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Clare is a friendly, experienced, Nottingham based, Pilates teacher, offering 6 week courses (Beginners and Improvers), Group 'Drop in' and 1-2-1 pilates sessions. Sessions to suit all ages and fitness levels, complete beginners very welcome.

Contact NameClare Brown
Nottingham NG91AZ
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  • Pilates is a highly efficient method of body conditioning. It focuses on good posture and breathing, it develops tone, strength and flexibility in the muscles and helps to create a more streamlined, toned, healthier, body.

  • It is about even more than looking good. It is about positive thinking, creating a balanced body and mind and acquiring a feeling of well being.

  • Pilates is the exercise recommended by many physiotherapists and is safe for all ages since its controlled movements strengthen muscles without risk of injury.

  • These exercises are good whether you are new to exercise or an experienced athlete, climber, dancer or footballer, looking for exercise which really works in harmony with the body’s structure.

  • Through practicing Pilates you will develop a fitter, leaner, suppler body but you will also correct muscle imbalances and relieve muscular complaints such as stiff shoulders and back ache.

  • The exercise is also fantastic for your core muscles and helps to define your waist, flatten your stomach and tone your pelvic floor.

  • Pilates has been around for over a hundred years and fully tested and endorsed by a broad range of specialists and experts.

  • Pilates is a fantastic maintenance programme and a wonderful recovery tool.

  • It’s great for males and females of all ages as it enables you to work to your own level of fitness.

PILATES by Clare Brown

My name is Clare Brown I have been practising Pilates for 7 years and I run classes in and around the Beeston, Chilwell, wollaton and Bramcote areas of Nottingham .

After it cured my very troublesome Sciatica and had such a positive impact on my general posture and overall well being I decided to train to teach Pilates. It has so far been fascinating and continues to be so, as my knowledge and depth of experience develops. I studied anatomy and physiology and how addressing postural problems can have a positive impact throughout the body. I started by working with friends and family and was soon encouraged by their positive reactions to start my own classes.

I have male and female clients from all walks of life from martial arts experts to health workers. My youngest client is a teenager and my eldest is a wonderful 82 year old woman who insists my Pilates classes have worked wonders on her painful shoulder and improved her bowling. I teach perfectly healthy people and also clients with back, hip, knee and shoulder complaints. Many have avoided other forms of exercise for fear of exacerbating their problems but continue to come and make great progress; the benefits are clear in their improved performance week by week. Through a better understanding of their own body posture and a safe, regular exercise plan everyone has the power to improve the quality of their lives and reduce the risk of injury and pain. I totally believe in the positive effects of Pilates and I think it’s also fun and enjoyable as I have a great bunch of lovely people in my classes.

Pilates can be used as a recovery tool, its therapeutic benefits include relief from back ache, muscle and joint Pain, improved breathing patterns and de-stressing of the mind and body.

Why is Pilates so effective?

In my Pilates sessions good postural awareness and improved body alignment is achieved through, calm, focussed, often enjoyable mental and physical training.
Deep rhythmic breathing patterns are developed alongside the exercises.
Pilates trains our mind to become more aware of our body position and to activate a central core of deep postural muscles, which very effectively strengthens and stabilises the trunk and spine.
Core-control strengthening has been scientifically proven to reduce back pain.
Many of my clients, who were initially referred to me by their doctor or physiotherapist with chronic back pain, cannot believe just how effectively Pilates has reduced their symptoms and need for strong pain killers and improved their overall feeling of wellbeing.
Stemming out from this strong central core all the muscles of the body can be effectively and safely strengthened and toned and muscle imbalances corrected through retraining and reprogramming your muscle memory.

Pilates can support the recovery of an injured area of the body by safely strengthening the muscle groups connected to it or surrounding it.

Pilates brings together the mind with the body and the double benefit is a strong efficient body and a calm focussed mind.

"To achieve the highest accomplishments we must strive to acquire strong, healthy bodies, and develop our minds"
Joseph Pilates


Tone up, turn on to feeling good!
Pilates exercises will work for men and women of any age. Work to your own level of fitness in the drop in sessions or benefit from a specifically tailored programme in a 121 session.

Drop in to
Chilwell Memorial Hall
, 129 High rd, Chilwell, Nott’s, NG9 4AT
Wednesdays 6-7pm

St Leonards Community Centre, Bramcote Lane, Wollaton, Notts, NG8 2ND, Monday 2-3pm Beginners-Intermediate

Pearson Centre, Nuart rd, Beeston, Nott’s
(Nuart rd is off wollaton rd, between the Commercial Inn
and the Lingerie Shop, turn right off Nuart rd into fenced car park in front of Pearson Centre)
Mondays 6-7 pm

£5.00/£6.00 per I hr drop in session


Beginners courses- Tues 7.15- 8.15 pm and Thurs 7.30-8.30pm
Improvers Thurs 6.15-7.15 pm at Boundary Rd Community Centre, Beeston, NG9 2RF. (This venue is very easy to access from Wollaton and Bramcote as Boundary rd is off the A52). Please email/text/phone for info. and to book your place, names will be placed on a waiting list once courses are full. Courses run every 6 weeks.

My courses are very reasonably priced at only £30 per 6 week course.


Excellent for anyone with specific health, muscle or joint issues to address, Sports people in training who want to improve their core strength and their posture to enhance technique or address muscle imbalances (sometimes brought on by very specific training regimes) or people wanting a few 1-2-1 sessions to develop their confidence before attending a goup session.

£30 per 60 mins ( for me the ideal time slot is 1 hr 20 mins and at the moment I am offering this for £35 which is a special offer rate of 26.25 per hour) in my studio or for home visits within a 5 mile radius (outside of this radius there is a small extra charge to cover my travel costs and time)

For further details contact Clare on 0115 9130707 or 07868717915 or [email protected]


My aims were to improve flexibility and all round general well being, especially as I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I'm happy to say that with Clare's dedicated teaching I have achieved these goals. Helen M. Owen. Bramcote, Nottingham

Since attending Clare's Pilates Classes my general Fitness and Stamina have really improved, so much so that I have joined a gym and started running again. My posture has also improved; I am more aware of my 'core' and how to maintain equilibrium. Clare is an excellent teacher, tailoring her classes to the ability of those attending, explaining everything and never ever making anyone feel unable to do anything. Vee Grainge, Nottingham

After going through an intense 4 ½ year period of study, which entailed spending many hours working on a computer daily. I found that I was suffering from extreme tension in my neck, shoulders and knee’s. Furthermore after finishing my degree course and professional qualifications the rest of my body was left lacking strength particularly my lower back and legs. Therefore I decided to try Pilates, to help rectify the problems I was experiencing and raise my general level of fitness. I was recommended to Clare, by a friend and after having an informal, welcoming discussion with Clare about the classes I decided to go. I had not tried Pilates before, but found that it was relatively easy to pick up. Clare is very helpful and friendly, and gives plenty of encouragement, advice and corrects me in a constructive manner, if I go wrong. I began to notice changes when I consciously altered my posture (as I had learned from Clare) whilst working on the computer and in my daily activities. I have found that in doing these classes, I no longer suffer from tension issues, particularly in my neck and shoulders and I have increased my levels of fitness, therefore achieving my initial goals. Another positive aspect to the classes is that I have learnt techniques, which have helped me to relax and unwind. This has been extremely useful to stop my mind working overtime at night, so that I go to sleep reasonably easily. This was an unexpected bonus I just wish I had known these methods sooner. Kind Regards Nancy, Nottingham

Clare’s Pilates classes have been really beneficial for developing core strength and general relaxation. I really like the way Clare makes sure everyone is doing the exercises correctly. Sometimes in an exercise class you feel you get overlooked but this is certainly not the case here. It gives you more confidence to move through levels of difficulty. Sandra Ferguson, Notts.

I started Pilates with Clare to reduce my Fibromyalgia symptoms, alleviate my painful knees and back and gain general muscle tone and flexibility. The reduction in knee pain was considerable even after the first two sessions. I found that as I was walking I became conscious of how to adjust my tread to alleviate pain and it’s almost gone now! Dizziness and loss of balance is a symptom of FM and now as well as becoming generally supple and gaining muscle tone I have better balance. Thank you Clare (and Mr Pilates). Lizzie, Beeston, Nott’s

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OCR Level 2 Mat Based Pilates

Course Content-
Pilates History to Current Day Teaching
The Pilates Principles
Theory- Muscles, Joints, Posture Types and Neutral Alignment
The Use of Visualisation
Pilates Mat based Exercises with Progressions
Release Stretching
Planning and Linking Including Appropriate Transition

Future Fit Training (Register of Excercise Professionals)
Professional Development Certificate in the theory and practical application of Next Step Pilates

Warm Up and Preparation Exercises
Common Postural Problems
Yoga Based Flexibility Stretching
Intermediate and Improved Level Mat Based Pilates Exercises
Exercise Sequencing and Linking

Future Fit Training (Register of Excercise Professionals)
Proffessional Development Certificate in the theory and practical application of Pilates Plus

Pilates Exercises Using a Dyna-Band
Pilates Exercises Using the Stability Ball
Flexibility Stretching

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