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you give us chance; we will give your chance back.

Contact NameMaojun Huang
Address18 Cross Church Street
Huddersfield HD1 2PT
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The clinic (Dr & Herbs) had been in Kingsgate Shopping Centre , Huddersfield for 10 years.. In December 2010, we moved to larger premises: 18 Cross Church Street HD1 2PT.and became the leading ‘Traditional Acupuncture Centre’ clinic in Huddersfield.

We have grown considerably and now offer a wide range of Complementary Therapies, all of which enable patients to have areas of choice when taking care of their health and well-being.

We give free consultation for the customers if they gave up trying western medicine, our word is ‘you give us chance; we will give your chance back.'

About the Practitioner

Dr Huang had five years formal training on traditional Chinese medicines and acupuncture in Nanjing Traditional Chinese Medicines University. He started working as an acupuncturist in 1991 at Chinese hospitals and has been practising in the UK since 2006. With his extensive experience, he treats a wide range of medical problems with the use of acupuncture (which may include other techniques such as reflexology, acupressure and cupping) and Chinese herbal medicines

Conditions Treated
    Back Pain
    Circulatory problems
    Facial rejuvenation
    Fatigue or tiredness
    Gastrointestinal problems
    Heart problems
    High blood pressure
    Kidney disorders
    Liver disease
    Menstrual problems
    Menopausal problems
    Musculoskeletal problems
    Pregnancy care
    Respiratory conditions
    Sexual problems
    Sinus Problems
    Skin problems
    Stress related illness
    Urinary problems
    Weight loss


The origins of acupuncture lie in ancient China and can be traced back 5000 years. It is used to prevent and treat mental and physical disorders restoring the body's natural balance. The first Chinese Medical Textbook was written 2,500 years ago, more than 400 years before the Chinese made the first paper in the world. Acupuncture is not new in Britain. It was mentioned in the first issue of the medical journal 'The Lancet'. The long history itself is evidence for its effectiveness.

Chinese Herbal Medicine
Depending on your condition, a course of individually tailored herbal capsules may be prescribed. These are made from the finest quality, concentrated herbal powders. Herbal prescriptions are normally available for collection or delivery within 24 hours of the consultation.

Auricular acupressure
For some conditions, auricular acupressure may be employed. This involves stimulating special locations on the ears with very small herb-impregnated sticking plasters. The plasters are left in place for three or four days and can be re-stimulated by patients using a gentle squeezing action. Auricular acupressure is particularly useful in reducing cigarette or food cravings and is often used in stop smoking or weight loss programmes.

Cupping involves attaching small glass cups to the skin by means of vacuum pressure. The cups are normally left in place for a few minutes and may help to clear congestion within the body. Cupping is not painful but can leave slightly red, circular patches on the skin. These patches normally disappear after two or three days.

Tuina (Chinese Therapeutic massage)
Tui na (pronounced twee nah) is a highly advanced massage system that uses Chinese medical theory to treat a range of physical and internal problems. Tui na is around 2500 year old making it one of the oldest documented types of massage. Despite tui na being relatively unheard of, many other types of massage and body work have evolved from tui na techniques.

Moxibustion is a treatment that brings heat directly into the body from burning a dried herb called mugwort. It is often combined with acupuncture. Moxa heat penetrates the body quite profoundly and promotes a feeling of deep relaxation. A similar effect can also be achieved through the use of an infra-red heat lamp, which is also available at our clinic.

It is a popular and relaxing holistic treatment based on the principle that reflex points on the soles, tops, and sides of the feet are connected to corresponding areas throughout the body. In this way, the feet can be seen as a “map of the body”.

The Chinese have used an early form of reflexology more than 5000 years ago in their use of pressure therapies, as seen in the film “Raise the Red Lantern”, and it is based on the principle that energy zones run throughout the body. It is said that the Chinese style reflexology can help improve circulation, correct imbalance and release blocked energy.

As an unique experience of Chinese style reflexology treatment, you’ll be invited to relax on a reclining chair. Your feet will be socked in a Taylor-made herbal spa first and then the practitioner will work on the reflexes, with their thumbs and fingers, using a variety of pressure techniques to suit your individual needs.

Ear Candling
Excessive earwax buildup can cause discomfort (itchy ear), headaches, dry hacking cough, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), or vertigo. Ear Candling may help alleviate these conditions. Also, ear candling may draw out fungus, infection, candida, and other debris from the outer and inner ear canals and the Eustachian tube through osmosis.

It is believed as the candle burns, gentle warm smoke is drawn into the ear canal that softens and loosens candida, wax, and other debris through osmosis. This means anything on the other side of the eardrum turns into a gas form to pass through the ear drum membrane. It is then collected into the remaining unburned portion of the candle.

Allergy Testing
Only a small piece of hair is needed. The body’s tolerance to over 400 items of food can be told, and tell you what vitamins and minerals are deficient in your body.

This therapy is often used with tendon and muscle problems. It involves the passing of tiny electrical pulses along inserted acupuncture needles. The gentle electrical stimulation penetrates the surrounding tissue and helps clear blockages and pain.

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call!

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Acupressure, Acupuncture, Allergy Testing / Treatments, Chiropractic, Cupping, Ear Candling, Mens Health, Osteopathy, Reflexology, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Womens Health

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