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Jan Edgar

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I am a fully qualified Homeopath and Health Kinesiologist with over 25 years experience of running a successful health clinic.
Over the years I have worked with hundreds of people with many different types of physical, emotional and psychological problems, including those for which there is no conventional medical solution.

Contact NameJan Edgar
AddressWakefield Homeopathy Clinic
12 Stillwell Drive
Wakefield WF2 6RL
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Kinesiology and Homeopathy

I am a fully qualified, Homeopath and Health Kinesiologist with over 25 years experience of running a successful complementary therapy clinic in Wakefield.

My clients come with so many different types of physical, emotional and psychological concerns, including those for which there is no known conventional treatments.

Throughout my working life I have always been involved in helping people to resolve their problems, release their stresses and increase their confidence and sense of well-being

My aim is to help you .to achieve the results you would like (and hopefully even better)

Could Kinesiology and homeopathy help you?

Many of my clients come to me through recommendations from people who have tried these therapies and have  seen significant improvements in their health and sense of well-being in so many different ways.  

We believe that Homeopathy and Kinesiology resonate with your whole energy system, helping to stimulating your  mind and body’s own healing powers, to gently and effectively, release the blocks that have been causing your ill  health, stresses and concerns  

Each session is specially designed to meet your own particular needs and wishes, in a comfortable, relaxed and  unhurried way. 

The only way to really understand these amazing therapies is to experience

Which therapy would suit you best?

Both these therapies are extremely gentle and relaxing and are perfect for all ages, from the very young to the elderly.

  • When you choose Health Kinesiology, you can relax on my couch and enjoy the interesting experience of a wide variety of gentle corrections, which are always selected to stimulate your body and minds own unique healing powers.
  • You may prefer homeopathy, which provides the opportunity to fully discuss your physical problems, anxieties and fears before the most appropriate homeopathic remedies are selected especially for you.
  • More and more, I find that my clients prefer a mixture of both therapies as they recognise the combination works wonderfully well together, (and at no extra cost per session).

The aim of both Kinesiology and homeopathy is to gently remove the underlying cause of your problems and allow you to grow healthier and more confident in everyway.

Can I help you

  • Stresses at home – work – relationships
  • Headaches,
  • migraines
  • Low energy and post viral fatigues Periods
  • PMT
  • menopause
  • Anxieties
  • panic attacks
  • fears or phobias
  • Eczema and other skin problems
  • Past traumas and shocks
  • Digestive problems
  • IBS
  • Children’s behaviour – emotional concerns
  • Bowel problem
  • Insomnia
  • nightmares
  • Arthritis  
  • Unhappiness and sadness
  • Asthma and Respiratory problems    

What my clients say

Jan’s treatments and healing have benefitted me immeasurably through the worst of personal times as well as the more ordinary times.

I also bless Jan for actually saving my life during one especially serious illness. Her unique gift for helping and healing is quietly and gently given, often with perceptive humour! I often marvel as to what emerges for me during a kinesiology session, but it’s always relevant and above all IT WORKS Joyce

I had IBS and migraines for many years, pain killers did not control the symptoms and I was left with brain fog and  depression most of the time. Almost immediately after beginning Health Kinesiolgy, I experienced some of my  deep emotional knots being released and Jan also pinpointed that mercury fillings were contributing to my  problems. Over further sessions, I continue to discover the breadth and depth of what kinesiology was capable off.  Now I feel I have literally regained my life Faez  

Thanks Jan for the part you and Health Kinesiology have played in freeing me up from emotions that were  weighing me down and holding me back from living my life as I want to. Hazel 

I had tried numerous remedies until Jan, with the aid of kinesiology and homeopathy helped to change my negative thought process by exploring my inner self. Simultaneously my chest pains and sore throat have disappeared and my acid reflux is diminishing. At last I am beginning to enjoy life again and I feel more confident and self assured. Pat

Create positive change in YOUR life – How about starting right now!

If you would like to know more about these gentle, energy changing therapies and how they may be able to help you, please call me on 01924 242226

Appointments are available at my clinic or via Zoom

Jan Edgar

Email: Telephone: 01924 242226

Graduate of Manchester NW college of Homeopathy 1990 -1994 Post Graduate of Dynamis London college of homeopathy 1994 -1996 Graduate of Derbyshire college of Health Kinesiology 2001 – 2003 Post graduate various qualifications in Health Kinesiology 2004 - 2015 Numerous other shorter therapy courses continue to be studied each year

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Homeopaths, Kinesiology

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