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World Tree Therapies

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Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Paediatrics, Fertility & Pregnancy Treatments.

Contact NameEmma Houston
AddressFirst Floor
26 Grosvenor Crescent

Scarborough YO11 2LJ
Mobile07719 927488
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Welcome to
World Tree Therapies

Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Paediatrics, Fertility & Pregnancy Treatments.

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    At World Tree Therapies we like to reward our loyal customers. We have recently launched our Loyalty Card scheme entitling you to a free treatment for every 5 stamps collected.

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  • Acupuncture Awareness Week - 25 Feb to 3 March 2013
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Our Services


What is TCM acupuncture?
Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese system of medicine. Its roots date back 2000 years but the practice of acupuncture has developed to incorporate modern techniques.

The philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is holistic and patient-centred. TCM practitioners believe that each patient is individual in their constitutional make-up and their experiences of illness. We focus on the causes behind an illness, not just the symptoms. Because of this, each patient will recieve a treatment devised just for them. We do not use the same points or techniques with evey patient - we work with what your body needs.

Acupuncture involves the placement of very fine, sterile, single-use needles into specific points on the body. We use the needles to activate the flow of "Qi", or energy, around the meridians of the body. Needles are usually retained for about 20 minutes for each treatment.

We also use other techniques such as massage, acupressure (where we massage acu-points), moxa (a herb that is safely burnt to add warmth to the body) and cupping. As TCM is holistic and takes into account your whole body and lifestyle, we may also offer some lifestyle and dietary advice to help you supplement your treatments and bring about more permanent and significant change in your health.

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Holistic Clinical Aromatherapy puts you at the heart of your own treatment. As a practitioner, I focus on body, mind and spirit to correct imbalances in you as a whole. Influenced by the philosophies of Oriental Medicine, I will assess your patterns of disharmony and create a treatment that is uniquely suited to your needs. Every person is unique, and as such, every treatment should be different.

Therapeutic massage is incredibly beneficial. Massage has been found to improve circulation, joint range-of-motion and flexibility. It helps the elimination of toxins from the system and can reduce many common ailments such as stress, muscle tightness, aches and pains - even anxiety and depression.

The use of essential oils enhances a massage significantly. Essential oils are potent chemical cocktails distilled from aromatic plants. They are completely natural and extremely varied in their potential uses. I will make a selection from over 50 quality oils and create a blend specifically for your individual needs. If appropriate I will also blend products for your use at home.

Clinical aromatherapy aims to support the patient through their conditions, whether chronic or acute, by enhancing and complimenting conventional medicine. Some conditions can be successfully treated or managed with aromatherapy alone, but conventional treatment should not be terminated or reduced without the approval of your GP. Clinical aromatherapy does not necessarily involve massage. Your treatment plan will be designed in consultation to suit your specific needs. Essential oil blend prescriptions may be created for your personal use at home to either replace or compliment massage treatment. These prescription products may include oils, lotions, bath oils, moisturisers, soaps, shampoos and conditioners, balms or gels. These items will be priced individually in consultation.

Aromatherapy is suitable for all. Babies, children and adults can all benefit from these treatments. It is also safe in pregnancy and can be extremely helpful before, during and after giving birth.

The Treatment

Both Aromatherapy and Hot Stone Massage treatments are offered in either 60 or 90 minute sessions. The initial consultation may take about 30 minutes as it is important for us to discuss your history and treatment needs. In these sessions it is up to you what kind of massage you would like, time allowing. A full body massage may consist of:

  • Back and front of leg and foot

  • Back

  • Neck and shoulder

  • Face

  • Arm and hand

  • Chest

  • Abdomen
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I have advanced training in Paediatric Aromatherapy and Massage, treating babies, children and teenagers. Aromatherapy is safe for all ages, although only the gentlest essential oils in low dilution will be used on babies and small children. Aromatherapy is a wonderful, natural way to calm and soothe children, support through illness and improve behaviour and concentration.

Acupuncture is also safe to use with children. Young childen are very receptive to treatment and thus require only a small amount of stimulation - not necessarily involving needles. Acupressure massage can be very effective alone.

I have experience of working with children with severe and profound learning difficulties and a range of disabilities. I volunteer at a local school for children with special needs providing treatments and teaching the children basic massage skills. It has been wonderful to see the incredible response they have to treatment and how well they apply their new skills to fellow classmates and family.

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Fertility & Pregnancy

As a complementary therapist I specialise in fertility and pregnancy treatments. I have undertaken advanced training in these areas and am an experienced practitioner. Both aromatherapy and acupuncture are safe for use during pregnancy and can be very calming to both mother and baby!


As well as relaxing and easing tension of stressed muscles, aromatherapy treatment can help with a range of pregnancy-related issues such as nausea, heartburn and water retention. It is extremely helpful at easing anxieties and preparing expectant mothers both emotionally and physically for childbirth.

I can work with you throughout your pregnancies to maintain your general wellbeing, and also provide blends for use during labour and post-partum. I am available to provide non-medical assistance during childbirth if desired (through massage, inhalation etc) or can provide training in basic childbirth-massage for birth partners to apply.

After the birth, aromatherapy can be used in many ways to help recovery. This may be through massage or special blends designed for your home use.

A shared massage lying with your newborn baby is a very special treat for you both - time to relax and bond skin-on-skin.

Pregnancy massages are performed with the mum lying on her side supported by comfortable cushioned bolsters. A standard massage would start with the back, shoulder, arm and legs. The client will then gently turn to lie on their other side and the routine will be repeated. After this, mum can sit up and enjoy massage to her neck and face, feet, and a lovely shared treat for both mum and baby with gentle abdominal massage.

The treatment itself lasts on average 80 minutes, but I allow a 2 hour appointment slot so that there is no rush. There is time to undresss and dress slowly, get properly comfortable on the couch and take as many trips to the bathroom as you need!

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About Us

World Tree Therapies is a family business.

It all started when I decided to give up teaching to become a clinical aromatherapist in 2008. After a year of studying with some of the most experienced and respected practitioners in the field I was completely fascinated with the amazing range of benefits essential oils, carrier oils and hydrolats had to offer. In my practice I would often make presciption blends for my clients. These could be all sorts of things - oils, creams, balms. It occurred to me that most of the products we use are of an inferior quality, mass-produced and include potentially harmful synthetic ingredients. I made it my mission to read every natural skincare book I could lay my hands on and attended further courses specialising in making my own natural products.

And so World Tree Cosmetics was born. We started online and attending fairs and markets around North Yorkshire and one day I decided to jump in feet first and open my very own shop. Of couse, by this time, the business was far bigger than I could manage on my own. That's where my family came in! My parents and husband take turns in the shop and help me at fairs. My mum is now head product-maker and runs the kitchen with the efficiency and drive that only a mum can. While this is all going on I create new recipes, source new ingredients and do my original job - giving aromatherapy treatments.

During this time I have also been studying for an MSc in acupuncture, and after 3 years of very hard work I have qualified as an acupuncturist. My new complementary therapy practice, Word Tree Therapies, incorporates clinical aromatherapy, therapeutic massage, acupuncture and other Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques.

I am a member of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA) and the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC).

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