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Elysia Therapeutic Centre

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Professional support with over 25 years years of experience providing integrative and complementary health-care for body, soul, mind and spirit..

AddressElysia Therapeutic Centre
52 Bowling Green Road
Stourbridge DY8 3RZ
Phone01384 392072
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We can help with a wide range of issues whether that is with a life crisis, depression, anxiety, bereavement, back pain, chronic health conditions, high blood pressure, circulatory problems and immune deficiencies. Please contact us for a FREE initial phone consultation to see if we are able to support you.

Our practitioners offer individual therapies, combined therapeutic packages, medical consultations and educational workshops on many aspects of health-care, from nutritional advice to self-development and more.
Therapists are all professionally regulated and offer a high standard of care.

For advice on our therapists and the therapies on offer, please visit our website. You can also phone or email us to arrange a consultation to talk about your specific health questions with our Health Coordinator who will be happy to guide you through the options and benefits from the different approaches.

The centre is a welcoming, restful space within walking distance from Stourbridge. As one client said: “Just walking into the Elysia Centre makes me feel welcome, calm and safe even before my therapy begins.”

Counselling and Psychotherapy: Available for both short and long term to help with a variety of issues such as anxiety, depression, grief, eating disorders, relationship issues and life crisis. For further information:

Couples Therapy: For couples who need support with communication issues, to resolve differences, to deepen trust and to develop greater understand of themselves in relationship..

Rhythmical Massage Therapy: A gentle but deeply acting form of massage which helps improve circulation and oxygen and nutrient uptake into the tissues and vital organs.

Naturopathy Consultations address the whole person whilst considering both good nutrition and healthy digestion as vital for wellbeing. For further information:

Oasis Group Work: These group sessions help you enjoy living creatively with challenging life circumstances. Through a combination of conversation, artistic and biographical exercises we explore the inner and outer journey to find meaning and healing in each persons unique paths of experience. Please enquire for dates and times. For further information:

Therapeutic Art: A gentle way to be supported at different stages of healing. The therapeutically guided process includes using colour and form in painting, drawing or clay modelling and invites the client to see themselves, as well as their surroundings, in a new light. No previous artistic experience is necessary. For further information:

Coaching: Life Coaching and Personal Performance Coaching is a catalyst for positive change. This versatile and highly professional method of the G.R.O.W model is used to help you unlock your potential. You will be gently challenged to address limiting beliefs, clear any blocks to growth and reach a new stage of awareness and self confidence in which the future can look brighter and more possible.

Eurythmy Therapy: Uses sounds and gestures which relate directly to the body and feelings of the client. Through repeating specific sound gestures, breathing and other physiological processes in the body can be supported. This can make the client feel more grounded, relaxed and enlivened. It is helpful for stress, depression, bronchial conditions, cardio-vascular disorders, neurological problems, muscular-skeletal disorders and associated medical complaints.

Anthroposophic Medical Consultations: At the centre we use an integrated approach to medicine, which combines anthroposophic and homeopathic medicines, which safely complement conventional health care. It is particularly effective at helping people with complex and long-term health problems whilst also offering a preventative approach to health care. Consultations can be arranged with the doctor

Bowen Therapy is a safe and effective form of treatment suitable for all ages and consists of a series of gentle moves on various parts of the body, applied with fingers and thumbs. It is gentle, relaxing and non-invasive. The basic treatment sequence can be effective in helping to relieve everyday stresses, and revitalise the whole person.

Iridology and Holistic Eye Care

Emmett Technique A safe and non invasive muscle release therapy developed which uses light finger pressure at specific locations to initiate a gentle release of tension. It is useful to address pain and discomfort and improve movement restrictions, typically in neck, shoulder and back. The results are usually immediate.

Reflexology is a therapy that is applied to the feet (or hands) which has a profound, relaxing and harmonising effect on the whole body. The treatment consists of gently applying massage movements or pressure onto particular areas of the feet (reflex zones). Reflexology can also be considered as an alternative for people who may feel uncomfortable with a whole body massage. Sessions last about an hour and are usually experienced as deeply relaxing.

Alexander Technique
One to One Yoga
Psychodrama Psychotherapy
Core Process Psychotherapy.

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