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Kit Keetch Registered Homoeopath

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I provide a professional and confidential homeopathic service based in Eastwood, Essex and invite you to take some time to explore my site (Please Quote Natural Therapy Pages when you call.)

Contact NameKit Keetch
Address139 Neil Armstrong Way
Leigh-On-Sea SS9 5UF
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Welcome to Kit Keetch Registered Homoeopath

Who Am I?

I am Catherine Keetch D.I Hom (Pract.) M.A.H.R

I was born in Islington, North London and moved to Essex at the age of 13. My working experience was in commerce and communication, but in later years I became more interested in health. This led me to study many facets of health from yoga to nutrition and the Bach Flower Remedies.

I qualified as a Bach Practitioner in 1995, having studied at the Dr Edward Bach Foundation at Mount Vernon in Oxfordshire. It was because of this connection with Edward Bach, himself a homoeopath and the wonderful work that he had achieved with the flower remedies, that my interest was stirred enough to look into becoming a homoeopath.

After several years of study I qualified as a homoeopath in 2003 with the British Institute of Homoeopathy.

I have two daughters and several grandchildren and I spend any spare time in my garden. I also paint in acrylics and other mediums to relax.


Homeopathy is a system of medicine based on the principle of “like cures like”. A substance that produces disease-like symptoms in healthy people will, in diluted form, cure a sick person with similar symptoms. For example, onion juice will cause watering, irritated eyes and sneezing, but in a very diluted form (Allium cepa) it is useful in relieving symptoms of nose and eye irritation as in hay fever. To distinguish it from homeopathy, conventional medicine, in which symptoms are treated with large doses of opposing agents, is known as allopathic medicine.

However, homeopathy cannot be understood as a substance based method, such as drug medicine or herbalism where any healing effect is due to chemical reactions. A simple calculation shows that in the higher potencies not a single molecule of the original substance will be present. But these high potencies are often more effective than low potencies.

Therefore, homeopathy can only be understood as working with energy remedies.

Bach Flower Remedies

Edward Bach, an English physician and homoeopath, created his flower remedies in the early 1900s. He believed illness was caused by emotional imbalance and sought a new, natural healing method that would be applicable to anyone.

He experimented with hundreds of flowers, trees, bushes and water sources before identifying 38 essences to relieve negative emotional states such as fear, guilt and anxiety.

The remedies were identified intuitively and potentised by floating freshly picked flower heads in sunlit spring water or by boiling twigs in spring water. The essence of the plant is believed to leave an 'imprint' in the water.

A small portion of brandy is added as a preservative.


What Is Iridology?

Iridology is the analysis of the iris of the eye to ascertain health factors such as inherent strengths and weaknesses, how we respond to the environment, functional changes to organs, settlements in organs, glands and tissues. It can help to foretell possible medical conditions long before they have manifested into disease symptoms.


First Consultation - £65
Second Consultation - £25.00 - £30.00, plus remedies at £5 per bottle.

"I cannot recommend Kit highly enough. Her homeopathic remedies have helped me enormously with a range of physical and emotional problems. What is also important is that she is a very kind person and genuinely interested in her patients' well being."

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have met her."

H Streamer, Benfleet, Essex

"I have consulted Kit Keetch over the last 6 years for various problems for both myself and my son from when he was a baby. I have always found her to be most compassionate and conscientious even lending me her own books for reference. She has also periodically sent me articles through the post for my reference which has only added to the singularly personal service that she provides.

I am sad to say that I only see her when I have a problem, which is a testament to her skills as a practitioner that there are lengthy gaps between my visits."

J Ritchin, Billericay, Essex

"I have had several health issues that needed sorting out from swollen ankles to hot flushes and emotional loss.

With the right remedies prescribed and the superb care and support from Kit Keetch, I have managed to overcome these problems."

E. Brooks, Chelmsford, Essex

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D.I Hom (Pract.) M.A.H.R., RHom, S.N.H.S. Dip (Iridology), B.F.R.P.

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