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Chris Spriggs

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Health and Well-being
  • Don't you want more energy??
  • Wouldn't it be great if you felt in charge of your health?
  • Let me help you identify any weak systems in your body, and target assistance to that area. Like a chain, you are only as strong as your weakest system. Click on my video link below for details.
  • If you want to look great, an individual Colour Consultation can tell you the best colours to wear in clothes and make-up.

Contact NameChris Spriggs
Solihull B92 0QJ
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  • Health and Well-being - take a look at your Lifestyle with our unique questionnaire, and I will provide targeted advice for you. Your consultation is free. Nature's Sunshine has been in business since 1972, and our researchers and scientists have put together great supplements for you.
  • Colour Confidence - You need never make a poor purchase again. For advice and knowledge that will last for the rest of your life come to me for a pampering session using First Impressions make-up and Neal's Yard Organic skincare.
  • Solstic – a delicious and healthy energy drink! Try one free.

You know when you drink something like Red Bull, Coca cola or even tea and coffee you have an immediate buzz, but that is often followed by a crash? Have you ever had the jitters or been kept awake by a so-called ‘energy’ drink? Well, it is not necessary to feel that crash.

For 12 calories, with no fat, a low glycaemic index and no pharmaceutical grade caffeine, you can have stamina wherever and whenever you need it.

I just could not wait to tell you about this great-tasting new alternative to energy drinks that NSP have produced.

Solstic energy offers a remarkable taste, packs tremendous energy, health and vitality and is truly portable. It comes in handy sachets which you just tip into your bottle of water, and shake! It’s as simple as that and I can tell you that energy burst is immediate.

It’s nutrient rich with an excellent range of B vitamins and only 3g of carbohydrates.

Would you like to try Solstic? Reply by e-mail on [email protected], telephone me on 0121 704 3761, or you can have a look for more details on my web-site

There is a great business opportunity so if you want to know more, you now know how to do it!

Colour Confidence

Do you know people who always know what colours to wear and always look great? Would you like to be like that?

To learn which ‘season’ of colours suits you, which jewellery to wear and what make-up suits you, come to me for a consultation, or host a party when I can give lots of tips and advice and show you our fabulous range of natural skin-care and make-up.

I love making people look and feel better, so call me now.

Would you like to have a fun event, with a group of friends, having a laugh whilst learning, and perhaps earning some free gifts? I would love to hear from you.

This call could save you pounds, make you healthier and even provide you with a business opportunity of your own.

Call Chris now.

Independent distributor with NSP.

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