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Daniela Karsten R.S.Hom.Dip.Hom ACH

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Homeopathy - Restore and Maintain Health Naturally

Contact NameDaniela Karsten
Saffron Walden CB10 2PE
Phone07715 538501
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I am a registered and accredited homeopath with over 15 years experience of using homeopathy to successfully restore and maintain the health and wellbeing of my family, patients (and pets).

I have a strong interest in family health, and in working with my patients to achieve optimum health and wellbeing. I am a "selected practitioner" in post natal care for the Rosie Maternity Unit(Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust), and enjoy writing a regular column on family health matters for Salad Days magazine.

Homeopathy is my treatment of choice, as I have found it to be safe and effective in a variety of acute and chronic conditions, whether physical or emotional. My patients contact me with a wide range of health conditions and concerns

Remedies are derived from natural sources and as a form of "immunotherapy", work by stimulating ones' own immune system and personal healing ability. They are well suited to vulnerable groups such as babies, children, the elderly, and can be safely used during preconception, pregnancy or the menopause.

Studies conclude that 73% of patients report improvement at 6 months, with 25% reducing their conventional medication. (

About Me - Daniela Karsten

I am a fully qualified and registered homeopath.

I discovered homoeopathy while looking for a safe and drug-free approach to treatment for chronic eczema and common childhood illnesses, for myself and my family.

Having graduated from a four year course of study and training at Allen College, recognised internationally as a leader in the teaching of Classical Homoeopathy, I am committed to working with each individual patient to find the most effective route to personal health and well-being using a well-established system of homoeopathic philosophy and remedies.

As a mother of three and former Montessori teacher, I have a strong interest in children's health. I enjoy my role as resident homoeopath for Salad Days Magazine and selected practitioner in postnatal care for the Rosie Maternity Unit, Cambridge.

Always looking to develop and improve, for the benefit of my patients, I have spent a period of post-graduate study and clinical practice in the Mecca of Homoeopathy, Calcutta.

My practice is set in a peaceful, rural location, on the borders of Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, and close to the market towns of Saffron Walden and Thaxted. My practice has onsite parking facilities.


"I had a really bad cough both morning and night for 48 years. I tried different remedies and went to see my doctor but nothing worked. I was introduced to Daniela in November 2011 and decided to go and see her. She was very interested in my case and spent a long time explaining her treatment plan to me. I decided I would give it a go though I was sceptical at first, thinking nothing else had worked so far. Initially the cough remained the same, but gradually with the second treatment it started to improve. By the third set of treatments in April 2012, I was pleased to find that I no longer had a cough!!
I would recommend homeopathy for anyone in similar circumstances. Thank you Daniela for all your help."
Janet (Chronic and Persistent Cough)

"I was sceptical to begin with, but the result was trully amazing. My longstanding urinary problems disappeared after just two treatments."
Paddy (Chronic Urinary Infection)

"My daughter is now wart free and so will be able to start her new secondary school without being self conscious which was the main aim of the homeopathic treatment."
Alexandra (Warts)

"I particularly feel that you helped Dillon with his eczema. I loved your holistic approach, looking at what is happening in a child's life, not just the obvious problem. You always treated my son with sensitivity and respect and he genuinely looks forward to his visits."
Jo (Juvenile Chronic Eczema)

"I have suffered from rosacea for over 25 years..After using prescribed antibiotics for those 25 years for the condition, I sought advice from Daniela..Within 9 months, my rosacea completely cleared of unsightly and sometimes painful spots and blemishes and I now feel for the first time in 25 years, I could go without make-up and am no longer self-conscious of my skin. I am thrilled with the outcome and extremely grateful to Daniela and homeopathy."
Jacqui (Acne Rosacea)

"I came to see Daniela after a recommendation...Unfortunately prescription medication did not help me. I found Daniela to be friendly, warm and professional...Through only two appointments I now rarely suffer with headaches or migraines. I would recommend her to anyone and will go back for any health issues in the future."
Amelia (Migraines)

"My consultation with Daniela was unrushed; she took a full history and asked many questions. This allows her to treat the whole person and not just the individual ailment. Before my visit I was sceptical, but after successful treatment, I would recommend homeopathy and Daniela as a thoughtful and caring practitioner."

"Daniela has helped me to recover from some pretty serious complaints - starting with a terrible cough that had gone on for quite some months; followed by a brief period of asthma - brief only because I already knew her when it started, and she made sure it didn't hang around! Daniela also helped me to reduce and eventually eliminate medication I was taking for anxiety (panic attacks). I couldn't have been more thrilled to recently tell my doctor that I no longer needed these repeat prescriptions, some of which I had been on for close to five years! I like her gentle and persistent "never give up" style, and her warm, very kind, thoughtful and thought-provoking approach. It's good to know she is there if I have a problem and need to call on her. Thank you so very much Daniela!"

"Amber has had hay fever for the last few years. Her symptoms included sore red eyes, sore throat, runny nose, sore ears and a night time cough. Amber was prescribed daily antihistamine, nose sprays twice daily and eyedrops together with inhalers. I took her to the Dr this summer and was told there was nothing else they could give her. Her school work was deteriorating and things like family outings, bike rides etc were being managed around hayfever.
I contacted Daniela and she prescribed a homeopathic remedy. The results were almost overnight with Amber waking up on the first morning saying,"I have never woken up without a sore throat and sore eyes". Amber's eyes almost overnight became sparkly. The homeopathic remedy has improved her symptoms to almost non-existent and she now rarely takes anti-histamine and doesn't need any other medication. Amber is now able to go for walks in the fields and do cartwheels on the grass without worrying and enjoy days out whatever the pollen count. "
Claire (mother)

"For me homeopathy was a fantastic holistic approach for the whole of my pregnancy. At the beginning when my hormones and emotions were all over the place, Daniela prescribed a remedy that settled me down and kept my perspective. Then as my pregnancy progressed I had sciatica, which again she found a suitable remedy for, that practically stopped it over night. I found the 6 weekly discussions really affirming and a great way to deal with my fears and thoughts.

Throughout I felt safe and in good hands, which I think had a massive impact on my mindset for the birth and in the hectic rollercoaster after my daughter was born. I didn't suffer with morning sickness or many of the other prevalent conditions associated with pregnancy, and I am sure this was due to the holistic nature of my treatment for the whole 9 months.

My baby is a very happy, contented and healthy bundle of joy (and consequently so am I!) and I genuinely feel that Daniela and homeopathy played a vital role in her development and subsequent character. "
Esther - conception to birth

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your personal symptoms and scope of treatment prior to making an appointment.

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