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Julia Simmons

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Julia Simmons Counselling

Explore unresolved issues and move towards resolution & repair
I offer you a safe space to be, and to reflect.

Life changes - Bereavement -
Self esteem - Relationship issues - Depression - Anxiety

Contact NameJulia Simmons
AddressNewton Abbot
Newton Abbot TQ12 1DZ
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I am a Registered Counsellor with the British Association for Counselling and

I have a background in art, dance, Social work (Adult Health Care) and massage.
This informs my practice along with personal life experience of loss and
bereavement, major life challenges and change.

My practice offers you the opportunity to experience a transformative journey of
discovery. I see counselling as a therapeutic & transformative process experienced
in relationship. I am committed to holding a safe space for you to explore and
reflect upon unresolved issues, moving towards resolution & repair. I have
particular interest and experience in bereavement counselling, and work with
Cruse Bereavement Care

In addition to private counselling, I offer an intuitive and individual service for
older people, their carers, and family.. This tailor made service can incorporate
gentle touch massage, respite care, counselling, individual and family support. I
have always enjoyed working and being with Older People. (see below).

A transformative journey of discovery

• Clients come to me with uncertainty, scattered emotions & confusion. I endeavour
to create an environment that feels safe and has creative potential.
• By facilitating awareness, I encourage & empower self discovery. I aim to create a
fertile climate for change through dialogue, using metaphor & imagery, also
incorporating creative & dynamic exercises. I am inspired by creative approaches
which act as a conduit between the conscious & the unconscious. This may sound
challenging, but it is powerful & it can be fun.
• My therapeutic approach acknowledges & values your free will & choice. You will
never be forced to participate in anything you do not want to do. However we may
then explore your thoughts & feelings concerning that particular activity.


• Counselling is a therapeutic & transformative process experienced in relationship.
• Integrative Counselling weaves together different approaches, working with the
individual as a whole person, acknowledging & working with the connection
between body, mind and spirit.
• Counselling as a process, savours the interconnectivity of the individual with
themselves, the systems in which they exist, and with their counsellor. My
approach is rooted in the nature, quality, and experience of this relational
• I am committed to holding a safe space for you to explore & reflect, ensuring a
confidential & ethical service.


• The time and date of your sessions will be agreed in advance. This ideally will be
the same time and place each week.
• Sessions are usually agreed in 6 week blocks.
• Each session lasts one hour.

• The first session
- will explore your expectations, your hopes and fears about counselling
- will explore the counselling contract
- will agree to fees, dates and number of sessions.
- will agree to review and reflect on our experience as we continue to work.
- will discuss endings: of our sessions, and of our time together as a whole.

• Endings
Most therapy comes to a natural end. The last session will allow time to reflect
and celebrate our journey, closing one door and opening others.

• Your time & space
I am committed to holding a safe space for you, respecting & valuing your needs
without judgement, acknowledging your individuality & agency.


This is a brief outline of the counselling contract. I will give you a more
comprehensive document at your initial session, when we can discuss it in full.

• Your sessions with me are treated with strict confidentiality.
• In line with my BACP registration, I am required to have regular professional
supervision. Here, I review and reflect upon my therapeutic work, ensuring my
safety and efficacy to practice. Case material is presented in a way that preserves
my commitment to your confidentiality.

Data Protection:
• In order for me to support you and our sessions together, I currently keep brief
hand written case notes, which are anonymised, & kept in a locked, secure
• You have the right to see your notes and ask for them to be erased or shared.

Cancellation policy
• If appointments are cancelled with at least 24 hours notice, there will be no



I have always enjoyed working and being with Older People. I want to share my
enthusiasm and commitment with you. I believe that we all deserve respect,
particularly in a world where everything seems hurried and rationed. I am offering
you space and time, to help you identify, and meet your needs.

By combining my counselling skills, experience in Social Work, and practice as a
massage therapist, I aim to create a service that can be tailored to the individual. A
support service which aims to give Older People and Carers the opportunity to
think, talk and relax, through massage, counselling and relaxation techniques, plus
companionship. A friendly service to assist in making those challenging decisions
about the future.

Gentle touch, comforting massage can be carried out in your own home, at a Day
Centre in a Residential/Nursing Home, anywhere in fact where you feel able to sit
and relax. I can use a tabletop head rest, which enables you to lean forward for a
back and shoulder treatment or you can simply sit in a chair. Treatments are
generally clothed although I can work directly on you feet and hands with creams,
lotions or waxes.

I offer an individually tailored service to improve the quality of life of both Carer
and Older Person by helping to find a feeling of safety and security and thereby a
sense of self and belonging. Gentle touch massage can part of this but other
activities according to needs and wishes, can be arranged.
An initial consultation would be offered to agree a plan

Life offers us many challenges and those facing Older People and their families can
be difficult. I can help you look at your options and facilitate group/family
discussions, with respect and honesty

Seated Acupressure Massage

Seated Acupressure is a powerful and effective treatment that can leave you relaxed
yet energised. It is based on the principals of Japanese massage - Anma - one of the
oldest forms of massage, and incorporates traditional Japanese acupressure. The
massage techniques complement and enhance the acupressure, stimulating,
relaxing and balancing.

Treatments are clothed and carried out on a specially designed chair, which is fully
adaptable to all shapes and sizes. No oils are used. Where indicated, palm stones
(flat crystals) can be used to enhance the treatment.

Since working with Seated Acupressure alongside my other therapeutic work, I have
found it particularly helpful for people experiencing stress related conditions, and
those with neck and shoulder problems. I particularly enjoy the energy work and
find the positive flow uplifting.

Tension and stress in the workplace is a growing problem. Enterprising employers
have been looking for ways to support their staff and reduce the levels of absence.
One of the ways has been the introduction of On-Site Massage (seated acupressure
massage). Treatments can vary from 20mins up to an hour according to need and
budget. Regular treatments can help reduce work-related stress, neck and shoulder
problems and RSI.


• Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling - Ironmill College Exeter BACP Reg
• Diploma in Swedish Massage - APNT
• Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology - APNT
• Diploma in Seated Acupressure Massage - APNT
• Post Grad Certificate in Pregnancy, Labour and Postpartum Massage - (Awarded
by Exeter Natural Therapy Centre verified by APNT)
• Certificate in Massage in Schools Programme
• Reiki Second Degree - (awarded by David Boldick Independent Reiki teacher,
verified by APNT)
• Certificate in Basic First Aid for Appointed Person
• Certificate in Qualification in Social Work
• Insurance Services through Holistic Services.

Service Categories
Acupressure, Counselling, Holistic Massage, Reiki

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