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Taking Steps To Assist Better Health Naturally.

Julie Kingston IIHHTv Tera-Mai™ Cosmic Gold Reiki & Seichem and Egyptian Archetypal Energy Master

Contact NameJulie Kingston
AddressSmithy Cottage
30-32 High Street
Northampton NN73BJ
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Welcome to Footprints Holistic Therapies

I'm Julie Kingston and I've been studying and working successfully for the last 10 years treating people and animals with natural healing systems of Reflexology, Crystal Energy and Tera Mai™ Cosmic Gold Reiki Seichem Healing. I qualified in 2001 as a Reflexologist and studied Vibrational Healing with the Crystal Dimensions Energy School in 2004. Then finally completed a Mastership in the Tera Mai art of hands on healing developed by Kathleen Milner to become a TM Cosmic Gold Reiki and Seichem and Egyptian Archetypal Energy Master.

All treatments are non-invasive and clients remain fully clothed with the exception of Reflexology requiring removal of footwear. I work in my peaceful garden studio, where clients can relax from the stress of their busy lives. Home visits can be arranged. This applies especially to animals who are comfortable in their own surroundings.

Outcome of treatments - many clients report a feeling of being revitalised, having a greater sense of calmness and relaxation and an easing of physical ailments over a course of treatments. All treatments can be arranged to suit individual needs. It is advisable to drink water and rest after treatments to allow the body to integrate the healing energy.



The history of Reflexology dates back to the Ancient Egyptians and the Chinese Dynasty. The principles involve massage and manipulation techniques on specific reflex (entry) points on the hands and feet which are linked through the zones (energy channels) of the body and send the vital life force energy to corresponding organs, glands and spinal nerves within the body system.
Vertical Reflex Therapy (VRT) pioneered by Lynne Booth, and Traditional Reflexology combines working specific reflexes on the top of the feet and reflex points on the hands simultaneously, in a weight bearing position – creating very powerful healing responses within the body, rapidly relieving aches & pains, stress & tension.

Ear Reflexology treatment is useful for stimulating and harmonising specific organ points and the endocrine system. Also useful for treating restlessness, insomnia and all kinds of pai

Benefits of treatment include:
  • Calms, relaxes & heals the body
  • Boosts & strengthens immune system
  • Increases movement of joints
  • Improves circulation & lymph flow
  • Balances hormonal system
  • Soothes & eases digestive problems/ibs
  • Reduces allergic reactions
  • Improves sleep

Tera-Mai™ & Seichem Healing


Reiki ‘Universal Life Force Energy’ and Seichem ‘Universal Elemental Healing Energy Rays’ are both very ancient Tibetan hands on healing methods many thousands of years old and recorded in ancient Sanskrit texts.

The Tera-Mai™ healing system provides raised vibrational frequency rays for healing and personal growth. Seichem uses the four elemental healing rays - REIKI (earth) is experienced as heat or cold and can benefit physical, mental and emotional health. It forms a base through which the other elemental rays can work. SOPHI-EL (water) is felt as gentle, pulsating coolness. It helps to heal deep emotional issues, opens the heart to love and enhances intuitive abilities. ANGELICLIGHT (air & spirit) feels like cool gentle breezes and can facilitate mental healing. It establishes a link with the angelic realms. SAKARA (fire) is experienced as an effervescent tingling, like a mild electric current. It works in the aura, helping to transform blockages. Sakara also repairs the physical body and holds the angeliclight for the healer.

Healing energy is channelled through the hands of an initiated healer and placed on or over the seven chakras of the body from the Base of the spine to the Crown and into the Energy Field activating healing and balancing into every organ, tissue and cell of the body.
Old energy blockages can be released, depending on the recipient’s openness to healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Results from this healing produce an increase in the flow of energy and vitality into the whole body system.

Benefits of treatment include:
  • Creates deep relaxation
  • Dissolves energy blocks
  • Increases vitality & life force energy
  • Improves natural healing within the body
  • Enhances creativity, expression & self love

Crystal Energy Therapy

Crystal energy treatments work to clear and balance the life force energy that circulates in and around the body via chakras and the energy field.

There are seven chakras through the body situated at the Base of the spine, Sacral centre, Solar Plexus, Heart centre, Throat centre, Brow centre and the Crown centre – each energy centre when open and spinning works to maintain health physically, emotionally and mentally within the physical body. When the energy flow is disrupted it can lead to congestion and disharmony within the physical body creating ill health, fatigue and negative thought patterns.

Each chakra centre vibrates at set frequencies and by placing crystals on and around the centres the frequency of the crystals help to bring a balanced flow of energy back into the body, re-establishing health and wellbeing to Body, Mind and Spirit.

Distant healing for crystal energy therapy is now available for those
Clients who cannot travel to Bisworth.

Please contact me to arrange a suitable time. Please note that clients will need to be able to rest for an hour during the treatment session.

Benefits of treatment include:

  • Stimulates energy levles
  • Reduces trauma caused to:
    • Physical body through accidents/operations
    • Emotional body through sudden shock/grief
    • Mental body through severe depression/stress
  • Improves self esteem and confidence
  • Maintains health and wellbeing

White Light Essences & Crystal Elixirs

Essences & Crystal Elixirs are a powerful resource to aid us on our personal quest. They can assist in clearing the blocks that stop an individual from getting in touch with their true or higher self - their own intuitive part which knows their life purpose. Essences & Elixirs can help us to find the courage, strength and enthusiasm to pursue our goals and dreams in all aspects of our lives - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Through essences & elixirs all the strengths and subtleties of the natural world are directly available to us and by embracing their healing energies we can move easily and be guided towards wholeness. Flower Essences & Crystal Elixirs can be used on their own as a treatment therapy but they also work well with other healing therapies.

Once specific essences or crystals have been selected a dosage 30ml bottle can be produced for you to meet your own personal requirements & dosage instructions.

Cost per 30ML bottle - £5 + post & packing

Animal Therapies

Working with a combination of VRT Reflexology, Crystal Energy and Reiki and Seichem Healing in a treatment plan can be greatly beneficial to relieving stress and tension and help with depression and pain in animals, especially horses, dogs and cats. Animals are treated in their own environment to assist their comfort and reduce their anxiety.

Treatments last approximately 1 hour
Cost of treatments: Adults £38, Animals £28
(fuel costs will be charged for home visits)

I am fully insured to treat people and animals.

Gift Vouchers are available on request

Blisworth is 15 minutes drive from Northampton, just of the A43 Northampton to Brackley road. Easy connections from M1 at J15 and J15A.

Call Julie today on 07802616570, to discuss which of her therapies would most benefit you, or to book your first session with her.


At the end of a well needed session to rebalance and ground myself after quite an emotional period (both happy & sad), Julie placed a rock in my hands, asked me to close my eyes and tell her what I saw.

Initially my reaction was that my hands were icy cold like I've never felt before.

With closed eyes I felt that I was looking right at the sun (see pic), unbelievably accurate to what my vision was.

My hands were getting colder, my body shuddered.

My vision turned to that of deep deep green

body shuddering still Julie asked me to come back.

The rock was glistening wet in my hands.

Julie then informed me of what the rock was- basalt- and where she had collected it from; The Giants Causeway and explained my visions;
Sun - golden rays & dark green of the sea - emerald ray. 2 powerful healing rays gold of Christ light emerald arch Raphael.

I was heading to Northern Ireland for work purposes the next day in close enough proximity to visit the Giants Causeway.
Prior to arriving at the Causeway it was raining heavily. As I arrived and walked around soaking in this phenomenal sight, the sun shone, the sky was blue. As I got in the car to leave, the heavens opened once more. Quite remarkable and an experience I shall never forget.

I know when I need to make an appointment Julie, not because its been a month or 6 weeks but my body tells me so. I always come away grounded and refocused putting me back on the straight and narrow.
Julie has been instrumental in my life over the past 8 or so years and as well as being excellent in her therapy, she is among one of the most kind hearted people I know.


I was highly recommended to Julie when my Grade B show jumper fell ill. He was in an expensive livery yard and little known to me they were placing him on a ragwort field when I was not able to visit him. He got a serious liver complaint and it was touch and go for a while. He really declined rapidly in condition and attitude. The vets came out and he was given all the medication & antibiotics but after weeks he was still not picking up. I called Julie and she undertook her treatments on him.

The change was immediate. You could tell he was feeling something as he kept looking angrily at Julie as she was doing the treatment but got in a mood when he saw she was not even touching him and hence he could not play up ;-) He is not the easiest of horses at the best of times. At one stage he rested his head on my shoulder for at least 30 minutes - unheard of normally ears back and moody!! The next day he was a different horse, back to his usual self he popped a five bar gate but mine and his relationship has changed since that day. He is far more loving and happy and although I have never had 30 minutes cuddles again - 5 or 10 mins will do me ;-).

What can I say? You have been fantastic - always there with your positivity and compassion for my animals and I was lucky enough to get the benefit of it too!! Thank you so much - I couldn't recommend you highly enough for your healing ways with all animals and their two legged friends !!!
God bless you Julie!!

You don't need to see all the certificates on Julie's treatment room wall to sense how good she is. You have no doubt from the moment you meet her that you are in the most professional of hands. And once you've experienced a treatment, you know just how gifted those hands are too.

As a reflexologist with 20 years experience I thought that Julie's treatment was excellent, one of the best ever.
Katharine Cook

I have been receiving reflexology at 'FOOTPRINTS' from Julie for several years. It is a wonderful way to relax, not just on a physical level, but also mentally & spiritually. A lovely way to become completely balanced in every dimension.
Carole Buckle

My first appointment with Julie was to try to make being heavily pregnant a little more bearable with some reflexology. Little did I know how indispensable she would become to my life!

I think it's fair to say that I'm busy - mum of two young boys and running a small business - and every visit to Julie makes me a bit more capable of dealing with life's stresses. Her studio is a chilled oasis and she exudes a calmness of mind and spirit that I am deeply envious of and is impossible not to find a bit contagious. Every time I leave I feel refreshed, energised and totally in control. I am also now converted to Reiki which I'm not ashamed to admit I thought was a bit hippie for me! Couldn't have been more wrong.

As well as being a great therapist, Julie is a great teacher. She has taken the time to explain every aspect of both Reiki and reflexology when I asked, and has been very patient in the face of my early and quite robust scepticism.

Visits to Julie's sanctuary are now as essential as chats with my best friend, and equally life-affirming.

Lucy James

Julie has treated my sensitive mare Paddy for the past 9 months with crystal healing.

Julie is always calm and very professional, talking you through what she is doing and answering any questions that you may have.

I have noticed a big difference in my horse's temperament, as she has gone from being a stroppy and sometimes aggressive mare (from where she has been in pain ) to a lovely relaxed and happy horse.

Julie has also recommend some homeopathic remedies for my mare's aches and pains which have helped to speed up her healing progress.

I have also myself had crystal healing by Julie. Her treatment room at the end of her garden is a relaxing and calming space to be in. I always come away feeling more grounded and settled after treatment with Julie.

I cannot thank Julie enough for all the wonderful treatment, care and support which she has given to me and my Paddy.

Paddy's Crystal Healing

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