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Katherina Zur

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West London W6 9SU
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Welcome to Katherina Zur

Katherina after graduation to international Current affairs and Sociology, decided to change her profession and become a Health Therapist in order to get a more rewarding occupation. Always interested in medicine has managed to work as a medical secretary/phlebotomist in operating theatre hospital Stalownik in South Poland.

Katherina Zur has been a wellbeing practitioner for 15 years and is pleased to offer bodywork in Central London Osteopathy and sports injury clinic EC1V 9LE on the Old Street and in Aesthetic Medi Studio W6 on Petley Road W6 9SU. She has a broad experience of therapeutic styles and her specialism target the immune and energetic systems of the body, to facilitate optimal function and repair. She is trained in reflexology, deep tissue/sports massage, swedish massage lymphatic drainage and Indian head massage. Katherina has gained additional skills of beauty therapy 10 years ago to combine my therapeutic work and work for luxurious 5 star hotels in London. Her sole aim is to provide the patient with a calming and relaxing experience and to help alleviate any problem in body. She has developed a specific interest in post surgical lymphatic drainage. Over 7 years she is seeing liposuction patients referred by London plastic surgeons. With her care they are healing faster and the connective tissue is settling better. Katherina has been trained additionally in August 2016 with the carboxytherapy , what is the newest treatment post liposuction lymphatic drainage.

Please call to make bookings on my mobile telephone number 079 4945 1015


It is ancient healing art about 5000 years old. It is a natural and simple therapy which helps your body to heal itself. To stimulate your body I apply pressure to reflex areas of feet which correspond to all parts, glands and organs of your body. This brings your body into a balance and promotes good health. It can be used to treat:

Anxiety, asthma, digestive problems, sciatica, hormonal imbalance, infertility, insomnia, migraine, menopausal problems, pmt, stress, and sinusitis.

As the therapist I am specialising in treating stress related problems, insomnia, and infertility. I am supporting the IVF treatments.

Reflexology helps clients to deal with symptoms such as: insomnia, disturbed sleep, anxiety , low vitality and fatigue, sensation of running thoughts, impossibility to relax.

To alleviate these symptoms, I concentrate on reflexes related to the endocrine system including all hormonal glands which is related to emotional stability and mental health. I work on the reflex master pituitary gland, hypothalamus which is responsible for sleep and the reflexes for solar plexus and diaphragm helps clients to bring into deep relaxation and steady breathing. Pressure to the adrenal reflex point it is very helpful for body’s response to stress. I am focusing on reflexes of brain and spine ( central nervous system) to calm the whole body systems and to release the emotional or physical tension. Hormones play a key role in fertility and pregnancy and can be affected by stress. I am pressing reflexes related to ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus. My IVF clients who are trying to conceive are claiming that it is worth to go for the reflexology treatment open minded and positive. I have some positive results and I witnessed amazing joy of being pregnant.

60 min treatment £65


Manual lymphatic drainage differs from ordinary massage - it is very gentle and aims to encourage movement of lymph away from swollen areas.

Unlike some other forms of massage, lymphatic drainage utilises a very light pressure combined with soft pumping movements in the direction of the lymph nodes

The lymphatic system is responsible for helping fluid and waste leave the body and for regulating the immune system. When the lymphatic system becomes blocked, fluid builds up and stagnates, causing the entire system to become toxic, making us feel sluggish and more susceptible to viral or contagious diseases.

Lymph is a clear fluid that travels through your body's arteries, circulates through your tissues to cleanse them and keep them firm, and then drains away through the lymphatic system. Lymph nodes are the filters along the lymphatic system. Their job is to filter out and trap bacteria, viruses, cancer cells, and other unwanted substances, and to make sure they are safely eliminated from the body. When the lymphatic system becomes blocked, fluid builds up and stagnates, causing the entire system to become toxic, making us feel sluggish and more susceptible to viral or contagious diseases

Lymphatic drainage massage is especially useful for individuals who seem to suffer regularly from common illnesses like colds and flu. It is also recommended for people who lead sedentary lifestyles, or those who want to reduce puffiness or swelling. It has been cited as having a positive effect on problem skin, cellulite, dysfunctional respiratory systems and people with low energy.

I am specialising in post operations, liposuctions lymph draining.

Fluid retention (also known as Oedema) is the build up of predominantly water within certain areas of the body. The word oedema comes from the Greek word meaning, 'swollen condition'

Specific side-effects of liposuction include:
  • considerable bruising - can be painful and usually takes a month to clear
  • swelling - may not completely settle for up to six months

  • Liposuction, also known as liposculpture, can remove areas of fat that you have not been able to shift with diet and exercise.
    After the liposuction your doctor would advise you to consider a massage therapist for lymphatic drainage massage to relieve swelling and possible itching.
    Generally it should be 6 or 8 weekly sessions to help to drain the build up fluid under the skin. It will promote and sped up the body’s own healing mechanisms.

    I perform the lymph drainage after the liposuction surgeries and post cancerous lymphodemas.

    The aim of treatment for lymphoedema is to relieve discomfort by reducing swelling and to prevent more build-up of fluid.

    A lot can be done to manage lymphoedema, but it is a long-term problem. Although the swelling can usually be reduced, there is always a risk of it coming back. It may take several weeks or months before you notice any real improvement, but with treatment the affected part of the body should become less swollen, easier to move and less uncomfortable.

    60 min treatment costs £65
    30 min treatment costs £38


    imperfections on our bodies such as dark under-eye circles, scarring and cellulite are thought to be caused, in part, by the poor circulation of blood to those areas, and therefore a poor supply of oxygen. Carboxytherapy is said to work simply by tricking the body, as by injecting a small amount of carbon dioxide gas into the area, it will increase the dispatch of oxygen laden red blood cells to the area to pick up the new ‘waste’ carbon dioxide which the body will then naturally eliminate via the lungs over time. By increasing the amount of oxygen getting to the area the cells will become more active and thus speed up any healing or new cell production required to rejuvenate the area.
    The most common aesthetic indications for treatment with carboxytherapy are for cellulite and localised fat reduction, stretch marks, acne scars, post surgical scars, skin laxity and wrinkle reduction. Treatments are generally performed on the face, eye area, neck, arms, abdomen and thighs, scalp.

    How does it work post liposuction?
    Injections of CO2 are evening up the connective tissue and by increasing microcirculation and creating pressure in the cells burning rest of stubborn fat.

    How does it work on the stretch marks and post operative scars?
    By injecting the CO2 under the skin it is created temporary inflammation. As the result the elastine and collagen is stimulated and skin is remodelled.

    How does it work with hair thinning/hair loss?
    Carboxytherapy is used for the treatment of hair re-growth or hair loss. Carboxytherapy works as follows; it improves circulation at the injection site by forcing red bloods cells to release oxygen and pick up C02 to be eliminated by the body. This process of oxygenating the area causes angiogenesis of blood vessels in the area by nourishing the hair follicle much like laser hair rejuvenation. For Carboxytherapy hair rejuvenation, the injection of C02 has a vasodilation effect (opening up of tiny blood vessels) which allows for the increased nourishment of vitamins and nutrients to the scalp for increased hair growth and stabilization of hair loss. It is a great natural hair loss treatment and works wonders in combination with injected mesotherapy for hair loss

    How does carboxytherapy work for dark under eye circles?
    One major cause of dark under eye circles is vascular pooling. The capillary network of the lower eyelids can become congested for a variety of reasons. Normally, the tears drain from the eyelids into the nose, but if there is some obstruction due to chronic nasal congestion from seasonal allergies, previous nasal fracture, or a deviated septum, the drainage doesn’t function well, and the blood flow to the lower eyelids becomes sluggish, giving rise to the boggy blue tinge known casually as “allergic shiners.” The lack of appropriate oxygenation to the lower eyelid skin allows the bluish cast to show through the thin skin of the eyelids. Carboxytherapy works to improve the capillary network of the lower eyelids, as well as to increase the dermal collagen layer in the lower eyelid skin. By injecting a small amount of carbon dioxide gas into the affected areas, blood flow is increased and improved capillary networks are formed for longer lasting circulatory benefit. The bluish cast is replaced with a healthy pink tone. Once a series of treatments is completed, the skin has a more luminous appearance that lasts approximately six months.

    Carboxytherapy cost:
  • Eye area £60
  • Neck, décolletage £90
  • Full face £140
  • Head £140
  • Stretch marks, cellulite, post liposuction depend how large is the body area up to £260

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