, patterns or beliefs that would lead me to sabbotage new opportunities. Please help me to know that I deserve good now. Thank you.’ David & Dorothy, thank you for everything. Health and Happiness, Janice XOXO.
J M Lisburn.

David & Dorothy,
Just a quick note to say thank you for all your time given up to help me using your wonderful techniques & beliefs. I do believe that the treatments you gave me definitely helped.
Thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness throughout my illness.
T B Banbridge

When I heard about the Kokoro Treatment (Bowen Technique..ed.) I did not know what it was. I was unable to walk any more than about 20 yards without having to stop because of excrutiating pain. My spine had collapsed onto my sciatic nerve and trapped it. I can now walk over 200 yards slowly, without the pain stopping me. I still use my stick, but I am well pleased that the treatment has helped me.
K. McC Banbridge.


I must say it was a great pleasure and honour to have done my reiki i & ii with David. David is passionate about reiki and follows you up closely following each reiki attunement. I literally had no idea what reiki was until i walked in the door a few years ago and after the first day i knew my life would never be the same. Davids passion for reiki is contagious and this has certainly led to my absolute passion for reiki healing. I still phone David and his wife Dorothy for advice and pass on stories of great healing through reiki. Both David and his wife offer a very warm welcome and ensure that you are well looked after. Keep training and healing people! For enllightenment jan
Janice M

I first made contact with David through the Kokoro website, which grabbed my attention as it was truly informative but with a real warmth. As an holistic therapist I had considered training in the art of Reiki but it was only when I discovered Kokoro that I felt ready to go for it. I met David & Dorothy (& splodge…the cat) last weekend and immediately felt “at home”. I had a wonderful two day training course for level 1 and I hope to continue to level 2 very soon. I was very priviledged to have one to one training, on this occasion, and David put 100% into it. Dorothy provided a great lunch and we shared many stories and ideas. I would highly recommend Kokoro to anyone wishing to study this fascinating art.
Kate M

I undertook Reiki level one with David as i was compelled to find out what Reiki was all about. David was a wonderful teacher that made me feel very relaxed and confident in giving a Reiki treatment, so much so that i went on to do my level two!!!! The support didn’t end there!!! David is always on the end of the phone if i have a question or need advice and support!!! Watch out for Dots wonderful Soups!!!!

I came across David’s enhancement course after a good friend informed me of her intent to attend, after speaking to Dave and reading the information on it on this site, I knew this was a course I could really benefit from. Thanks to the universe for providing the finance to enable me to attend. I was made very welcome by both Dave and his lovely wife Dorothy….whose homemade soup is to die for, it was like home from home. I was fortunate to be able to attend this course with my friend, and although there was only the 2 of us, what was experienced that weekend was amazing, I dont think it would have been the same should other students have attended. Dave is a passionate teacher and totally dedicated to the best teaching of reiki and it shows!!! my clients have really noticed the difference since I attended the course and I feel alot more confident carrying out treatments since my weekend of training with Dave. I feel nothing is coinidence and people come into our lives for a reason…All I have left to say is I am glad David and Dorothy came into my life and I look forward to doing my Reiki Teaching when the time comes.
Love and Light,
Naomi G Richhill.

Kokoro School of Reiki Healing

David is a very dedicated teacher who is in touch with the true essence of Reiki. At Kokoro you will be welcomed into a very warm and relaxed atmosphere which makes you feel at ease whilst learning this wonderful healing technique. I have recommended Kokoro to many people who have never failed to be very pleased with David and Dorothy’s services. Keep up the good work!
Linda l

BSc (HONS) Psychology; Cert. Nat; Cert. ECBS; Bioforce Phytotherapy Course Distinction; Advanced Prescribing Cert. Celloid Minerals; Reiki Master Teacher; Bach Flower Level 2; awaiting RCIr (clinical iridology).

BSc (HONS); Cert. Nat; Dip.Adv. Reflexology; Cert. VRT; Cert. IHM; EFT level 2; Bioforce Phytotherapy Distinction; Bach Flower Level 2; Advanced Prescribing Cert. Celloid Minerals; Reiki Master.

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