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Coral Byford

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Samuel Hahnemann developed the system that is now called homeopathy over 200 years ago...

Contact NameCoral Byford
Address14 Warwick Place
Brentwood CM14 5QB
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Welcome to Coral Byford Homeopath

Samuel Hahnemann developed the system that is now called homeopathy over 200 years ago. Homeopathy works on the principle that like cures like. An easy to understand example is that where chopping onions causes your eyes to water and your nose to run, the onion can be used homeopathically to treat colds and hayfever where the main symptoms include watery eyes and a runny nose.

Homeopathic medicines undergo a 'proving' process where volunteers take the new remedy until they start experiencing symptoms with the results recorded in detail in this way remedies when 'proved' can be added to the homeopathic pharmacy. Homeopathic remedies are not tested on animals.

Typical benefits

Homeopathy is non addictive, the medicines are non toxic and completely safe. Homeopathic medicines can be taken alongside your conventional treatment and can be in either liquid or pill form.

About Us

In 1998 I qualified from the London College of Practical Homeopathy and am registered with the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths. I practice in Brentwood for appointments please call 01277 374603

The practice is within easy reach of Brentwood, Ongar, Romford, Shenfield, Hornchurch, Chelmsford and Southend.

Many conditions can be treated including:
  • stress
  • depression
  • hormonal problems
  • skin conditions
  • hayfever
  • insomnia
  • migraine
  • allergies
  • frequent colds and even feeling run down.

Homeopathy is non-toxic, non addictive and safe for use by all ages. Please give me a call with any questions you may have and I will be pleased to answer them.

Homeopathy can also be used in first aid situations.

Homeopathic medicine treats the whole person; both physical and emotional problems are taken into account thus coming up with a remedy that is specific to that person at that time. This would involve an in-depth consultation allowing me to select the remedy most suitable to your requirement at that time.

Homeopathy can be taken by people of all ages from babies through to the elderly without the risk of any toxic effects and will not interfere with any prescribed medication. Pregnant women can take homeopathic remedies but it is recommended that they keep in contact with their homeopathic practitioner.


  • LCPH, MARH, Reiki healer
  • Counsellor Dip C

Service Categories
Children’s Health, Homeopaths, Mens Health, Nutrition, Reiki, Womens Health

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