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I offer a range of therapies to suit everybody from the elite athlete aiming to improve performance and stay injury free to the retired person with general aches and pains looking to alleviate them.

Contact NameDiane Spencer
Welshpool SY21 8SA
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Welcome to Coed Y Gwynt

I take my inspiration from nature and the movement of trees in the wind. Branches bend and dance in the wind, their pliability protecting them from damage. In our own bodies flexible pliable muscles enable us to move with ease and are less prone to injury.

I offer a range of therapies to suit everybody from the elite athlete aiming to improve performance and stay injury free to the retired person with general aches and pains looking to alleviate them. I aim to improve body balance, encourage repair and speedy healing of damaged muscles, to bring about harmony in body and mind.

I am qualified and fully insured in Sports Massage, Indian Head Massage, and Reiki. At present I am studying Reflexology and hope to qualify in the autumn of 2009. I am also a member of the British Holistic Medical Association an open association of mainstream healthcare professionals, complementary practitioners and members of the public interested in a holistic approach to life & well being. See the links page for their web site.



Reflexology is a very safe, relaxing therapy which can reduce stress, relieve pain and bring balance to the body to bring about well being. A treatment will cover the whole of both feet and is given by applying rhythmic pressure to the 7000+ reflex points of the feet.

Reflexology can trace its origins to several ancient cultures including Egypt, China and India. Reflexology as we know it today was developed by Dr Joe Shelby Riley and Eunice Ingham a physiotherapist who worked with him in the 1930´s.

Reflexology treatments can be given to the hands if there is a reason not to treat the feet such as a recent injury or infection or if the client does not like to have their feet touched. However reflexology of the feet is considered to be more effective than reflexology of the hands.

Reflexology can:-
  • Bring about a feeling of relaxation and well-being.
  • Reduce stress & muscle tension
  • Stimulate and improve the circulatory and lymphatic systems.
  • Improve joint mobility of the feet.
  • Help relieve pain.


Reiki (pronounced Ray Kee) is Japanese for universal life energy.

Reiki was introduced by Dr Mikao Usui and is a form of natural healing which facilitates self healing.

Reiki is a simple, powerful treatment not based on any religious beliefs and so is suitable for anybody to receive. Revitalising and balancing, healing takes place on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Treatment can be given either lying or sitting comfortably with the client remaining fully clothed. The practitioner gently places their hands unobtrusively in a sequence of positions over the body. Reiki can be safely used in conjunction with other complementary, alternative or conventional medicine. Reiki can not be used to replace conventional medicine only to enhance it and medical advice should be sought as required.

Reiki :-
  • Balances
  • Releases blocked and suppressed feelings.
  • Promotes natural healing.
  • Relaxes and reduces stress.
  • Heals holistically.
  • Strengthens the immune system.

Massage - Sports

For the Athlete.

As an athlete your performance counts. For this reason you need a style of massage specifically designed for you. Sports massage recognises that you have different needs at different times.

For pre-event a brisk massage will act as an adjunct to your warm up. It improves your circulation and flexibility and leaves your muscles ready to go.

For post-event a massage will speed up recovery by stimulating your circulation to encourage the removal of fatigue toxins, relieving muscle spasm and preventing soreness.

For regular fine tuning a massage that will search out areas of biomechanical stress in your muscles and relieve them before they become problematic, enabling you to improve the quality and intensity of your training.

For Everyone.

Sports massage is not just for the elite athlete, massage is beneficial to everybody with very few exceptions. Anyone who takes part in exercise at any level can benefit from massage: muscles are soothed and stretched, injuries are treated and flexibility is improved leading to improved performance.

If you are a keen gardener, DIY enthusiast, or even someone in a sedentary job you may well be able to benefit from sports massage. Aching backs, stiff necks, tired arms or legs all these and many other forms of muscle tension can be successfully treated with massage. Massage brings ease to the body from top to toe, relaxing body and mind.

Massage - Indian Head

Indian Head Massage is a relaxing form of massage which concentrates on the head, neck and shoulders particularly good for dealing with stress.

  • Brings about a feeling of relaxation and well-being.
  • Removes toxins from tense muscles.
  • Stimulates and improves circulatory and lymphatic systems.
  • Improves joint mobility.
  • Helps to improve alertness and concentration.

Indian Head Massage can alleviate:-
  • Tension headaches
  • Eyestrain
  • Insomnia
  • Neck & shoulder stiffness
  • Sinusitis
  • Scalp tension
  • Stress & anxiety

Service Categories
Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Sports Massage

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