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Healthy-Minds Limited

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We offer bespoke psychological services, drawing on a combination of skills and therapies allowing us to apply the appropriate technique or combination of techniques that will best suit you and your requirements.

Stafford ST16 2EZ
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Healthy Minds are a dynamic company, with experienced practitioners in psychology, counselling, executive personal coaching, hypnotherapy and personal performance & development coaches. We work extensively with individuals on a one to one basis, couples and families that may be experiencing difficulties.

Our services are about enabling our clients to reach their potential, to open up possibilities and provide a path for future personal and corporate development.

Healthy Minds are able to help people who may be suffering with the following symptoms.

  • Low Moods
  • Self Esteem
  • Attitudes
  • Panic Attacks
  • Finding Love
  • OCD
  • Anxiety Symptoms
  • Relationship Difficulties
  • Destructive Relationships
  • Confidence Issues
  • Attachment Issues
  • Sexual Problems

Executive Personal Coach

An executive personal coach works with all ages, the work aims to enable individuals to reach their academic and career potential.

Many children require additional coaching to assist in school entrance exams, the process is seamless, exciting and very successful. Hundreds of children have succeeded in their academic aspirations, enabling them to access fee paying and non fee paying Grammar schools.

Adults are often stuck in jobs that do not inspire them, they have dreams of working in different arenas but lack direction. An executive personal coach prepares you, not only for focused direction but also through the CV and interview process.


Hypnosis can be applied to thousands of psychological, emotional and physical ailments.

Increasingly, hypnotherapy is being utilised within the addictions domain for the treatment of:-

Smoking – Alcohol – Recreational drugs – Sex addictions – Internet addictions – Food & weight problems

This type of therapy has also been a very powerful tool in the world of pain management and is able to help with:-

Labour pains – Painful disabilities – Terminal illness suffering – Stammering – Blushing – Bed wetting – Chronic asthma sufferers

Phobias are well known to be treated very successfully with hypnotherapy;

Panic attacks – Obsessive compulsive disorder – Stress related problems – Insomnia – IBS – Psoriasis – Excessive sweating – Tinnitus

Chartered Psychologist

A Chartered Psychologist offers a comprehensive range of services delivered by a highly qualified specialist. The width of services offered are hugely varied, mental health, physical health and neurological conditions.

Working with a Chartered Psychologist within Healthy Minds is a unique opportunity to change your life, to take control and to learn bespoke interventions that will act as a psychological toolbox for you to use in your modified life.

Services include:

  • Assessment and treatment of adults, children and families
  • Medico-legal assessment and court reports
  • Complex conditions include PTSD, brain injury, severe mental health issues
  • Bespoke teaching and training
  • Consultations/Clinical Supervision to other professionals and organisations


Counselling is a process which allows you to talk about your feelings and concerns within a confidential and supportive environment. At Healthy Minds we have a number of Counsellors that are experts in their fields.

It does not involve advice, diagnosis or judgement. Rather than offering advice, diagnosis or judgement, it provides you with an opportunity to gain insight into your present situation, feelings and behaviour. And as a consequence, it empowers you to make clear and informed choices about your future options in life.

In general, Counselling is a talking therapy that allows individuals to deal with specific life issues, whereas Psychotherapy is used to deal with ‘deeper’ issues, most commonly in situations where past experiences cause present distress.

The number of sessions that you decide to book will vary according to the nature of your presenting issue and the depth to which you would like to explore it. Some clients choose a short course of therapy to deal with a specific issue, whilst other clients prefer to undertake longer term therapy as a means to help them examine and understand broader themes within their lives.

The length and form of the therapy is something that you can discuss and agree with your therapist at the start of the counselling process. This approach can then be reviewed at regular intervals to ensure that you are receiving the therapy that is right for you.

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Counselling, Hypnotherapist, Life Coaching, Psychotherapy

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