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Elaine Cordell

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Contact NameElaine Cordell
Harlow CM20 3QG
Mobile07976 895134


Elaine Cordell
Hypnotherapy Services

My name is Elaine Cordell and I am an experienced, practicing Hypnotherapist. Through the use of hypnosis, I can help you find a solution to troubling problems that you have been unable to tackle alone.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is about applying hypnosis techniques to bring about therapeutic benefit. Hypnosis takes you into state, not unlike a very light sleep, where you can activate your inner resources to achieve realistic goals whilst remaining in complete control. Forget any negative impressions you may have of hypnosis from stage hypnotist!

It is a completely natural phenomenon as your mind experiences these sleepy types of trance when you can hear what is going on when you are going to and awaking from sleep. At both these times, your body is more likely to be completely relaxed and you are aware of random thoughts going through your head. A specially trained hypnotherapist can ease your mind and body into this pre-sleep state of mind, where the brain starts to relax down into this pleasant state when the mind is particularly receptive

Hypnotherapy may be able to help you with your thoughts & feelings if you have low self-esteem, have obsessive thoughts or perhaps are suffering from distressing feelings of anxiety, guilt or anger for example.

Specialist areas:
  • Stress
  • Pain Management
  • Soul Coaching
  • Goal Attainment
  • REBT - A refined form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy using hypnosis
  • Regression


BSCH - British Society for Clinical Hypnosis

Trained at LCCH - London College of Clinical Hypnosis

Ethics based organisation with code of conduct for its members Examinations as presided over by professional psychiatrists

Service Categories
Hypnotherapist, Life Coaching, Spiritual Healing

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