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Glenys Collings Naturopath

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Contact NameGlenys Collings
AddressLetchworth Centre for Health Living Rosehill Hos
Hitchin Road
Letchworth Garden City SG6 3NA
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Welcome to Glenys Collings Naturopath
Are you feeling overwhelmed by your health symptoms and confused by information available?
Are you looking for natural solution to improve your health?
Have you had a recent diagnosis or have suffered for years?
Are you looking for someone to listen and understand?
Are you looking for help & advice to help you to achieve your health goals?

Glenys has a wealth of experience and has helped hundreds of people feel better and empowered to manage their own health naturally.

She offers a personal integrated approach to diet and stress related health problems, integrating her medical expertise with evidenced based natural medicine.

She has a special interest and success in treating all digestive and energy related health symptoms.

Irritable bowel symptoms, poor digestion, constipation, low energy, weight control, cravings, tiredness are all common symptoms which can be sucessfully treated.

Diagnostic tests including Food Intolerance and Candida are available.

This is my management of a typical client:

Often people feel overwhelmed by their health symptoms which they have suffered for years or maybe they have had a recent diagnosis and don’t feel that they are getting the support needed to help themselves.

Diagnostic tests are available confirm diagnosis and target optimum treatment:
food intolerance, candida, hair mineral analysis, adrenal stress test -

My approach is to empathise with the client & give an understanding that their symptoms are their body’s way of telling them to make some lifestyle changes.

Clients are supported with a personal plan, with dietary advice, herbal & nutrition supplements, stress management & relaxation strategies.

Initial Consultation £65.00
Follow up consultations £48.00

Please note that the above fee will not include the cost of diagnostic tests or supplements.

Cancellations with notice of less than 24 hours will incur a 50% charge.



After what seemed like months of feeling incredibly below par; burnt out; generally unwell & tired I went to see Glenys with regard to my lifestyle & diet.

Glenys was incredibly professional – I filled out a pre-consultation questionnaire so she was fully prepared to discuss my symptoms from the beginning.
A very simple blood test & results later the same day revealed strong intolerances to certain foods.

Glenys gave me many recommendations to follow. After less than a week of following these recommendations; taking (Juice Plus) supplements & eliminating certain foods from my diet – I felt SO much better!! Hugely better in fact!

On my review appointment a month later I had lost half a stone with out attempting to diet; had so much more energy – running around on the tennis court was no longer a trauma & coping with a busy day with patients was no longer a problem; family & friends started to comment on how glowing & positive I seemed – plus my children commented that I was so much happier than I had been for a while!!

I am still following Gleny’s advice, with the odd slip up here & there – but I can’t thank her enough for her help in giving me my health back!

Thank you!

Rachel Canning

Hi Glenys

I just thought i'd pop an email by you to let you how well i'm doing nowadays! :-) Well I am back to work on a cruise ship singing again and completely in my element. I'm still including just about all the essentials we talked about in my diet, even though its trickier on the ship. Still taking supplements and of course juice plus :-) My skin is so soooo much better. Just a bit of scaring now ,I think, thats left. I'm a much changed person and so much happier.

Thank you once again

Aimee Gallagher

Hi Glenys,

I came in about 2-3 weeks ago with constipation issues, and took a food intolerance test. I just wanted to let you know that since, I have felt a thousand times better and everything is functioning smoothly. Thanks again for all your help it really made a difference.

All the best, Annie

… I have been able to take control over my illnesses… I would recommend visiting Glenys to anyone who feels overwhelmed by their condition…
A Spencer- Joynes

Glenys really listened. Her prescription of herbal medication and diet advise has held the Candida at bay for many months now and I can not say how much that has changed my life.
Alyson Price

Your suggestions were practical and ‘real world’ and encouraged me to develop my own healthy life style skills rather than being narrow and prescriptive… thank you for your no nonsense, realistic treatment… I would strongly recommend you...
Emma Latchbrook

… Her programme is a way of stepping out of the increasingly toxic world we all live in, and giving ourselves a chance of a better life. I can wholeheartedly recommend….
L Laidlaw BSc.: M.A.

Contact details

Appointments are available at:

Salus Wellness Clinics
47 Norfolk St
01223 3000222

The for Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living
Rosehill Hospital
Hitchin Rd
01462 678804

Ely Complementary Health Centre
Sextry House
29A St Mary's St

  • Diploma in Naturopathy and Acupuncture <
  • Member Complementary Medical Association Post Graduate Integrative Medicine

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