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Joan George Therapies

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Melt your stress and tensions away!

Contact NameJoan George
AddressOsteopathy and Natural Health Clinic
70-72 Grange Road
West Kirby
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My therapies are designed to relax, re-balance and de-stress mind and body.

I am passionate about the benefits of Holistic Therapies and I am pleased to be able to offer treatments that can enhance and generate psychological and physical well-being.

These tailor made treatments may benefit those with chronic conditions and can also work alongside conventional medicine to help alleviate symptoms of ill-health and promote a feeling of well-being.I have chosen to learn a variety of therapies so that I can treat you holistically from head to toe!

NST-Bowen Therapy

NST stands for Neuro-structural Integration Technique, and was inspired by the life’s work of Tom Bowen. It is a hands-on technique in spinal and structural therapy for pain removal and realigning your body.

Using soft-tissue manipulation, NST is able to reset the body’s muscle tensional system causing safe, natural auto-regulation to occur within the spinal column and it’s structures, thereby eliminating pain and symptoms, while restoring postural integrity and vitality.


There are civilizations in Asia, Europe, Africa and North America that have practiced reflexology through the ages. The earliest form of reflexology is thought to have originated in China 5000 years ago.

Reflexology may work in a variety of ways by stimulating nerve endings, energy zones and meridians. Regardless of which method of stimulation is used reflexology may alter the state of the physical body, allowing natural life force energies to penetrate all cells, which can automatically replenish the energy flow on every level.

Crystal Therapy

Crystal Healing uses ideas and methods from many cultures and the present day interest in crystal healing is simply a continuation of mankind’s fascination with gemstones. There has been no historical period, nor any culture that has not prized crystals for their visual, magical or healing properties.

Current scientific understanding of the properties of crystals is comparatively recent and our modern world would not be possible without crystals. From computers to car engines, lasers to space shuttles – all have vital components made from those peculiar bits of stone. Properties of crystals derive from their orderliness and the stability of their atomic structure. If subjected to some outside force (such as heat, pressure, electricity or light) crystals are able to make minute adjustments to restore their internal stability. This is the quality that makes crystals so important in many different areas of technology. Humans are not separate from the mineral kingdom. Any mineral or crystal collection reflects what we have in our bodies – from iron crystals in our blood to minerals that crystallise in our bones.

Similarly, the minerals we take as food supplements, and the fertilisers we use in our fields and gardens, are the same materials that exist in the crystal forms we use as decoration or tools for healing.

Bio-Energy Massage

This massage combines elements of reflexology, deep tissue massage, meridian therapy, lymph drainage and shiatsu, to provide the client with the best possible environment for relaxation, stress release and promotion of good health.

The power of touch alone can have miraculous effects. Massage may improve blood flow, stimulate lymph drainage, reduce muscle tension and pain, and removes toxins, thereby promoting a feeling of well being.


Reiki is usually translated as ‘Universal Life Force Energy’, an energy which animates us all and is found all around us. Reiki is a form of healing using this ‘universal life energy’ which is channelled through the practitioner to the recipient.

Reiki is a safe, gentle non-intrusive hands-on healing technique harmonising all aspects of the person and can be used to encourage personal awareness and growth.

Reiki can enrich your life and bring you happiness and health on all levels. As in any healing the first step towards a healthier life is a desire to be healed. Reiki does not replace medical treatment, it compliments it, and is a way to become and remain healthy.


If you touch the body with your fingers, and pay close attention to the sensations, you will notice that there are points on the body that naturally attract your attention. And if you rub them or tap on them or poke them, they stimulate a healing response. Pain is relieved and we feel better.

Humans have explored the healing potential of such points for well over 5000 years. Treatment of these points is part of the ancient medical history of many cultures, particularly Traditional Chinese Medicine which uses needles to stimulate these points. Acupuncture affects the flow of energy in the body, and and can correct the “disrupted” flow of energy in the body that leads to dis-ease and distress.


Hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool to achieve mind-body health. It may also enhance performance, control pain, encourage healing, and can facilitate the understanding and the interplay between mind and body.

The subconscious part of the mind is responsible for almost all the functions of our life, such as breathing, behaviour, habits, food digestion, walking, physical health, learning, emotions, dreams and much more. The conscious part of the mind has a small effect on our lives compared to the unconscious.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is based on the traditional form of Champi, an Indian word denoting a particular massage technique. Head massage is commonplace in India, and was developed by Indian women who passed the techniques down through the generations for thousands of years.

In our modern society stress, poor eating habits, pollution, lack of exercise and fresh air all contribute to a variety of ailments settling in the head and shoulders. Indian Head Massage is a simple effective technique where the head, neck and face are massaged with the purpose of influencing energy channels. The goal is to clear blocks in these energy channels where a build-up of negative energy may have caused stagnation in our energy field.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is future oriented taking you from where you are now to where you want to go based on what you want to achieve and the steps needed to achieve your goals and desires. By helping you to achieve your full potential you will build an awareness and responsibility for your own life and also a sense of empowerment and fulfillment.


NLP is an exciting discipline. It has three aspects:
  1. Neuro
  2. Linguistic
  3. Programming

These represent the three aspects that make up NLP
  1. Neuro – the mind – how we think, feel and imagine
  2. Linguistic – language – speaking, written, unwritten
  3. Programming – the technical side of how to influence the mind through language

What does NLP mean? NLP is a wonderful key that may unlock more than you think you deserve, and already have available to you, if you thought to believe in yourself as you do in the power of other people.


My therapy business has brought me into contact with wonderful people, thank you to my clients for these lovely testimonials.


I have known Joan for a number of years. She is a wonderful, caring, compassionate person and extremely competent. I benefited a great deal from our sessions and would not hesitate to recommend her.


Joan works intuitively with me, listening closely to my needs, thus developing a relationship of trust. I feel supported and at the same time motivated, amid Joan’s empathy and understanding.

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