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Feng Shui Consultant

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Feng Shui Consultant - Bristol, Bath, Plymouth, Exeter, London, Swindon, Oxford, Cardiff, Birmingham, South West and all areas of the UK

Contact NameSue Holmes
Bristol BS9 2DR
Mobile0778 629 1967
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Sue is an experienced and highly reputable Feng Shui consultant. She has studied and practiced Feng Shui since 1995. Her particular approach is both practical & analytical as well as intuitive & aesthetic. She is very down to earth, which enables her to work and communicate with clients effectively in business environments.

Sue’s clients benefit from not only the very best of authentic classical Feng Shui, but also a high standard of Space Clearing, due to her extensive training and experience.

Sue has the vision to bring out the positive potential of each unique building, and the ability to create harmony. Sue is passionate about her work and takes pride in giving each client a personal and effective Feng Shui consultation. She has been described by professional peers as ‘superb’, ‘displaying integrity, respect and great care’ & ‘you will be in excellent and experienced hands’.

Sue is known for her honesty, dedication, professionalism, unpretentiousness, warmth, wisdom, strength, vitality and humour.
Sue has a rich and varied life experience, has spent several years abroad, and is experienced and comfortable working with people in all types of business.

Feng Shui for your Home

Our home environment can either repress our true potential, creating health problems and negativity, or it can support our capacity to maximise our health, relationships, careers, creativity, good fortune and abundance. Our homes are mirrors of ourselves – create a home that reflects who you want to be…

Sue incorporates an effective blend of classical and modern Feng Shui styles, so that her clients may obtain the maximum benefits.

Please allow around half a day for the ‘Feng Shui for your home’ consultation which comprises:
  • Discuss with client their needs, concerns, aspirations and priorities
  • External Form - assessment of the external energy flow and influence of surrounding landscape and buildings
  • Internal Form – Position of furniture and internal energy flow
  • Flying Stars – Sophisticated & ingenius method of unlocking the wealth or health & relationships potential of a building
  • Bazhai/Ming Gua – how to use your favorable locations and directions so the house can best support you
  • Nine Star Ki astrology study for each member of your family/staff
  • Assessment of energy regarding 5 elements, yin & yang, lighting and colour, symbolic influences & intuitive observations
  • Earth Healing – dowsing for and harmonising any geopathic stress
  • EMF & microwave survey – using professional meters around beds and seating areas to assess health risks and safety
  • Answers to your specific questions (eg decorating plans & colour schemes)

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Get Your Business Firing on all cylinders!

Many businesses are not performing at their best. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, caught up in the day-to-day tasks of running a company.

Let a fresh pair of expert eyes analyse it from a different perspective…

The name ‘Feng Shui’ is not usually synonymous with business in the West, largely due to the media who simplify and ridicule ph feng shui picit, thus distancing many business people from its benefits. However in Hong Kong, for example, 90% of companies employ a Feng Shui consultant on a regular basis. Scientific research confirms what Feng Shui experts have been saying for years: that the environment in which we work can significantly affect our health, vitality and performance.

There are of course many factors influencing the success of a company, but good Office Feng Shui can give your company that extra edge as well as making it a more enjoyable environment to work. Fire Horse Feng Shui can assist you to reduce stress, increase profits, achieve goals, improve business, staff and public relations, attract and retain clients and create a harmonious, efficient, healthy and happy working environment.

Sue Holmes has a good grounding in business sense. Whilst it is beneficial for her to see the business as it functions during the day, some of the work may be more discreetly and effectively carried out when the building is empty.

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For more information or to make an enquiry contact Sue today!!

  • Authentic Classical Feng Shui professional practitioner training and ‘Master Classes’ with Feng Shui Master Howard Choy (including Form, Luo Pan Compass 1 & 2, Flying Stars (4 courses), Bazhai, Garden Feng Shui, Feng Shui Consultation stratergy, skills and presentation, Feng Shui for hotels and Transforming the built environment).
  • FSSA (Feng Shui Society Accredited) Professional Advanced Feng Shui & Space Clearing Consultant (Feng Shui Academy)
  • Certified Practitioner of Interior Alignment (Denise Linn’s school of Feng Shui & Space Clearing)
  • BSD trained Professional Dowser and Dowsing tutor (British Society of Dowsers)
  • One Year Training in Core Shamanism (The Sacred Trust)
  • Two year private training in ‘The Path of Pollen’ – a European shamanic tradition based around the honeybee (The Sacred Trust)
  • Practitioner of Spirit Release – compassionate de-possession (Betsy Bergstrom)
  • Initiated as a practitioner of Chöd, a de-possession technique in the shamanic Bon tradition of Tibet (Betsy Bergstrom, initiate of Lama Tsering Wangdu)
  • Two Year Energy Healing Training (Marc Blausten – Sacred Circle)
  • Sound Healing & Gong training (Earthdance)

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Colour Therapy, Energy Healing, Feng Shui, Mens Health, Reiki

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