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Holistic Measures

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Reiki in Plymouth - Sheila is a Reiki Master /Teacher Practitioner, Crystal Therapist, Hopi ear candle, Colour Therapist in Plymouth and South East Cornwall. She is also an Animal Communicator and Healer

Contact NameSheila Bullard
Liskeard PL14 5NJ
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Welcome to
Holistic Measures

Holistic Measures

Sheila is a Reiki Master / Teacher based in Pensilva, with a therapy centre (The Treatment Barn - 01579 351568) in St Mellion and although sometimes uses a therapy room in Plymouth does travel around Plymouth and the South East Cornwall area to share the Reiki energy with clients in their own homes. Many people seem to prefer the home sessions as they are able to completely chill down and do not have to worry about driving home afterwards. A small token charge will be added to the session price for those living further than 10 miles from Pensilva.
Other therapies include, Ear Candle and Colour Therapy, Sheila is also an animal communicator and healer.

Reiki is a natural complimentary therapy which is helpful for all kinds of conditions, none of which can be guaranteed to cure, but Reiki will ease the pain and burden. This is especially useful for stress and stress related conditions.

Our Therapies

We are a small company specialising in Reiki, Crystal and Hopi Ear Candle therapy, for those living in the Plymouth and SE Cornwall area.

Please note that while we are confident as to the effects of these therapies, we cannot give any guarantees that they will work for all people all of the time. In addition we ask that you continue with any medication or treatment as advocated by your medical doctors, but do discuss the use of any of these complimentary therapies with them.

We also provide Reiki, and Crystal Therapy training.

This includes a 2 year crystal therapy diploma, which starts with the introduction to Crystals Workshop.

Please ring or email to discuss dates and prices if you are interested, or visit the the website.

We also sell a wide range of all things crystal through the website and at various events through out the South West Region.

Reiki Therapy

The word Reiki comes from a combination of two Japanese words:

“Rei” pronounced “ray” which means spiritually guided wisdom

“Ki” pronounced “key” which means life-force energy.

The energy used in Reiki or the “Reiki Energy” allows the body to heal and balance itself by changing or shifting the energy flow in the body.

Reiki Healing directs spiritually-guided, life force energy through a Reiki therapist to the client as they relax on a therapy table or in a chair if they are not able to lie down. Reiki can be given anytime, anywhere, to anyone or anything in the same room or another place; state or country.

Reiki is not associated with any religions or religious teachings from any eastern or western cultures. Dr Usui, the founder, used methods and realizations for Reiki following a spiritual experience that he had when he was on Mt. Kurama, in Japan. Reiki moved to the western world in the mid – 1900’s, with Usui Reiki teachings as the main guide. By studying the energies and Chakras that Dr. Usui introduced, students were able to develop skills and practice Reiki.

A Reiki therapist uses and lives with the set of principals set down by Dr Usui. These principals become part of their lives; they use Reiki for spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental healing. Reiki can bring balance and harmony to one’s life as well as healing.

A healer is not allowed to diagnose a problem and is not able to tell anyone to stop taking any medication that a Doctor has prescribed.


Reiki Master Teacher Crystal Therapist Hopi Ear Candling Therapist Colour Therapist Animal Communicator and Healer

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Colour Therapy, Ear Candling, Energy Healing, Reiki, Spiritual Healing

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