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Emma McEvoy

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HOMOEOPATHY. *Gentle, holistic healing system using medicine from nature, which is safe for all of the family. *Homeopathy treats physical, mental and emotional symptoms. *You will be treated as an individual, not catagorised by the label of your dis-ease. *Complimentary medicine using the law of similars restores the bodies natural healing abilities maintaining balance and harmony. REIKI deep relaxation All treatments are suitable for all members of the family, any age. Treatment is complementary and works alongside any medication.

Address34 Alresford Road
Liverpool L19 3QZ
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Welcome to Emma McEvoy - Healing for the new age

Find out how Homeopathy and natural healing techniques can help you:
  • Reiki, Reiki School and Karuna
  • Homeopathy
  • Theta
  • Vibrational Medicine
  • EFT
    Bach Flower Therapy
  • Bioenergy



Homeopathy is suitable for you and all of your family. Homeopathy is holistic and complementary and been practiced in Europe for over 200 years. The essence of homeopathic treatment is about using your bodies own power and healing abilities to allow health and recuperation. You are treated as an individual; all of your symptoms are important, physical, mental and emotional. The focus is on the unique and interesting you, allowing your treatment to fit your needs. Homeopathy uses many remedies sourced from plants, metals, minerals and animals. This source is then diluted to a potency that is correct for you. The remedy is then a trigger or catalyst to stimulate your bodies own regenerative powers working on all levels mental, emotional and physical. Remedies are non invasive, non addictive and free from harmful side effects. Can work alongside any medication. Suitable for children, adults, all stages of pregnancy and all age groups.


I trained at the Jack Temple Dowsing Academy for two years. I dowse to find your priority problem and its cause. I use homeopathic remedies on acupuncture meridians and chakras. Using advanced healing techniques and distance treatments. Cleansing a polluted body by removing toxins, providing a treatment that is personal to you.


Reiki releases energy blockages. It was developed in Japan by Dr Usui during the early 20th century and regular reiki treatments support a calmer response to life’s challenges. Reiki classes are available reiki 1, 2 and master and karuna. Natural healing using the universal life force energy, relieves stress, enhances relaxation, improves health and quality of life. Allows deep relaxation and feelings of peace. It treats the whole body and promotes your bodies own healing ability.


Theta DNA healing is a revolutionary system of healing. Using the theta brain wave (which is scientifically proven to be the place where healing takes place). It allows healing of negative unwanted beliefs and replaces them with a positive belief encouraging health, happiness and joy, allowing you to reach your true potential. Developed by Vianna Stibal who used theta healing to successfully cure her cancer. Finding the root cause of a problem and pulling it out removes your obstacles and creates a better future.
brings balance back to the body by stimulating reflex points on the feet. helps for all kinds of problems.

A radical and dramatic method which can bring relief where nothing else seems to work. Anxieties,fears,cravings, addictions, worries, trauma, abuse, panic, grief. A series of tapping on meridians can free and release withheld emotions. Once you know the routine you can do this anytime
a series of flower remedies introduced by Edward Bach. gentle emotional healing compliments homeopathic remedies and helps through life's challenges

A method to detect and correct bio-energetic imbalances to improve your health and energy. Can also test your body with products to find what will balance it.

About Emma

Emma McEvoy Ba hons. Dip Hom (med) .DSH.MARH is a fully qualified registered homeopath and a Member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths

I am also a Reiki Master Teacher and is qualified to diploma level in Vibrational Medicine using the Jack Temple Method. This involves using dowsing to locate the priority area of your body to work on. I will locate the priority problem then work on the cause to bring your body back to balance and maintain your optimum health.

Theta healing is another method which finds the root cause of a problem. Pulling it out removes your obstacles and creates a better future.

Emma writes about her own experiences:

From early childhood I had adverse reactions to allopathic medicine. Alternatives, therefore, were the natural route for my family and I. Homeopathy has helped me through life crises (including child birth and labour recovery). Using a combination of homeopathy and my other disciplines, I have been healed of a skin condition that most books say is incurable.

When I had an opportunity to study at the Hahnemann College, I was eager to learn. After graduating I also became a Reiki Master. I have continued to learn about safe methods to cure. I have also completed a four year Shamanic Homeopathy course taught by Yubraj Sharma.

On my healing adventure I have been fortunate enough to meet and learn from many amazing people. I was lucky enough to be a student on the final course that Jack Temple taught.


"When I first went to see Emma 2 years ago I was waiting for an operation to treat a very painful fistula. I was dreading the op as I'd heard and read so much about the uncomfortable and lengthy recovery process. I had been prescribed courses of various antibiotics for 5 months and was told by doctors and a hospital consultant that there was no alternative to surgery. I was a very busy, working Mum with 3 children under 10 and was told that I would need 3 months off work with plenty of bed rest - as if!

After talking to Emma and taking her remedies I attended the Royal Hospital 4 months later and confidently told the consultant that I didn't need the operation as the fistula had been treated by my homeopath. He was (I suppose understandably) very sceptical but after examining me he agreed that I no longer needed the operation and discharged me. I'll never forget his astonishment. The fistula had "healed" and was giving me no trouble at all.

Our 2 daughters, then aged 2 and 5 were also on the asthma register at our GP surgery and both used inhalers when their awful coughs returned. After Emma's remedies (or Magic Balls as our kids call them) the inhalers have been ditched and the girls have never returned to the asthma clinic.

I cannot recommend Emma highly enough. She listens, she heals, she respects your confidentiality and has given me the faith to turn to homeopathy instead of conventional drugs to treat our family. I now ring Emma instead of the GP if we need treatment and I can think of no higher praise."

Claire (aged 9)
"I like going to see Emma because her room makes me feel calm and the remedies she gives me help me to feel better about myself. Emma is very kind and I find it easy to talk to her."

Denise Wood
"Emma has been treating me and my two daughters for over three years. She’s the one I turn to for advice about any health matter, from constipation to chickenpox to period pain. She has made a huge difference to all of our lives."

Catherine Smith
"Three years ago I began suffering from a very debilitating condition. I would experience the most dreadful pains in my chest, which would then lead to vomiting, nausea and exhaustion. The condition became so bad that I ended up in the royal hospital on two occasions, attached to and ECG machine as they thought I was having a heart attack. After that was ruled out, and I was no nearer of getting to the bottom of what was wrong, I was advised by my doctor at that time that paracetamol would be the best thing to mask the condition, which it did, however sometimes, however this was a very worrying answer to my problem. The condition had also become so debilitating that I would refuse to go out for meals with friends in case this triggered my symptoms as if I did have another attack I could be in bed for up to three days afterwards in the most dreadful pain, with vomiting, nausea and exhaustion.

I was given Emma’s phone number through a friend, and decided to seek help homeopathically. Through my treatment with Emma we were able to ascertain that I was dreadfully intolerant of wheat, gluten and MSG. Emma worked both homeopathically and vibrationally.

I have been symptom free now for three years and I can pretty much eat what I want, my social life is back to normal, and best of all I am not driven to bed for three days on a diet of paracetamol! I am extremely grateful to Emma as through both her knowledge and commitment I now have my life back."

Diploma in Homeopathy (Hahnemann College) Diploma in shamanic Homeopathy Reiki Master Reflexology VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Vibrational Medicine Theta DNA 1 and 2 Bach flower remedies Emotional freedom Technique

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