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Nikki Hawkes
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An experienced, professional medical herbalist offering herbal medicine and nutritional therapy for complex health issues, especially digestive problems such as SIBO, IBS or reflux and thyroid issues such as low thyroid function, fatigue, constipation and depression. Get in touch if you want to heal your gut, boost your energy and feel calmer.

Welcome to The Holistic Health Centre

Herbal medicine

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and you can't remember the last time you felt well, you need the help of an experienced practitioner that is trained to identify the underlying causes of ill health and disease.

For instance, a common root cause is poor gut health or poor digestion, which can lead to many other health problems such as fatigue, anxiety, skin problems, joint pain and more. 

Treating only the overt symptoms does not address the underlying causes of ill health and failing to address the root causes means you can end up having long term health issues as a result. Spiraling into a situation of more and more medications but never really feeling better.

You need someone that can take a look at your health with a holistic view. Assess the overall picture and provide the guidance you need to improve your health naturally.


"Thank you so much for your support and advice which has helped me clarify what suited me best without conflicting with medication currently taking. Following the detailed assessment, I felt reassured that I was on the right track moving forward."
Anne, Stamford

"I am very happy with the medicine that you have prescribed. Happy also with the research that you did and the questions that you asked to make sure that it was correct for me. Having used the medicine I can honestly say that it never fails to help me."

"I felt that Nikki did a very thorough holistic assessment and pinpointed my problem immediately, she prepared a herbal medicine which was easy to take and took effect after just the first two or three days."
Teresa Smith, Peterborough

"Appointments are unhurried and Nikki's ability to listen and respond empathetically makes a huge difference. Highly Recommended."
Y.S. , Bourne

"Since attending the Holistic Health Centre my condition (itchy skin) has much improved."
D.R. , Holbeach

BSc Hons Phytotherapy (Herbal medicine) PG.Dip Nutritional Medicine AFMCP-UK Dip. Acupuncture Registered GAPS practitioner

Service Categories
Acupuncture, Allergy Testing / Treatments, Herbalists, Indian Head Massage, Laser Therapy

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