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Inner Kalm

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Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Meditation

Contact NameNormalene Darrien
Grangemouth FK3 8QE
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Welcome to Inner Kalm


My name is Normalene Darrien, I am a healer, counsellor, teacher and therapist, and my life path is helping people to heal physically and relax and transform emotionally.

I am fully trained and qualified in Professional Analytical Hypnotherapy and registered with the general hypnotherapy standards council “GHR”

I am also a spiritual teacher and Reiki Master, providing intense healing sessions and training courses for those wishing to learn this wonderful therapy for themselves. I am able to offer Self Esteem Counselling sessions which do exactly as they sound :- raising confidence and self esteem to help you overcome anxiety and achieve your goals.

I feel blessed since childhood to have always had the ability to heal with my hands and absolutely love this work. As a shamanic healer, angel and meditation teacher, I harness and work with many different energies, both conventional and spiritual.

I use these rejuvenating energies to bring in calmness and healing, tailoring sessions to suit every individuals needs. Whether you need hypnotherapy, hands on healing or self esteem counselling, I will have something to help you feel better, and hopefully help you find your own INNER KALM!


My clients feel relaxed and comfortable with me, which is an important factor in promoting self confidence and self development. If you think I may be able to help you release problems, find your true self and move on to lead a happier more relaxed life, then please phone or email me for further advice or to make an appointment.


Reiki is a healing natural energy which travels through the practitioners hands and into the person in need of healing. It can best be described as a gentle yet powerful healing therapy.

It is a highly rated treatment which works in harmony with traditional medicine and other therapies.
Reiki can relieve and sometimes completely eliminate a range of painful conditions such as muscular pain, IBS, joint pain, headaches, and is also excellent at removing nervous tension, anxiety and insomnia.


A Reiki treatment with me is a deep and very relaxing experience.
After a simple consultation, you will rest fully clothed on a therapy couch and listen to relaxing music.
I will then gently place my hands on or just above the body, allowing you to experience the comforting heat which comes from the Reiki energy. You may wish to try a treatment out of curiosity, and that’s absolutely fine, but to really receive the full healing benefits, a set of three sessions is usually recommended. This is of course up to the individual.

Animals love to absorb healing energies. Reiki has the power to calm and relax all creatures great and small. I offer a distant pet healing service, so that no matter where you live your pet can receive beneficial healing energy. Please contact me if you wish me to send healing.


Shamanic Reiki is very similar to a traditional Reiki session, but perhaps a little deeper and stronger. I work intuitively with shamanic energies and spiritual energies which enables me to bring about deep emotional healing of the heart. This is especially beneficial to those who feel the need to release sadness, heartbreak and tension from their lives. Shamanic Reiki may last slightly longer than a traditional Reiki treatment.


If you would like to learn how to be a Reiki healer then I offer enjoyable one day training courses at levels one, two and advanced. I have many satisfied students as I teach from the heart, preferring to take small classes or do one to one training. Check out my web site for further details.


Inner Kalm therapy is based in Grangemouth Stirlingshire.
I work from a relaxing therapy room adjacent to my home premises.


Hypnotherapy is prolific in relieving many symptoms, such as fears and phobias of all descriptions, shyness and lack of confidence, panic attacks, and the more common issues such as weight loss and smoking cessation.


I have a very good success rate in helping people to kick the habit for good in only one session! You will be given two CD’s to assist you in staying a non smoker and I also provide an extra back up session if it is required. All you need to succeed is some self determination and a desire to quit, I can them add in the right level of hypnosis to double up your willpower and hopefully help you stay a successful non smoker.


Losing weight with hypnosis is a simple procedure. I will take a thorough consultation, and then tailor a suitable strategy using hypnosis to help you control your personal eating habits and lead a healthier happier lifestyle. If you have tried other avenues with no lasting success, then Inner kalms version of losing weight and keeping it off may be just what you need.


Hypnosis is a very relaxing experience. You are always aware of what is being said and what is happening. It is just like a guided meditation where I will work with the powerful subconscious mind to bring about favourable changes. Clients report at feeling completely chilled out after only one session! I will give you a full consultation to understand your particular problems and then I will explain how hypnosis works. When you are happy, we will proceed with the therapy itself. A first session including consultation will take about ninety minutes in all…thereafter approximately one hour.


If you would like to see me for inspirational counselling, I specialise in building confidence and raising self esteem. I do this through a variety of means, such as discussion, mind coaching and positive visualisation. Counselling techniques can also be blended with hypnotherapy, to provide a very powerful healing package. I simply take into consideration the preferences of the client, and design a healing strategy to help in the best way.

As a meditation teacher and mind coach, I am practised in helping people to relax and unwind enough to allow deep relaxation to occur, I can then work on helping you to find your inner confidence to achieve your goals and enjoy life in a positive way.

Inner Kalm is ideally placed in the central Scotland area to serve Falkirk, Stirling and Stirlingshire, as well as East Lothian, West Lothian, Fife and Clackmannanshire.

Call - 01324874976

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