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Kath Griffin

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Are you stressed, under pressure and feel that you just can’t cope? Are you exhausted, with a lack of energy and motivation? Do you fell bloated and suffer from digestive issues? Are you hormonal, with mood swings affecting your daily life? Are you in pain, with aching joints and muscles restricting your mobility? Do you feel below par and just don’t know where to turn?

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Berkhamsted HP4 2NR
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I can help you regain your health and wellbeing

You are not alone and understanding how your body works is the first step in creating a happier, healthier you. In today’s time poor society, many of us don’t spend enough time taking care of our bodies as we struggle to keep up with the continuous pressures of modern life. Through years of experience in kinesiology and holistic massage I can empower you to listen to your body and regain balance. Together we will get to the root of your health problems. We will find a natural solution to bring back and maintain a healthy balance and an overall sense of wellbeing.


Kinesiology is a safe and natural therapy that uses gentle muscle testing to recognise and repair any imbalances within your body that may be causing discomfort. It realigns your whole system through self-healing, restoring a well-balanced and pain-free you! Techniques include nutritional supplements, acupressure, gentle structural realignment, light and firm reflex massage, relaxation and suggested lifestyle changes.

Holisitic Massage

Holistic massage is a natural therapy that treats you as a whole, far beyond your symptoms at the time. This relaxing treatment will not only leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised, it will target your aches and pains right from the root cause, giving you long term health and happiness.

Through years of experience I have developed a unique holistic massage treatment that incorporates kinesiology techniques including lymphatic massage, acupressure holding points and nutritional advice. The results? An individual treatment tailored specifically to your needs with powerful lasting results.

How I can help you:

  • Enhanced health and wellbeing
  • Relief from stress
  • Increased energy and motivation
  • Improved memory, concentration and learning skills
  • Hormonal and emotional issues
  • Improved digestion
  • Relief from muscular pain and tension
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved coordination and physical ability

Why choose me?

I have been practicing Kinesiology and Holistic Massage since 2004. I work closely with each client, drawing on my years of experience to identify and resolve any health issues, to realign balance and restore wellbeing. Every session responds to the individual needs at that time and a consistently positive and friendly approach aims to put my clients at total ease.

The first appointment is an opportunity for you to talk and for me to listen. From this I can identify what your body needs and recommend a programme suited specifically to you. The key to resolving your health issue is to look beyond the symptoms and establish the root cause. Be patient! Health issues often build up over time and a realistic lifestyle change is often necessary to achieve and maintain long term results.

What people say

My work skill level has dramatically improved
“I went to Kath to see if she could help me tackle the issue I was having with stress through working long hours at a challenging job. Kath was very quick to get to the root of my stresses and how I should go about tackling them. Ever since, my everyday stress levels have been dramatically decreased to a point where I feel relaxed and content at all times. Through this result, my work skill level has dramatically improved and I feel like I have regained my passion for what I do. I would highly recommend Kath for her people skills; she genuinely comes across as someone who cares for her clients.” Ben Dilkes, Little Gaddesdon

I can really see light
“I couldn't carry on ignoring my food intolerances and digestion upsets as it was impacting my work and practice as a yoga teacher. Kath is wonderfully supportive, patient and thorough so you understand what you need to do to create the changes in your lifestyle. She is also realistic which is important so you don't feel guilt and can navigate problematic situations. After three sessions I can really see light at the end of a five year plus struggle with my digestion problems. The whole family is also under her guidance which is wonderful, that we all learn about our idiosyncrasies and support each other in our food choices.” Debs Jenkins, Hemel Hempstead

My back is now pain free
“When I first visited Kath I was looking for therapeutic massage to relieve lower back pain and stiffness in my neck, both longstanding problems originating from trauma.   My back is now pain free and the neck stiffness is intermittent.  One of the many things that I appreciate about Kath’s approach to therapy is that I can visit whenever problems occur, and she has never pressured me to return or have a course of treatments, that has always been my choice. I have also found her Kinesiology knowledge and skills invaluable to improving my wellbeing, and her friendly but professional manner never falters.” Di Stevens, Hemel Hempstead

Systematic Kinesiology training

What is Kinesiology?  Systematic Kinesiology is one of the fastest growing fields in natural health therapies. It is a complete natural healthcare system using muscle testing to identify what the body needs to restore and maintain health and well being.

The restoration of balance is achieved using kinesiology balancing techniques that address four key areas of the body

  • Physical – Structural (muscles, tissue, bones…) balancing techniques to physically align the body
  • Chemical – Identifying what the body is not getting that it wants (eg nutrition) as well as what the body is getting that it does not want (eg food sensitivity testing)
  • Emotional – emotional techniques enabling support for past, present and future emotional issues.
  • Electrical – Acupuncture meridians and combinations of acupressure holding points to balance our electrical field. Incorporating the philosophy of the ancient Chinese Traditional 5 Element Theory.

Muscle Testing is the tool of the Kinesiologist, used to identify the above. In Systematic Kinesiology we muscle test up to 44 muscles.

Each muscle is controlled by electrical circuits in the body, via the central nervous system (think of this as our electrical wiring). Our ‘electrical circuits’ connect our muscles, organs and systems into groups. By assessing the strength of a muscle we are also assessing the general balance/strength/function of the entire group related to each circuit.

It is important to stress that Kinesiology and muscle testing does not diagnose disease. Muscle testing allows analysis which detects functional imbalances. If these imbalances are ignored and allowed to accumulate disease may follow.

Reasons to do the course:

  • Interested in health and wellbeing
  • Want to learn practical tools to improve your own and your family's health
  • Thinking of adding a new skill to your Practice. This is useful for:
    • Reflexologists and massage therapists wanting an additional modality. (I integrate kinesiology techniques into my massage with powerful results.)
    • Nutritionists and Homeopaths wanting a diagnostic tool
    • Personal Trainers wanting to learn techniques to help their clients achieve their goals.
    • Physiotherapists who want to use muscle testing as an assessment tool.
  • Individuals wanting a career change.
  • Personal development and/or CPD

On the course you will learn how to:

  • Accurately test over 40 muscles to gain information about the organs and systems of the body
  • Identify food and chemical sensitivities
  • Assess whether someone’s problem needs structural, nutritional or emotional work to rebalance it.
  • Defuse emotional stress without being in any way intrusive.
  • Perform powerful techniques to help achieve goals, resolve fears and phobias, test for flower remedies etc
  • Identify imbalances in the body which lead to back and neck pain and how to help them.
  • Identify foods and nutrients which will enhance a client’s health.
  • Balance 14 meridians of the body to enhance health and well-being.

Course Information

The Balanced Health Foundation course is run over 6 weekends and is designed to be of practical application and value from day one. No prior knowledge or experience is required in any kind of health care. You will learn a wide range of techniques that can transform the health and lives of you and your family or clients.

Taster Evenings
You can find out more about our Foundation Courses by attending a taster session. These informal taster sessions are fun and relaxed and will give you a good overview of the principles and techniques that you will learn on levels 1 – 6.

The taster evening costs £10 but this is fully refundable* if you continue onto Balanced Health levels 1-6.


If you book within 7 days of the course taster, you are entitled to a 10% discount on the cost of the course.


Kath Griffin
  • Certified Systematic Kinesiology Practitioner of ASK (Association of Systematic Kinesiologists)
  • Systematic Kinesiology Instructor teaching the Balanced Health Foundation Course
  • ITEC Holistic Massage

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