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Glovers Integrated Healthcare

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A Holistic Health Consultant - Registered Pharmacist and Homeopath

Contact NameChristine Glover
AddressYewtree House
Church Lane
Salisbury SP47HA
Phone01980 677301
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Welcome Glovers Integrated Healthcare

A Holistic Health Consultant - Registered Pharmacist and Homeopath

Mrs Glover regards illness as more than a set of observeable physical symptoms and considers the way a person looks at life, their choices and their decisions.

She believes symptoms rarely occur in isolation but are usually linked to a person’s circumstances.
Illness occurs when there are imbalances in any of the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of their life.
Mrs Glover cuts through terminology and informs honestly and simply. She helps you to understand of your problem, which enables you to manage it better. Her recommendations are dedicated to achieving and maintaining a more balanced lifestyle.

Conventional medicine treats a set of symptoms

  • I treat individuals, delivering solutions that make sense and fit easily into your lives.

  • I neither reject conventional medicine nor accept alternative medicine uncritically.

  • As a former President of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, I am totally committed to an integrated
    approach to health care.

  • I regard illness as more than a set of physical symptoms and consider the way a person looks at life, their choices and decisions. I believe that symptoms rarely occur in isolation but are usually linked to a person’s lifestyle. Illness occurs when there are imbalances in any of the physicalemotional and spiritual aspects of life.


Chronic Fatigue / Post Viral Fatigue
I am writing this testimonial to highlight how effective the approach adopted by Christine Glover has been in settling me on the road to recovery from Chronic Fatigue.

I was first diagnosed with post viral fatigue (PVF) in January 2007, although I had been fighting exhaustion for more than 6 months. For the first couple of months I listened to the doctors who told me that all i could do was rest. Rest made little difference and whn i did have some energy it was soon spent and i would feel even worse. Then a friend recommended that i visit Christine Glover, an Integrated Health Practitioner. I couldn't see how anyone could help me when the doctors couldn't, however I heard how she had helped others. On my first visit i was really impressed by her thorough holistic approach. She educated me about my illness and explained how the energy cycle works and what my limitations were. Over the course of my treatment she has prescribed suppliments and homeopathic remedies, coached me on how aspects other than my health can affect my energy and been an amazing support through an illness some doctors dismiss as psycholigical and treat with anti-depressents.

Through Mrs Glover's holistic approach, which began with a hemeopathic remedy for people who have been ill for a long time and some suppliments to support my liver and immune system, I began to feel better. The supplements and homeopathic remedies were revised and if necessary changed or added to with each visit and my condition changed. Within a few months, thanks to Mrs Glove and her supplements, homepathic remedies and education about my illness and its limitations, I was able to begin to enjoy life again and even return to work on a part time basis. In many ways i was healthier than i had been for a very long time.

With chronic fatigue, the doctors tell you to rest and wait it out. This approach can take years to work. I ignored the ilness until I could no longer get out of bed and when i crawled into Mrs Glover's office, two months after diagnosis, I felt as bad as i had on that first day of diagnosis. I emerged that day with hope and that hope has been realised. What if you too could return to health?

I thoroughly recommend you explor how she could help you.

PMS / Resentment - Sam
While Mrs Glover was treating me for Chronic Fatigue there was a time I began to feel a bit resentful of those who had good health and were able to enjoy whatever life threw at them, while I could only watch. I was also inappropriately emotional, crying at anything and everything! This was unhealthy on many levels so I asked Mrs Glover for her advice. She prescribed a homepathic remedy that had such an incredible effect on my state that almost overnight I felt less resentfull and was able to show more appropriate levels of emotion. It had a positive effect on my relationships with others and allowed me to focus on what I could do rather on what i couldn't.

Arthritis - Liz from Edinburgh
Mrs Glover has been a source of help to me, my family and many others i know over the years. She will listen and advise in a kind and confident way to whatever ailment a person brings to her. She looks at the whole picture concerning an individual and perscribes accordingly. One example was the way in which, through her recommended remedies, she improved the quality of my fathers life during his final years by helping him with the pain of arthritis.

Mrs Glover's unique combination of knowledge, skills and experience make her a well-rounded healthcare practitioner that you can trust with all your maladies. If you have a health concern, large or small, i would recommend a visit.

Hay Fever
As someone who suffers badly with hayfever, I was a little sceptical about how effective a homeopathic remedy could be in reducing my symptoms. Not any more ! Mrs Glover's remedy knocks the socks off any branded remedy that i've tried in the past and is as effective as pharmaceutical brands.

Jet Lag
My husband is Australian and as a result I enjoy frequent trips to Sydney to visit his family. One thing that use to take some of the shine off these holidays was the jet lag. That was before i discovered Mrs Glovers Jet Lag Remedy! This homeopathic remedy significantly reduces the effects of Jet Lag and Jet Lag is no longer part of my holiday. If you suffer from Jet Lag, pack some Jet Lag Remeny!

Baby Colic - Stephanie
My son has not slept well through the night since he was 9 months. However after taking a homeopathic remedy prescribed by Mrs Glover for just 4 days my husband and i have had 2 weeks unbroken sleep. Who can argue with a 21 month old baby.

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