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Healing Hands and Herbs

Calne SN11 9DH
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i.t.e.c. (anatomy, physiology & massage; nutrition & diet) dip. British Inst. of Allergy & Environmental Therapy; cert. in herbal medicine with Nat. Inst. of Medical Herbalists; cert. in kinesiology; cert. in reflexology; dip. London School of Aromatherapy; qualified practitioner of pleiadian lightwork; insured member of the Complementary Therapists Assoc.

I use all my various skills to help you get and stay well; to restore your vitality, balance and happiness. I will help you let go of all that you no longer want, be it allergies, toxic overload, (responsible for many dis-eases) or emotional baggage. I use herbs, reflexology, diet and nutrition, aromatherapy massage, flower essences (which I make myself and which help address some of the emotional causes of your problem).

I also use some 'energy techniques', specifically kinesiology, as a way of asking the body itself what we need to know. Now I also use my new machine, which works on magnetic resonance (much like an MRI scanner) because it discovers so much so quickly.

I practice 'pleiadian lightwork' (see which works on clearing the energy- field around your body of unwanted connections. Call me for more details and explanatory leaflet.

My treatments are from £30 per hour.

I worked in London for some 20 years, and occasionally go up for specific therapies but mostly I now work form my home in Calne, Wiltshire, near Avebury Rings.

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I work in a 'holistic' way, which means I treat the whole person, not just the specific 'problem'.

So, although you may have a 'bad back' there may be nutritional, or even emotional factors involved.(Not feeling supported?) So a little help with diet or looking at causes that may not always be physical!

The treatment choice is, of course, always yours; if you just want a nice massage that is fine.

I charge £30 per hour for most of my treatments.

I find my new machine, my 'Quantum Magnetic Analyser' to be a great boon; it works on your body's magnetic resonance, much like an MRI scanner does, and itwill analyse 22 different body systems, and give you a summery -- in just 3 minutes! It will highlight deficiencies, and toxic overload, which is very useful indeed. This gives us a sound basis to work from very quickly, and a focus. If you address the deficiencies and get out the toxins, so many problems will come right!

I knew the late Dr. Douglas Latto of Harley street who wrote a little paper some years ago in The Lancet recounting how he helped 13 people with anorexia recover by supplementing with zinc! The assumption must be that somehow a serious lack of this mineral had led to a distorted metabolism and self-image. Ideas can be powerful, but so can nutrients! If there are deeper issues, these can be gently explored. Here Pleiadian Lightwork can be used which helps you disconnect from and release people and beliefs that no longer serve your purpose. Do send for a leaflet if you want to know more.



Usually, this means 'overweight', but underweight can be an issue too, as we all know. There are many issues involved here to do with our relationship with ourselves, and our food.

It is not always a deep issue to do with self-esteem and traumatic food issues from childhood, though these can play a part. It can simply be to do with inadequate nourishment, causing glands to work inefficiently. The body is always trying to look after you! If your diet is short of minerals (a common problem) then it will want you to eat more just to try get those minerals.

If the thyroid gland is not getting what it needs, then the body will struggle to function in an ideal way, and weight will go on. We will work with getting the glands back into balance, ensuring the liver and kidneys and heart are working well and that the body gets what it is wanting.

Weight issues do not have to be lifelong struggles! You CAN live happily in and with your body beautiful!


I trained with The British Institute for Allergy & Environmental Therapy near Aberystwyth
I use kinesiology to detect your allergies or sensitivities and from there will use homeopathic dilutions of those substances to desensitize the body to them.

I also use herbs and nutritional supplements and discuss a diet that will help. It is important to get the body back in balance and the immune system strong. Often many allergies will disappear once this is done. The testing is completely non-invasive, just gentle pressure on your arm. (Or I will use the QMA machine because it checks so much so quickly!) Don't suffer in silence! Get in touch!


This can be a most distressing condition. Usually the liver needs a lot of help to detoxify more effectively, and there are herbs for this. Often there is a problem with the digestion in that substances that should be taken out of the body are seeping through the intestinal walls and the skin then tries to get rid of them. It's very important to check for any allergies too, and to see that vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids needed for healthy skin are present in sufficient amounts.

I saw a lady just once some years ago (she lived a long way from me) who had had the condition for 20 years. Her whole body was red, itchy and scaley. She had been wrapped in polythene, scraped, irradiated, covered on cortisone cream but still had the condition. all over her body. I checked all of her diet etc. etc. (without my machine which was not available then) and made recommendations for change, suggested needed supplements, and despite some continuing stress, after 3 months there was only the tiniest bit on her elbow and back of knees.

Do not resign yourself to a diet of drugs; give natural therapy a try!


Here I will check related problems that often go way back and are often associated with certain foods. We will check for any allergies and how to deal with them; sometimes avoidance is best for a while, and then when the body-system is stronger we can use desensitisers so that the food will eventually be able to be consumed. It is very important to make sure that the liver and kidneys are working well, and I will normally suggest some herbs/diet for a 'de-tox'.

Remember the skin is an organ of elimination!

It's important to see that the vitamins and minerals particularly associated with building healthy skin are consumed in appropriate amounts, especially essential fatty acids. I will check which are most needed. Also there are herbs that will help greatly.

There are answers that do not involve cortisone!


Erectile Dysfunction

There are many natural answers to this problem. I use kinesiology as a tool to find out what deficiencies you may have and then use nutritional supplements to rectify those deficiencies. I use various herbs to cleanse and detoxify the liver and herbs to balance the hormones; there are many substances in our environment which mimic female hormones in the body, which can precipitate difficulties. I am always researching additional herbs from other countries as they become available. Many of these have been used successfully in places such as India, Brazil, China for years, but are only now being ‘discovered’ in the West. I also use massage and other stress-relieving techniques and have had very good results over the last 16 years.

I come to London once a month so please email me for a consultation.


A healthy libido is about feeling well and emotionally happy and having enough energy and desire fir the sex you want! With or without a partner, it's nice to know that the spirit is willing if it comes to it.!

Somehow, these days, many people seem to be struggling in this area. Partly, "stress", perhaps, or overwork. Also, much of the food we eat does not contain the level of vitamins and minerals it once did and often also contains chemicals from pesticides and herbicides that affect the body's hormones. this is one of the many instances where the QMA machine can be very useful in pinpointing deficiences. (See special section).

So my approach is to attempt to rid the body of some of these alien chemicals, re-nourish the body, help with relaxation and stress reduction (massage etc.) and add herbs that may help.

Simone de Beauvoir asked her Gran at the age of 82 when women stopped being interested in sex. She replied (in French) 'I don't know, my dear. You'll have to ask someone older than I am !

Menopausal Difficulties

The menopause is merely a 'time of life', a 'right of passage' even, but it is not an illness!

We seem to be so incredibly out-of-balance health-wise, that, unfortunately many women really do suffer at this time and often end up being given synthetic hormones, all of which, though they may make you feel temporarily 'normal' encourage cancer. Then, if the 'big C' does strike, they are left 'cold turkey' without their hormones and with glands that have forgotten how to make them! This can feel pretty dreadful!

Pre-Menstrual Difficulties

Here again we will use herbs, oils, diet and supplements to detoxify , nourish and balance. When the body's requirements are met, the hormones will work effectively to bring balance and harmony. No need for discomfort or stress.

It's possible to find safe herbs that will encourage your glands to continue to make enough oestrogen to keep you happy, even though your periods stop. It can be a great time of life! No more contraceptives! 'Hot flushes' do not have to happen! If they do, drink sage tea. (Normally I like to check individual herbs with a kinesiology muscle-test, because everyone is different, but just about everyone is ok with sage, and it's such a help). Then there is Agnus Castus, Wild Yam. Chinese Angelica and Black Cohosh.

It may be useful to have a look at any other health issues that could have a bearing on a stressful menopause, of course, and to check which herbs are the best for you, but feel free to experiment with those mentioned above. Do get potent, organically grown herbs if you can, as, sadly, there are some of poor quality around. Get to it, anyway! It can be a great time! I am here to help, if you wish. All that happened to me was that my periods stopped!

These herbs, and others, can help one have a good time after the menopause. Escape the synthetic hormone trap! I don't think you'll regret it!


Irritable Bowel

This is becoming a commoner issue than it ever has been and has many causes which need a little patience to unravel! We need to cleanse the bowel of unwanted substances/bacteria/parasites, check for any allergies, and at the same time do all we can to soothe the inflammation. There are many natural substances that can help with all these issues, and there are often things to do to relax you too; sometimes tension is a part of the problem, not helped by worrying about the problem itself! Drugs will only mask things temporarily. Is it not worth trying to get to the real cause and dealing with it naturally?

M. E.

For this we look at the whole life-style, now and in the past: diet, relationships, all stresses (including electromagnetic from computers, mobile & cordless ‘phones etc.) We need to allow the body to recover it’s strength and natural immunity.

Many, many people have done it. It's possible to get your life back! It's 'to leave no stone unturned' and to learn to listen to what the body is trying to say. I can help you start the process, and maybe see you get your energy back, or you may choose to add acupuncture or need some spinal manipulation with someone else, or hypnotherapy. Relaxation, nutrition, the elimination of external stresses (especially electromagnetic), detoxifying of 'heavy metals' are a huge part of it, but everyone is an individual with individual needs. I may start the process of your journey back to health and then you may continue with something else that may feel right. It is to find the help that feels right to you at the right time. I will always recommend another therapy if it is appropriate. Nobody has all the answers all of the time for everybody!

However there are answers, and many alternative therapists have dealt successfully with M.E. Take the first step!


Including lack of vitality. Everything relevant is explored and whatever is necessary to restore energy is used. If there is tiredness, then something in diet, relationships, or lifestyle is deficient/ out-of balance/ not working. Together we will find what, in order to deal with it and, hopefully, address the situation. It is always good to improve the physical energy as fast as we can, because it is then easier to see things in a truer light; I use specific herbs for this. There may be other issues, but they can feel disproportionately negative when the body is exhausted. I will help you dive in to change this chicken-and- egg cycle! Give me a ring!


Back/Neck Pain

For this I use aromatherapy massage together with reflexology. Some oils are particularly good at relaxing muscles (like the oil of the St. John's Wort, pictured here) together with gentle manipulation. Then there are points on the feet that directly affect the different parts of the body. Sometimes there are other reasons for these problems (someone being a 'pain in the neck')? Give it a try! It doesn't always have to be, clunk/click!

You don't have to be in pain!

You may not have pain,but just need a soothing, relaxing massage; take away the stresses of the day! I charge £30 per hour and you may choose the length of session to suit you.Just give me a call!


Do you want a fast track way to check your health?
This wonderful little machine may be the answer!

It is a simple non-invasive test that takes about 3 minutes; I then spend a good hour looking at results with you and deciding on a plan-of -action to address the most highlighted issues. For this I charge £45.

You get a huge amount of amazingly helpful information from this which can really help address current health issues and prevent future ones!

It gives a readout of 22 body systems, letting you know if the system is 'normal' 'mildly abnormal' 'moderately abnormal' or 'seriously abnormal'.

It gives a summary at the end on the most important issues to look at and address. I find it incredibly useful as a focus, and as an incentive to improve and stick to ones resolve!

It is an analysis, not a diagnosis, but very very useful. It would take hours to discover so much by other means!

Particularly useful is that it picks up vitamin and mineral deficiences, and toxins. A lot of people seem to have overloads of both lead and arsenic, and there are some wonderful substances, such as zeolite, for getting tham out!

Also many people are totally unaware that they have very low bone density, which can be addressed before it causes any debility or fracture.

The procedure is simple: you simply hold the 'test-rod' connected to the machine, which is connected to the computer, and sit quietly for about 3 minutes! The machine will 'read' the signals given off by the various body systems and feed it into the computer.

It checks all the main body systems in depth, including:

Excretory (Bladder, Kidneys, Liver, Skin)
Skeletal (including bone density)
Sexual (Prostate,Uterus)
Endocrine ( Thyroid, Thymus gland, hormones)
Nervous (& brain)
Blood sugar (& pancreas)
Overall vitality & Weight
Immune System

Not a bad start? Get in touch if you'd like to try it!

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