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Healing 4 Humanity

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Welcome to Healing 4 Humanity (H4H)
Meditation and Spiritual Intervention for Change

Spiritually Active Tools to Overcome Fear, Suffering and Trauma
Personal and Global Approaches

Contact NameNadira Seeram
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Psychospiritual Training, Coaching & Healing Therapy

Inner Yoga Mechanisms of Shakti and Kundalini and their Purpose for the Planet

The key principle of Healing 4 Humanity is the recognition and generation of the power of change, Shakti, or the energy that shifts attention, focus, and consciousness.
It is not the energy of a different focus, but the power to shift it and to break through the locks of debilitating stress and conflict. 
Accessing the power of change opens possibilities, overcoming fear, despair, or the need to hold on.
In its awakened form, it is Kundalini or awakened power. Practices are based on specialised meditation techniques.

Healing 4 Humanity is based in Sussex, England where clients are seen by request for personal training and healing programmes to develop their Shakti Channels​.
Online video appointments are available


Consultations and Healings

Healing 4 Humanity is a profoundly practical response to life issues. How energy moves, or rather how it doesn't, is the source of all our issues; we want to hold on or we can't let go.
When our soul energy is blocked we can easily be manipulated to replicate patterns of being in fear and staying in conflict. However, when energy is unblocked, we can be positively affected to relax and restore the soul's capacity to know and deliver truth. This is the state of the soul at peace.
Buildings and spaces can also hold stuck energy which can be cleared.

Consultations are designed to accelerate your healing and spiritual journey, bring greater clarity to your life, relieve blockages of fear, stress, anxiety and trauma, build protection, and to create a self-healing personal development practice.

Book in-person, telephone or skype consultations for personal healing, stress and tension relief, consultations for change, conflict resolution, vision building, all types of energy clearing, aligning your space and any other concern.

Ask about Family/ Group/ Business Consultations and Healings

Santosha~satisfaction and contentment~ Healing/Training Programmes including Ayurveda for the mind, body, and spirit

Choose from 3 different levels of healing and training to bring about contentment and satisfaction in all areas of your life. Learn a personalised and truly holistic karmic resolution and lifestyle for the soul practice.

Utilising Shakti Soul Channels and Ayurveda Life Channels to bring the greatest relief and healing of stress and disorder.

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Ongoing Events

Change your Life Story: Conflict Resolution through Meditation

Our lives are an opportunity to resolve our inner conflicts and release our true spirit.
You can experience freedom from all beliefs about yourself and others, freedom from all identifications which are the source of conflict, inner and outer.
This freedom is an unlimited source of deep inner peace and security, universal love and truth.
Change your Life Story are days or personalised programmes to enable you to act from, and in, the freedom and harmony of your spirit.

Peace Circles Process

Peace Circles are profound self-healing and global healing meditation systems, through them you receive the vibrations of higher consciousness, of Oneness.
The formulas release stress or the fight-flight-fear response of separateness. You can truly be at ease with yourself, others, and our environment.

A Peace Circles Process runs for 4 sessions, developing your connection, abilities, and clarity of the true power of Creation.
You can​ activate your soul energy, change struggle into freedom, learn to see your highest self, and apply the highest good for all.

In-person and Online Sessions


Water 4 Trauma

Water inspires and touches the soul like nothing else can. It returns us to the state of clarity and peace that we all long for. Meditation in the water clears blockages and open channels that otherwise lay stagnant and closed.

Water connects us to the source and flow of the River of Life. When we are in water, we communicate more deeply with the source of our own nature. Water can cleanse, erase or awaken parts of us we have forgotten. It can return us to the state of purity, love and balance that is our true nature. With the right techniques, water can effectively treat all stress-based conditions as it clears memory and cuts through false belief patterns and repetitive cycles.

The healing modality of water is one of the most powerful means to relieve stress and trauma that have left their mark as the ghosts of time. Addictions, depression and PTSD can be washed away as the consciousness of the soul wakes up to the power it holds to change its own reality.

Water holds the vibration of memory and awareness which is the depth of clarity through which we see our lives. It can reveal the truth, the true vibration of the soul, simply and profoundly by ending the reliving of past experience. It is a profound way to clear the mind.

You can receive water healing sessions as well as an initiation into a self-healing water meditation process.

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!


Soul University Graduate, Ayurveda Lifestyle and Nutrition Diploma

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